Asking The Right Questions

We need to begin asking the right questions. Most of us are relying on the world around us to give us answers, but that's not where the answers are.  In fact, the outside world and all of the limited beliefs are where most of the problems are.  When we were created we were given all of the answers. It's called your innate intelligence and it's still connected to Source. If you can begin asking the right questions, you will receive the awareness or the answer. 

Your opportunities are directly related to the kinds of questions you ask.

You won't get anywhere if you ask out of anger, stress or desperation.  For example, "Why does everything go wrong for me?" or "Why don't I ever have any luck?" 

This takes us right back to one of the very first things that I wrote.  If you keep doing what you've always done and you always ask the same negative questions, then you will keep receiving the same answers.  It will continue, until you get into a better state of mind and begin asking the right questions. For example: 

"What can I do to feel better about this situation?" 

"What could I do that would bring meaning to my life?"

"What would bring me joy?"

Before You Begin Asking The Right Questions....

Ask yourself what you want the answer to give you.  Let's say that your in pain.  If you keep saying, "Why am I in so much pain?", your focus is on the pain.  Instead, the question could be something like, "What can I do to make my body whole again?"  You are asking for assistance, so pay attention to signs or your intuition.

After you begin asking the right questions, don't expect the answers immediately. An immediate answer would be coming from your head or your ego, not your heart.  If you don't receive an answer, ask again. The funny thing is that when you ask the second time, you most likely know the answer.  

You can ask, "What meaning do I give to money?"  Let's say that your answer is freedom. Do some soul searching to find out where you are not allowing yourself to feel free.  It's really not about the money, it's something deeper. Sometimes you have to dissect things a little bit and it's usually a fear of some kind.

"What would it take to create complete and total ease with money?"

"How could I feel more fulfilled?" 

"Am I doing this out of love or fear?"

Have you ever tried and tried to figure something out and you couldn't.  Then all of a sudden a few hours later or a day later, the "light bulb" goes on and you know the answer.  That's because you let it go and made room for the answer. The answer came from within.  It may have appeared that it came from outside of you, but it was your assistance, your awareness.


Each day I try to remember to ask "What miracle can I manifest today?" Remember that miracles don't have to be huge. It's your perception of what a "miracle" is.

Try asking each day. It's fun to see what happens.  First, you have to know that anything is possible.  Then you have to pay attention, because it may not be huge, but it may be just what you needed at that time. My problem is that I forget to ask everyday and all that is, is habit.

The point is that answers can just pop up, so you have to be aware.  Then, it's your decision whether you should go with it or ignore it.  If you're asking the right questions, you will surely get better answers, more awareness and a few surprises.

What's the worst that could happen?

When things are going well I'm sure that you've said, "It doesn't get any better than this." Try switching it around a little and say "How does it get better than this?".  If you're asking the right questions, totally new possibilities can pop up.

Here's one that each and every one of us should ask. 

Who do I need to forgive?


How you say things is very important. Read my page on Words That We Use.

YouTube video by Christie Marie Sheldon about asking the right questions.

  I was listening to someone talk about how we can be holding on to past life vows and agreements. We could have taken a vow of poverty or silence that we still hold in our subconscious mind.

They always say that you are led to what you need to know. In late 2017, I was led to a video of someone who channels Jeshua (Jesus).  This led to weeks of comparison work and a new page for this site.  If you have questioned the Bible, you may be interested.


Thank your visiting my site.  I appreciate all of you.

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