The beliefs that are stored in your subconscious mind are the reason for everything that you ARE and everything that you have attracted. The subconscious mind wants you to be right.  If you are convinced that you can't do something or that it's impossible, then your subconscious will only allow you to see the circumstances and the possibilities that will make you right. If you believe that you only deserve to live a mediocre life, then that's the life that you will live. Take a good look at how your life has evolved up until now and you will SEE your beliefs.

We are what we believe.

Everything that you are living is a by-product of your vibrational stance. ~Abraham-Hicks~

Please don't feel bad about it. All of us have certain areas of our lives that could use some improvement. If you aren't living the life that you desire, then you have something that is limiting you. Most of these limitations aren't even your own. They came from society, your parents and even your ancestors. Who knew?

Dr. Robert Anthony says that your subconscious mind does not change the reality of the world. It filters out or ignores the information that doesn't support your beliefs. This is why we don't see all of those possibilities that they say that we have. Our subconscious mind is filtering them, keeping us from seeing.

You will never do anything that you don't think is possible. 

The only thing that's stopping you from doing anything in life is your own beliefs and how you see yourself.  You are living within the limitations that you have been taught.  You are living within the limitations of what you have been told is reality. Reality is just an illusion.

Everybody taught us WHAT we should think and how we should feel, but nobody told us HOW to think.  Most of us have been taught that life is a struggle and that's just the way that it is. 

In any part of your life, whether it be money, relationships, health or career, if you're holding negative limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind, then you won't be able to create beyond those limits, unless you change your beliefs. 

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.”
~ Henry Ford

Know that you are limitless.  Know that anything is possible.  Source will then mirror that new attitude. Your subconscious mind will get the new messages and begin to make you aware of more and more possibilities.

“Have a mind that is opened to everything and attached to nothing.”  ~Wayne Dyer~

This is what A Course in Miracles does. Just by reading these short truth statements, one each day and repeating them throughout the day, it will change those old untruths in your subconscious mind. You don't even have to understand them. They don't have to make sense and many won't. You only need to do it.

For example "Love created me like itself". It simply means that love is who you are at the very core. You are the presence of love.

How Can You Change Your Beliefs?

Pay attention to any old beliefs. What did your parents teach you about money, relationships, career and so on? Did they teach you things like "money doesn't grow on trees" or "you have to have a college educations to be a success"? Think about that for a little while. What were their beliefs?

We can't imagine ourselves doing things that are beyond our comfort level. We can only see ourselves living the way that we live now. Some can picture themselves slightly "outside of the box", but as soon as it gets scary and uncomfortable they stop. FEEL how it would feel to live the life of your dreams.

"Never ever face reality unless it's pleasing to you."  ~Abraham-Hicks ~

Get out of your head and stop listening to "logic". Do you realize that a good portion of what we do from logic is fear based? Think about the ads on TV. They play on fear. They're getting rich, playing off of our fears.

Get out of your head and live from your heart.

I know that it's difficult for our human minds to completely comprehend, but we have to think more in terms of energy, than we do objects or things. We need to give up trying to control how and when things will happen and have complete faith in the Universe. KNOW that anything is possible.        

YOU are the only one that can change your life.

You are not here to fix anything. You are here to experience.

I recently heard a guy named Tom Bilyeu do a talk at Mindvalley's A-Fest.  Even his mom (lovingly) thought that he was going to fail and he now runs one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. Watch it here on YouTube.  Great talk!!

You may be interested in reading the Basics of Quantum Physics. It's scientific proof that it's our thoughts and feelings that create our lives.

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