Creating Your Desires With The Law of Attraction

When this site began, my focus was on creating your desires with the Law of Attraction. That was over 5 years ago.

Much of that information is still here, but with my continued work, things have been expanding and changing rapidly, especially since late 2019.

My intention is to help as many as I possibly can, with what I know, but it's becoming a bit difficult at times. We're dealing with so many stages of awakening.

Since I've learned to ASK and trust my guidance, this site has changed numerous times over the last year. The reason is that we're making this way too difficult. 


We are ALL ascending, whether humanity is aware of it or not. At one time, millions of years ago, we were 5th dimensional humans, but due to circumstances beyond our control we have lived as 3rd dimensional humans for many, many lifetimes. Your BODY is being re-programmed back to that 5th dimensional state, which is ascension. The 4th dimension is basically a transition state. You have no choice in this.


Every being on this planet will eventually awaken, but right now, only about 30% are aware. 

The key word to awakening is KNOWING. The first thing that you must KNOW is that no matter who you are, no matter what you've experienced, your consciousness is already very wise and extremely intelligent. Our soul's each agreed to play this "game" and forget who we really are. It agreed to certain challenges in order to gain wisdom. Most of us have done this hundreds, some of us thousands, of times before.

Anyone interested in this information now, is beginning to awaken. Only about 1% are fully awakened. Awakening was also a part of your agreement. It was your soul's agreement to come at this time, as a teacher, way shower, healer and so on. Through channelers, the aliens or higher dimensional beings say that we actually stood in line, asking to "be of service".

"Being of service" simply means to BE someone who shows the way. Treat every person, no matter what they've done, as the divine being that they really are. 


If you're like me, most of your acquaintances and family, think that you're crazy. That's because many people didn't agree to awaken or maybe it's just not the time. Love them right where they are. You shouldn't interfere with another person's journey.

Humans have an evolutionary consciousness. This means that humans are evolving ALL other consciousnesses, throughout the entire Universe.


Speaking of people thinking that you're crazy. I was led to something new that may change who we listen to. I honestly hoped that it was untrue, but suddenly I'm hearing warnings everywhere. You may want to read the page about dark energies.

Everything Is Energy

The next thing that everyone must KNOW is that everything is energy.

I know that most of us can't see it, but we really need to KNOW it. The atom is actually 99.99999% empty space.

Back in the early 1900’s, Albert Einstein proved that everything is energy. Niels Bohr, Nikola Tesla and others took it farther.  Those are the names that you can look up if you want to know more about energy.

If you realize this, then you'll understand that the density of Earth is causing you to see what you BELIEVE. It's causing things to appear solid, when in reality nothing is solid. Even your body is 99.99999% empty space.

Yet what we "perceive" as empty space is not empty. It's waves or particles of energy which is why everything is connected.

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. "  ~ Nikola Tesla ~ 

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the greatest law of the Universe. I believe that there are 7 major things that we must KNOW.

#1 - The Law of Attraction is how we have created our 3rd and 4th dimensional realities. 

#2 - The Law of Attraction is absolutely flawless and exactIt's an exact match to how you FEEL, so it's not about thinking. It's a match to your emotions. This is why we should begin to live from the heart and FEEL what's true.

#3 - This NOW moment is the only moment that actually exists and the only place that you can create your desires. 

#4 - You are not trying to change the world that you see. All of that is history. You must change yourself and what you KNOW as truth. Then you will create a NEW, higher frequency world, which is where your soul's desires are

Bashar says, "If you keep getting disappointed then you haven't changed".

#5 - Your life is perfect. Every situation, every person, is being and acting exactly the way that YOU NEED them to, in every moment. This is how you are being SHOWN. Your own divine guidance is creating it, in order to SHOW you. 

Bashar also said, "Why would you assume that where you are now is not perfectly where you need to be?"

#6 - Your desires are also "God's" desires for you, but he/she will NEVER interfere or "SAVE" you, because you have free will.

#7 - Vows, agreements, "soul contracts" and karma DO exist, in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. This means that you may have other "business" that your soul agreed to complete first, before you can manifest certain desires. There is definitely "divine timing" and a "divine order" that your soul agreed to. Having said that, all of this will be released when you fully awaken and KNOW who you really are.

Get More of What You Desire

It was your SOUL who made these agreements, prior to your birth. Your SOUL had specific desires for you, in order to gain wisdom. It's not necessarily the human self or the "small self" that gets what it desires, until these agreements are complete and you fully awaken.

One part of your soul agreement was to REALIZE or KNOW who you really are. The words REALIZE and KNOW are interchangeable. There are many who may not like this, but aliens or higher dimensional beings say, "You Are God, in form". That's what you must KNOW

Many say that this is all about positive thinking. Positive thinking is never a bad thing, but many are so afraid of having negative thoughts that they deny how they really feel. It's very possible that feeling certain emotions and dealing with them, is part of your agreement.

Ask yourself two questions: "How do I see the world?" and "How do I see myself?" This is because you are ALWAYS in vibrational alignment with the beliefs that you have about yourself, who you believe that you should be and how you believe that things should look.

You may see a world that you should fear or a world where you are always a victim. These are the worlds that you will create for yourself. 

Pay close attention to what Bashar says in this quote.

This means that the subconscious mind or the ego mind, is the area that we need to understand. It was designed for this experience and designed to make you right. 95% of your thoughts come from the subconscious and that's where all of your old limiting beliefs are stored. You have to stop believing them. You can no longer run on autopilot. FEEL your truth by learning to live from your heart

Self love is also huge. If you're here to "show the way" for others, you have to appreciate and love yourself first.  If you want to create your desires you have to KNOW that you deserve them. Love yourself first by understanding who you really are

Humans are "imperfectly perfect" and that's exactly the way that you're supposed to be. ~The Pleiadians~


You don't have to FIX anything. Nothing is broken. Everything is in perfect order.

Not long ago, I learned how important this statement is when manifesting your desires.

The Book of Mastery: The Mastery Trilogy: Book I (Paul Selig Series)

KNOW who you really are. Align with your higher self.

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Understand what reality is. 

 We have been taught to use logic. Logic is mostly fear.