Collective Consciousness

What is the collective consciousness?  It is the power or the unifying force of a large group of people (or animals) with shared common beliefs, ideas, opinions and attitudes.  It is the combined vibrations and frequencies of these groups, that is being sent out into the Universe.

If it could be changed, could it make the world a better place? Absolutely. If a large enough part of the population would let go of the fear and the negativity things would change dramatically.  If mass amounts of people were filled with love, joy and happiness, think about the change that would take place on this planet. I believe that this will happen with our ascension.

It's a shame, but the collective consciousness is the cause of war, poverty and disease. Humans have created it and none of it has to exist.

This may sound a little like preaching and I apologize if it does.  Every single day, tens of thousands of people pay to watch a violent movie in a movie theater. Thousands more watch violence on TV. Then billions will go home and turn on the news, which is loaded with violence. We have become addicted. Yet, when somebody walks into a concert, a school or a nightclub and starts firing a semi-automatic rifle, killing 10, 20, 50 people we're shocked. Why? If what you focus on expands, then it shouldn't be a shock at all, especially when it's a large portion of the collective paying attention to it. 

We wonder how anyone could do something like that, but then we continue to add to it. We begin to react. We talk to other people about it which puts more focus on it. We keep watching more of it to find out the latest death toll or to find out what the motive was. Remember that we live in a reflective Universe. Unless we stop watching and focusing on violence, that vibration will continue to be mirrored back to us. There should be no surprise at all. As a collective consciousness we are the cause. I personally don't like guns, but if the majority would stop paying attention to all of this violence then we wouldn't need gun control.  

A little side note....I read that the vibration and frequency of a violent movie is the same frequency as death.

We also have to remember that people chose these experiences and challenges as part of their plan. So if a situation upsets you, don't feel sorry, don't pity and above all don't focus on it. There are no victims. It's part of the experience. These are strong, powerful, amazing beings who chose to come here to experience this. Raise your vibration, honor them and send them your love. 

There have been studies done, where they sent Transcendental Meditation groups into certain areas to see if it had any results. These groups were only 1% of the targeted population. They still made a significant difference with their positive, loving collective consciousness. It reduced crimes, accidents, health problems and overall stress across the board.

I'm not saying to totally ignore what's going on in the world, but I personally try to avoid it if I have a choice. We ALL need to do more positive, happy things and try to avoid the negativity. Remember that we are human and we attract.


Religion Has Taught The Collective Consciousness Fear

Religion is another example.  I really don't want to offend anyone here.  This is only my opinion, but it seems to me that they deliberately put stories in the Bible to control us.  To scare us. Fear is a way to control people. I don't know about anyone else, but I believe that God/Source energy is pure unconditional love. Now that I've listened to a few people channel Jesus, I'm even more sure of that.  

So many believe that there is a Hell. What purpose would it serve? We came here to experience and to work through certain challenges.  Some challenges were difficult, but we chose them, in order to expand and gain wisdom. Why would we be punished?

As humans we do stupid things and I include myself in that statement.  We're not perfect.  Yet, how many people have a true fear of going to Hell?  I think that would be a terrible fear to have.  How many stories have you heard about "near death experiences"?  Have you ever heard anyone describe Hell?  Every story that I've heard is always, always a feeling of unconditional love. 

“I think hell is something you carry around with you. Not somewhere you go.” 

 Neil Gaiman 

Everyone has their own beliefs.  If only all of those beliefs could be totally positive and less negative, the world would be a happier place.  All of the world problems could be solved if we could just love each other more.  Forgive each other.  

We all absorb the negativity of the world.  We pick up on the beliefs of the collective consciousness. We have all created this Universe and everything in it together as One. We are not victims. We created it.  


As I mentioned above, I recently (Nov. 2017) wrote a page about Jesus. It's from channeled messages that are coming through to a number of people right now.  I personally believe it to be the real truth.

Thank you for visiting my website.  I appreciate all of you.