Challenges in our lives are not meaningless suffering. They are not punishment. They are not bad luck. They are a part of our spiritual path. There is a purpose for every challenge that you have had in your life.

This is a subject that is very hard for us to understand, yet it's actually pretty simple. 

You have lived more lives than you can imagine. You have seen, done and been everything. You are so much more powerful than you can believe. I've had enough weird experiences, that I know, our soul never dies.  Each one of us chose to come back for a reason.

What we have to remember is that reality is just a big game, an experience. We are all playing roles or characters in the game. You are not a victim. There is a very valid reason for the challenge, although you may not understand it.  

Your soul plans some of these challenges before you're even born, because there is something that needs to be worked on.  Other challenges may be something that came from a choice that you made during this lifetime and your soul is trying to show you something. It may be trying to "get you on track". 


One example is that many souls in this current lifetime, have chosen to live in dysfunctional families.  In choosing that, their hope might be to learn their own strengths. To learn to love themselves and realize how powerful they really are. By the way, you chose your family.

Many people experience poverty or financial setback. That could be a choice made because of a past life, a darker life where the person was greedy and unwilling to give. It could be a "lesson" in this life, to "teach" that there is no lack and the Universe always provides. The loss of a job may be a door opening to another option...a better option. Everything is about perspective.

Now this may seem like a very odd challenge to talk about, but I'm going to mention it, because it proves many points.  I've heard this mentioned a number of times. As "humans", we believe that a miscarriage is devastating. The mother will beat herself up, believing that it's her fault. The father may blame the mother. There is guilt, sorrow and grief. It's a heartbreaking experience for everyone involved.

But in truth, a miscarriage is simply a soul that changed it's mind.  It decided not to go through with their "human" experience for one reason or another. It was the soul's choice and it had absolutely nothing to do with the mother.  It's really as simple as that.

So why did I even mention this?  It shows how humans complicate everything, when things are actually very simple. It shows how we make things our fault when there is actually a valid reason.  Many times, it has nothing to do with us at all. It proves that it's only our "human" perspective getting in the way. Every single soul has free will. There is a reason for everything.

In reality, nothing means anything.  In fact, that's the very first lesson in "A Course In Miracles".  No one is being punished and nothing "bad" ever happens to you.  Even though it doesn't always seem this way, these challenges are here to remind you of your greatness. 

In reality, death isn't even a bad thing. It's just someone going "home". If it's a younger person, it was likely pre-planned. That soul planned to be here for a certain amount of time.  

Here's another great example. Eliminate your human emotion for just a moment. Isn't a mass shooting showing us something as a collective consciousness?  Maybe it's the simple fact that we need to love and respect each other more. If death doesn't actually exist, then it's just like watching a movie. Doesn't someone have to play all of the parts in the movie? There is no doubt that it seems tragic, but I believe that it's a huge wake-up call for all of us. Those brave souls came here to play the part, as a service to humanity, although they forgot that's why they were here. Does this make any sense? 

Also...why is it that only certain people "die"?  Because it wasn't in their plan?  There are no accidents, no mistakes. Can you see how simple it really is?

It's our ascension, our wake-up call being played out. When you face a setback, ask yourself what that experience has shown you.

A Powerful Book About Challenges

The first book that I bought for my Kindle Fire, was called "Your Soul's Gift" by Robert Schwartz. It had been 5 years since I read it. A while back, I woke up in the middle of the night with something nagging at me to re-read it. Then it got even more weird.  I turned on my Kindle and there it was.  It should have been stored way back at the beginning of my 100+ books, but instead the icon was right up front. I have no idea how it got there. Although, it did give me information for this page.

Your Soul's Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

This is a very powerful book.  I absolutely loved it, but I don't think that it's for everyone.  Robert Schwartz was emotionally abused by his mother and he was looking for answers. He interviewed mediums and channels to find out why some people experience extreme situations .

It covers some very tough subjects like rape, incest, mental illness and suicide, so if you've experienced any of these it may be the perfect book for you.  I've read a number of Amazon reviews and it has changed the lives of many people. Although, if you're not open to all of this, if you don't believe in channeling, then I wouldn't read it.

Another point that this book makes is that homelessness, alcoholism, drug addiction and AIDS are all possible pre-birth choices, that should not be judged.  Some chose to take on these challenges for the experience.  That's the key word....experience.  That's all that it is.  Actually anyone who chose these experiences should be applauded for their bravery.


This is another interesting thought.  Someone asked how God could allow anyone to suffer with a challenge such as mental illness.  The answer is that if God didn't allow us to experience certain things then he would be limiting us. God/Source does not limit us in any way.

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