Dark Energies

I knew that dark energies and very low vibrational energies existed, but I never thought about them coming through channelers. Then around mid-2019, I was guided to a video that completely changed who I listen to. 

At first, I didn't want to believe what I heard, but I asked my guidance many questions, getting truth across the board. 

Some of these beings wish that humans would go away. These are ancient beings going back millions, in some cases billions of years, so humans are actually the new guys. They know our weaknesses.  

Some of them are the same beings who "unplugged" our DNA thousands of years ago. I actually heard the story before, but at that time I had no idea how huge this whole thing was.

 "Both dark spirits and dark extraterrestrial beings, are among you in great numbers and influencing you on a continual basis, all day every day." 

In May 2020, I heard a completely different channeler call these beings "cowards", because they never wanted to take human form. They didn't have the "guts" to go through this challenging human experience. They only want to feed off of our energy and cause chaos. 

These beings only care about themselves. They have completely separated from Source/God. They have caused much of the turmoil on Earth for a very long time. They prey on vulnerable humans, making them do things that they wouldn't normally do They would prefer that humans destroy themselves, so that they can inhabit the Earth.

This is why I completely trust my guidance, even when it doesn't make sense right away. Here we are a few years later, being shown their plan for us. 

How Are Dark Energies Getting To Us?

When I learned this, it really upset me, because I love listening to channelers. I already mentioned a few times that I trusted one for many years and I didn't understand why I was being guided to stop. Some channelers are not channeling who they think they are. They have been a bit naïve.

They get very comfortable with these voices that come through them. These beings become part of who they are, almost like family. They get so comfortable that they don't bother to clear their space and ask for protection before they begin to channel. Most of all these channelers don't believe that this energy could possibly be "dark" or holding a very low vibration, because they're saying exactly what humans want to hear.

Dark energies can manipulate entire groups who have low self-esteem. Where do they find groups like that? How about the large groups that go to see these channelers? Many of these humans are struggling, seeking answers, unhappy and depressed. How about YouTube? Think about this for a while and it does make sense.

How Do You Know?

So how do you know who to listen to?  That video mentioned a few by name, but I won't "bad mouth" current channelers, so this gets very difficult. For me, I simply ask my guidance and unfortunately, my choices have become very minimal.

Question those who channel beings with human names, although this doesn't always apply. One example of this was Seth. They say that Jane Roberts didn't always clear her space and ask for protection before channeling. 

Question those who don't reveal where they're from or their purpose for coming through. For example, Bashar always says that he's a first contact specialist and my guidance tells me that Bashar is authentic. Thank goodness.

Question those who say that this is all about positive thinking, because it's not. Question those who tell us to visualize, picture the outcome and be very specific. That's extremely limiting.

Many say that they channel Ashtar. I've recently learned that Ashtar will not come through to a human. 

I'm not saying that the information coming through is "wrong". Much of it is correct, because they have to sound legitimate. They just conveniently leave out things that they don't want us to know. Looking back, I completely understand why my guidance wanted me to stop listening to certain ones and delete certain things from this site.

Now there may be some who channel the "real deal" so to speak, but if the channel doesn't believe in something, then that being cannot force them to channel that information. For example, Kryon is "authentic", but in earlier messages, Lee Carroll didn't believe in dark energies, so Kryon couldn't discuss that information. 

Anyone who channels, should always clear the space and ask for protection, first and foremost.

Dark Energies Like To Play Games

Since I wrote this page, I completely believe in dark energies or those in lower vibrations. This has happened to me a number of times and they just did it again. They seem to like 5G and they like to p--s you off.

This is no lie. I just wrote this entire section with a couple of different examples. When I saved it, it disappeared. It was a total blank. This has happened before, so I asked my guidance if this was a dark energy and I got a "yes".

Don't fear them. Don't allow them to annoy you, because that's what they want. Don't allow them to put thoughts into your head that don't belong to you. I finally learned how to get rid of them fast. Just say, "I love you".

Now, when I have a question, I always try to remember to ask first, "Is this my Higher Self?" You would be surprised at how many times I get a "No".