Creating Your Desires With The Law of Attraction

When this site began, my focus was strictly on creating your desires with the Law of Attraction.

Most of that information is still here, but with ascension and my continued studies I'm getting much more clarity.

Needless to say, this website is always a work in progress.

There may be some things on this site that won't resonate with you. It depends where you are in this process. Just take what feels right and leave the rest

We Are All Ascending

We are all at different levels, so the first thing that we need to do is stop comparing ourselves to others. Every single person on this planet is ascending, but it's my understanding that only about 10% of us are aware that ascension exists. 

Anyone who is beginning to or who has awakened, is part of that 10%. We are the Ascended Masters that chose to come here as teachers, way showers, healers and so on. We asked for these "jobs" before we were born. We were chosen because we are strong enough and wise enough to handle it. That doesn't make us any "better", just more prepared. We are older souls.

If you're like me, most of the people that you're acquainted with have no clue. When you say anything, they think that you're crazy. That's because many chose to come and just "hold the light" and they don't really have a specific "job". This is why they're not interested. They may eventually awaken, but we can't force them. 

For anyone asking what their job is, don't worry, everything is in divine order. The Universe is constantly guiding you to what you need to know if you pay attention.

You are part of this Universal collective consciousness. You exist and that is your purpose.

 "Why would you assume that where you are now is not perfectly where you need to be?"  ~Bashar ~ 

Everything Is Energy

Do you completely understand that everything is energy? That's a very difficult thing for humans to comprehend. I know that most of us can't see it, but we really need to KNOW it. Especially when it comes to THINGS or objects. It's the density of the Earth that makes the THINGS that we desire, appear solid and real. If you KNOW this without a doubt, you will realize that they are just illusions. We create them depending on our thoughts and what we believe.

Your body is also energy, but it's your consciousness that gives it structure. Your body is not the real you. Your soul is the REAL you. This is what Jesus tried to show us over 2000 years ago.

Your soul, is pure consciousness, love and light and it has never actually left the spirit realm. You are always connected. Your soul chose to have this experience and that's all it is. Someone recently called it "a BIG FAT STORY". Higher dimensional beings or aliens say that it's a "game" that we created.

You might like to read my page called the Basics of Quantum Physics.  Back in the early 1900’s, Albert Einstein proved it. Niels Bohr, Nikola Tesla and others took it even farther than Einstein.  

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. "  ~ Nikola Tesla ~

(Tesla died in 1943, so this is not new.)

A Short Comment About Religion

Many people who are still religious believe that all of this "spiritual stuff" goes against "God". No one is ignoring "God". The problem is your perception. There are still millions of people who have a fear of "God" in some way. A good example of this is deserving. Why would you believe that you don't deserve?

This is why many teachers now use the term "Source" instead.  In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't even matter if you're spiritual or religious or atheist. It's all quantum physics. It's energy and all energy is connected.

Call it what you choose. I believe that Source is the highest vibration of unconditional love that exists. That energy is everywhere, in everything. That energy is you.

The Law of Attraction

I still believe that it's very important to completely understand the Law of Attraction because this is how we have created our entire reality. It's not just a tool or a technique for creating desires. It's life.

I believe that there are 3 major things we all must know about the Law of Attraction.

#1 - It is absolutely flawless and exactIt won't second guess you. It's an exact match to how you FEEL, so it's not mental. We need to stop thinking and live from the heart.

#2 - Your past does NOT generate your present. In truth your present generates your past. This is why they say:

"BE the change that you wish to see" 

You are multi-dimensional. You are a different person, in a different place, on a different timeline in every moment. You are changing who you were in order to be who you are now. 

#3 - NOW is the only place that you actually exist and the only place that you can create your desires. 

Get More of What You Desire

We assume that if we don't have what we desire then we're doing something wrong. That thought alone is taking you backwards. You're in a state of disappointment, because you don't see what you expect to see. 

If you keep getting disappointed then you haven't changed.  ~Bashar~

A good place to start is to live every moment with the highest passion and excitement that you can. Try your best to stay in a positive state no matter what happens. 

Get rid of every old 3D belief that you have ever been taught. Unfortunately, they are now stored in your subconscious mind so getting rid of them takes time and work. You have to remember that your body, your mind and your 5 senses were designed specifically for this human experience.

We have been taught that self love is selfish, but how can you possibly "show the way" for others, if you don't even like yourself? How can you create any of your desires if you feel that you don't deserve them? You must BE the change.

We must begin to live from the heart. Science has actually proven that your heart is more powerful then you have imagined.  This is why creating your desires, being the person that you want to be, has nothing to do with being smart or working hard. It's all about how you FEEL. When you feel bad, it's your soul sending you a message to change your frequency. An explanation is on my page called, We Are Vibration.  

Remember that you, as a soul, chose this experience before you were born. Some of us actually planned to experience certain challenges in order to gain wisdom. This is what Jesus did.

As we ascend, our old beliefs and emotions will begin to surface. That's a good thing. This will enable you to work through them, without judgement and release them. Trapped emotions are the cause of pain and disease, so don't ignore them.

Your inner world and your beliefs have created your outer world.  


If you can find a way of feeling better before anything is fixed, Law of Attraction will fix those things. ~Abraham-Hicks ~

Not too long ago, I learned how important this statement really is when manifesting your desires.

What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away? Why Now is the Time to Release Who You Are Not and Remember Who You Are

By Jim Self and Roxanne Burnett

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Say prayers of gratitude, rather than fear or desperation. 

Do you realize how much fear we have as humans?  We have been taught to use logic. Logic is fear.

I was listening to someone talk about the vows and agreements we have made throughout our lives, past and present. These can still be in our subconscious mind. I personally found a vow of poverty that I made 5 lifetimes ago?

How do I know this? I use muscle testing, which I explain on my page about energy healing.