We Are All Ascending - The New Earth

Most of us have heard about ascension or the "New Earth" but some are still wondering what it's about. The first 5 sections explain what it all means. The last section is the latest update.


For Anyone New To Ascension

We are ALL going through ascension. Every human on this planet agreed to be here at this time in human history, although most are unaware of it.

Higher frequencies are coming in 24 hours a day. These higher frequencies will gradually bring lower frequencies up to the surface. They cannot co-exist. This may explain any old beliefs that are resurfacing. 

Photonic bands of light are bringing in higher dimensional "downloads" from the sun into our cells. It is Source-encoded, intelligent light consciousness. So the sun is a major factor in this ascension and we really should spend more time outside if possible. 

Did you know that many, many lifetimes ago, we were 5th dimensional beings?  This is why we have 12 strands of DNA, although 10 of those were "unplugged". These are what science calls "junk DNA".  So if you want to get technical we are actually re-ascending.

Those 10 strands, are gradually being "plugged" back in energetically. As of March 2020, most of us have 5 or 6 more strands "awakened".

Our crystalline light body is also being re-activated, which is why many are seeing tiny skin crystals. Most are getting close to completion.

Understand that no one is doing anything to you. This is being done BY YOU. Your own soul is allowing and accepting these downloads. This is why it's time to remember who you really are.

You are always in alignment with who and what you BELIEVE you are.

Ascension Symptoms

This ascension could be an inconvenience for many of us. You may be extremely tired and sleep...a lot. You may have crazy dreams. Sleep is a way of doing some of the ascension work unconsciously, so take advantage of it.  

There can be physical pain, palpitations and itching. The itching is caused from the skin crystals coming to the surface. Many have humming in their ears. Mine have actually been humming for years.

Time will be totally messed up. Old memories will fade. Your mind will turn to "mush" at times. You may lose interest in many things that you used to do.

This is the craziest "symptom" of all and I've personally experienced it numerous times. For a few minutes, you may feel taller, like someone lowered all of the counters and tables. This is technically an "out of body" experience.

Do you know that there have been many other ascensions, but no other beings have ever done this while remaining in the physical body? So this ascension is going to be very gradual. Don't try to rush it.  Many want to "escape" 3D because they don't want to be here. This can cause severe "burn out" and cause damage to your nervous system. I also heard that trying to open your "3rd eye" before it's time is extremely dangerous.

What Does Our Ascension Mean?

In 2012 we reached ​the​ ​end​ ​of​ ​the​ ​26,000​ ​year​ ​cycle in which we​​ ​lived​ as ​3rd dimensional​ ​beings, but the "harmonic convergence" actually began in 1987.  As of 2002, every child born has their crystalline light body activated, instead of a carbon based body, so this has all been divinely planned.

Dimensions​ ​are​ ​not​ ​places, ​they ​are​ ​states of consciousness. They are just reference points or vibrational levels.

Animals all have their light bodies and they are actually very advanced. This is why many are becoming extinct. Many are simply ready to leave. I've also heard that the whales and dolphins will not be part of New Earth, although their energies will still be with us.

Mother Earth - Gaia

The Earth is not going to explode, although Mother Nature is definitely rebuilding herself.  This is why we are having these intense natural disasters. 

It's my understanding that it's the release of all the negativity, for thousands of years coming to the surface.  It's not personal.​ ​ It's part of Mother Earth's rebuilding process. We can all assist by connecting to her and sending out calm, peaceful energy as a collective.

Higher dimensional beings say that destruction is only "bad" to the human perspective because it threatens "survival". They feel that destruction is "good" because it allows new things to be created. That's a perfect example of how humans perceive things differently.

Everything is in perfect order.

Ascension Is Nothing To Fear

Some people are terrified of the word ascension because it sounds like they're going somewhere and leaving others behind. I recently heard a great explanation:

Imagine that the Universe is a house. You have a basement (3rd dimension), a first floor (4th dimension) and a second floor (5th dimension). The first trip up those stairs from the basement may be tough, because your carrying "excess baggage". Excess baggage is all of your "old human 3D beliefs and stories". If you can let go and lighten the load, you will spend more time on the first floor. If you can let go of all of the "baggage" you now prefer the second floor. But, it's still the same house. 

We have to remember that not everyone agreed to awaken and yes it was an agreement. There are billions of people who came to just "hold the light". We can't force them to awaken, so love them right where they are.

I recently heard this quote and it applies to so many things, including manifesting and self love.

"I am not going to take responsibility for where other people are, no matter who they are, no matter how related they think that they are to me."

Where Are We Right Now - Update

To be completely honest, with all of the new information that I'm being led to, I'm confused on where we are. I'm still hearing about dark energies, almost daily. Muscle testing is still telling me that we are being pushed backwards. 

As far as our bodies, the endocrine system is being affected, preparing our bodies for what's coming in. This can cause all kinds of symptoms such as fatigue and weight gain. I hear many people talking about adrenal and thyroid problems.

Mother Earth, Gaia did jump into a 5th dimensional timeline, but 7 million people need to connect to her daily in order for her to stabilize into that state and we're not doing that. Muscle testing tells me that's a TRUTH.

This is something that I mentioned before. Months ago I heard a channeled message from Archangel Metatron, that I did question. Metatron said that only a few of us are beginning to catch glimpses of 5D. Most are not there.  You need to commit to your connection with the Universe. You do this by KNOWING who you really are.

 Knowledge and KNOWING are two totally different things. 


Then I began hearing talk about the 3rd dimension - 3.4, 3.8, 4th dimension 4.2, etc.. What the heck is that all about?

It ends up that your vibration can be a 5D vibration or higher, but most of us still exist in 3D. We may be existing in a higher version of 3D, like a 3.8, but we're still in 3D.  

Now this is interesting. I muscle tested all of this for myself, a few months ago, when I first heard it. At that time, the result for me personally was a 5D vibration and 3.8 "existence". So then all of my knowledge doesn't mean SH--!

Then, I began a brand new course and I'm re-doing A Course In Miracles. I admit it. I got sidetracked and quit. I also realized that KNOWING who you really are is the key to everything. I've re-tested myself a number of times since and I've noticed something. With every understanding, with every bit of clarity, my vibration and my "existence" both increase. 


A few more interesting things:

Many ask how long it will take for ALL souls on the planet to become realized.  There are many variables, so pinpointing it exactly is tough, but the estimate is 500 years. That sucks!

Everyone wants their "light body", but guess what? Your mind will not change, until YOU change it.  Nothing will change until you work with your own thoughts, beliefs and your KNOWING. 

Animals are more advanced than humans. Many species are becoming extinct by choice. Yet new ones are coming in.

Many humans are ready to leave. Many are exhausted. Yet I've heard this many times through channels. The ones who have already decided to go "home" are disappointed in themselves. Their message is to see it through. They're also the first ones to turn right around and come back.


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We have to get away from fear based logic.

Your "soul contract" definitely affects manifesting?

We must begin to live from the heart.

An interesting video of scientist, Dr. Glen Rein and Sandra Walter talking about DNA.  I don't understand it all, but you can definitely hear an agreement between science and spirituality.