Creating Desires and More

When this site began, over 6 years ago, my focus was on creating your desires with the Law of Attraction. 

By June of 2021, much had changed and now in 2022, it's going to change again.

This all began when I learned a simple but very accurate technique, to get answers from my own guidance or my Higher Self.

Suddenly I found myself being guided away from many of my original sources of information and led to much more clarity.

Major Changes

For years, like many of us do, I was searching everywhere for the answers. In the beginning, I was listening to a very popular channeler with thousands of followers. I used some of her quotes and some of her information to begin this site.

Suddenly in 2019, I had a very strong feeling to stop my work. It didn't make any sense. I used the technique to ask my guidance if this feeling was correct and it was.

Now this may sound totally crazy, but soon after, I felt guided to watch a video about dark energies. Was I really supposed to watch this video? Absolutely. 

The "lesson" in all of this was to be careful who I listened to. That channeler, who I trusted for years, was bringing through a low energy being. In fact, the person's name was actually mentioned in this video.

Did that make everything that I had already written "wrong"?  Not really. These beings say what we want to hear.  It's not "wrong", but it's very limiting. I needed to discover this before I wrote anymore.

Everyone has guidance. It's intuition, inner knowing and gut feelings. It's your own Higher Self, which is the real YOU.  Science calls it "innate intelligence". Whatever you choose to call it, it's trying to guide you all day long, but very few trust it. 

Everything Is Energy


It doesn't matter how long you've been doing this work or how awakened you are. You have to KNOW that everything is energy.

Most of us can't see it, but this is the basis of everything. It's all an illusion.

Albert Einstein proved it. Niels Bohr, Nikola Tesla and others took it even farther. 

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. "  ~ Nikola Tesla ~ 

We perceive things as solid, but nothing is solid. The atom is actually 99.99999% empty space. What you are actually seeing is just images, created by your subconscious mind.


EVERY being on this planet is ascending, whether they have awakened or not.

Are you aware that millions of years ago, humans were 5th dimensional beings? Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control we have lived as 3rd dimensional humans for many lifetimes. Ascension is the gradual re-programming of your BODY, back to that 5th dimensional state. This is being done with light codes from the sun. You can call them "Source" codes, "God" codes, whatever you choose. Your Higher Self is monitoring the amount that you can handle and you actually have no control of this transformation.

Right now, your body is in a 4th dimensional state. 

Awakening or Realization

Most humans on this planet will eventually awaken. At this time about 65% are beginning to or have already awakened.

Besides the physical change, there are actually 3 more parts to awakening.

Spiritual change is KNOWING who you really are. KNOWING that this lifetime is just an experience in order to gain wisdom.

Emotional change is understanding your emotions. Accept them, without any judgement and then work through those that no longer serve you.

Mental change is knowing when to use your head and when to live from the heart.

It is also my understanding that the "human" cannot FULLY awaken on its own. Only about 3% of humans are fully awakened. This is why we have a Higher Self. It is the real you and this is where your KNOWING and wisdom truly is. It's not separate. It knows what your agreements were for this lifetime and it knows what you desire. 


One part of your soul's agreement was to be here for this "Divine Plan" or "Great Awakening". It may be difficult to believe, but many say that we actually stood in line, asking to be here and there are many more waiting. 

There are also some people who didn't plan to awaken in this lifetime. Love them right where they are. You should never interfere with another person's "plan". 

"If your intention is to wake everyone up, then you are coming from a position of I am right, I am awake and you are wrong, you are not awake."

From a recent channeling of Yeshua (Jesus

How Life Works

I believe that there are 8 important things that we should KNOW.

#1 - Your Higher Self is the REAL you. It is not separate.

#2 - Your soul agreed to certain experiences before you were even born. Your soul had complete free will in choosing these experiences. Many choices had something to do with balancing things out.

#3 - During this lifetime, "the human" you, has free will in your choices.

#4 - Karma, agreements, "soul contracts" or "blueprints" DO exist. This means that you may have to complete the past and learn certain things, before you will manifest certain desires. There is such a thing called "Divine timing".

You KNOW what you need to know, WHEN you need to know it.

#5 - None of this is about DOING. It's about ALLOWING. Allow your Higher Self, the real YOU, to guide you. It knows what you desire.

#6 - Everything that you desire can be re-known and re-created, but only when you have released the judgement of what everything means and how it must look.

#7 - Your Higher Self is not only in charge of your physical ascension, but it's attempting to guide you in every moment. All energy goes through you first. Every situation, every person, is being and acting exactly the way that you NEED them to, in order to SHOW you something. Be grateful for EVERY experience.

"Why would you assume that where you are now is not perfectly where you need to be?"

#8 - What we call the 3rd dimension will FOREVER be the 3rd dimension. You can't FIX it.  It's YOU that must change your KNOWING. This new state is where your desires are

Get More of What You Desire

It's time to REALIZE, AWAKEN and KNOW who you really are. There are some who won't like this, but I've heard it at least 100 times. "You are the God of you". You are the creator of you. Everything is God and this is what you need to KNOW. Everything and everyone came from ONE energy. 

Also remember that you are ALWAYS in vibrational alignment with the beliefs and judgements that you hold, about who you believe that you should be and how you believe that things should look.


These expectations are your human, very limited, 3rd dimensional desires. In other words, it's your humanness and what you've been taught that is stopping the Law of Attraction.

Notice that Bashar doesn't say anything about effort. He says that it's the change in your knowing, your energy and behaviors that will create more of what you desire.

The Book of Truth is not a self-help book. This is channeled material from Paul's guides. It's their words, nothing is added or changed.

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