A Course In Miracles

I began A Course In Miracles in January 2018 after hearing over and over that we should all be doing it. I'm not perfect. Like many, I got side tracked, so I started again in 2019, because I can see how important it is.

This page was written as an explanation of the book and how it came about.

Dr. Helen Schucman and Dr. William Thetford were medical psychology professors at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons. There was a lot of competition, arguing and ego games between them.  One day Dr. Thetford simply said, "There has to be another way". They both agreed.  It seems that the common ground that they suddenly shared, was sending out the signal that they needed assistance.  

Helen was not at all spiritual, yet she suddenly began to receive messages from what she called an "inner voice".  She knew that it was important and began writing it all down. William would type up the notes.  Seven years later, they completed the Course together and it was published in 1976.

"It is the most important document in the past 2000 years." ~Carol Howe~ (Teacher of A Course in Miracles)

Most say, the "voice" in A Course In Miracles was Jesus This is why the terminology sounds somewhat religious, although it's not actually teaching religion. It's teaching us how to get out of our ego, fear based mind to find peace and love. It's meant to get us back on track, by gently changing false subconscious beliefs.

I also found this interesting. If you're familiar with Dr. David Hawkins studies of consciousness, A Course in Miracles calibrates or holds a vibration of well over 600. Yet the current bible calibrates at 475 as a whole. So just doing the Course will raise your vibration.


A Course In Miracles is a text, a manual for teachers and 365 lessons, one for each day of the year. This isn't a course where you have to memorize anything. In fact, you don't even have to understand it. You are simply re-writing those old beliefs in your subconscious by repeating phrases. For example, you are asked to repeat the phrase "My salvation comes from me." That means that you don't need to look outside of yourself for answers. Looking outside of yourself is giving your power away.

I believe that the first thing that stops people is the commitment to 365 lessons. They don't understand that if you miss a few lessons it's fine. Simply start again where you left off. The only request, is not to do more than one lesson each day. 


It seems that anyone who actually does it agrees, across the board, that it has changed their life. Marianne Williamson, Gabby Bernstein, Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer say that it's the book that "changed it all" for them.

Ask yourself how long it has taken to gather all of the ego based untruths that are stored in your mind?  You can't change them overnight.  This is a guided way to gently change them.  If you have a Kindle it will cost you less than $9. There is also a Kindle app that you can get for free, to read on another device. The hardcover book is under $30 (new).  For me it was a very small price to pay for a life changing book. 

If you've read my page about the channelings of Jesus, he's very insistent that we do this.  I now know that it's because of ascension

Terms Used In A Course In Miracles

For me, there are parts of the text, of A Course In Miracles that are hard to understand. You really don't need to understand it, but many will feel the need to. 

Miracle is actually the word that I couldn't figure out. In this case it doesn't mean winning the lottery. The miracle is a correction in your thinking and perception. The miracle is undoing old ways of thinking and seeing the real truth.

In 1976 no one used the term Source, so "God" was used. Since Source is the frequency of unconditional love, I replace "God" with the word LOVE or SOURCE.

Christ is what we have always called "the Son of God", although we ALL came from the same Source.

Holy Spirit is your inner teacher or your inner voice.

You is mentioned 18,068 times in A Course In Miracles.  Sometimes you are referred to as the ego.  There is also you the observer and then you that is the self, the Oneness.

The ego is false interpretation. It is the illusion of who you think that you are. The ego is based on fear and it is not the real you. 

The body is the ego's "home". It is your own creation. The vessel that you are using on this planet.


Lesson 15 - My thoughts are images that I have made. 

"This is the function you have given your bodies eyes. It is not seeing. It is image making. It takes the place of seeing, replacing vision with illusions."

A Course in Miracles : Combined Volume

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