Dark Energies

Do you believe that there are dark energies in the Universe? To be honest, I never gave it too much thought. Then, using muscle testing, I was led to listen a video of someone interviewing a channeler. For a while I was upset. It wasn't fear, I was just ticked off.

Since then, I've heard it numerous times. Not in as much detail, but many warnings. I really do believe that we are led to what we need to know. 

According to the channel, there are many beings who wish that humans would go away. Some of these are the same beings who "unplugged" our DNA thousands of years ago. I actually heard that story before, but I had no idea that they were still screwing with us.

Some of these dark energies are the "fallen angels" mentioned in the Bible, along with some of the Anunnaki and Reptilians. He described another "Nordic looking" group, but I'm not sure who they are. These are ancient beings going back millions, in some cases billions of years, so we are the new guys. They know our weaknesses. 

"Both dark spirits and dark extraterrestrial beings, are among you in great numbers and influencing you on a continual basis, all day every day." 

Now some may say that this is bull and I was really hoping that it was. I would not make up something that would cause me to spend over 10 hours on New Year's Eve re-wording and deleting things on this website. I use muscle testing on everything and it's giving me complete truth across the board. 

How Are Dark Energies Getting To Us?

Before anyone worries, remember that this is not something to FOCUS on. What we focus on does expand. There is a solution which I will explain in a minute.


Haven't you heard quite often, that our electronic devices and the signals coming through them could be dangerous? I've actually been hearing it for years, but no one ever mentioned dark energies. This is one way for them to get to us.

These energies only care about themselves. They fell out of love eons ago. This channel says that they are the ones causing much of the turmoil on Earth. They prey on vulnerable humans, making them do things that they would not normally do. These dark energies can turn countries against each other. They can turn political parties against each other. This is their current plan. They want us to destroy ourselves, so that they can inhabit the Earth.

This could be an explanation for the Coronavirus. I've heard that there are 2 different strains of the virus? The original, was actually manipulated by scientists to become worse than it originally was. Their intent was to deliberately release it in the U.S., but it didn't quite work out that way.


Now this part upset me the most. I love listening to channelers. I've trusted many of them, but this is where much of the manipulation is coming from. They are not channeling who they think they are. It's not their fault. They have no idea. They have been a bit naïve.

They get comfortable with these beings that speak through them. These beings become part of who they are, almost like family. They get so comfortable that they don't bother to clear the space and ASK for protection before they channel. Most of all they don't believe that this being could possibly be Anunnaki. That's because Anunnaki are pros at saying what humans want to hear.

Dark energies are manipulating entire groups who have low self esteem. Where do they find groups like that? How about the large groups that go to see these channels? Many of these humans are seeking answers because they're unhappy and depressed with the way things are. How about YouTube? Think about this for a while and it does make sense.

So then how do you tell which channelers are "real". I've muscle tested many, but I'm not going to name drop here, so this gets difficult and very confusing.

Question any aliens or light beings who have human names. One example of this was Seth. They said that Jane Roberts didn't always clear her space and ask for protection.

Having said that, when you discover the name of your guardian angel, it will often be a human name. They do that just to make you happy.

Question those who don't reveal where they're from or their purpose for coming through. For example, Bashar says that he's a first contact specialist. I get that Bashar is authentic. Thank goodness, because I love Bashar.

Question those who only talk about the Law of Attraction and don't stray too far from that subject. Question those who say it's about positive thinking, because it's not.

Also those who tell us how great we're doing on ascension. I'll get to ascension in a minute.

No one is saying that the information coming through these channels is "wrong". Much of it is correct, because they have to sound legitimate. They just conveniently leave out what they don't want us to know.

BUT here's another problem. Some may be channeling the "real deal" so to speak, but if the channel doesn't believe in something, then that higher dimensional being cannot force them to channel that information. I guess that I can safely mention Kryon here. Kryon is "authentic", but Lee Carroll doesn't believe in dark energies, so Kryon can't and won't discuss that information. 

The bottom line is that anyone who channels, should clear the space and ASK for protection.

How Dark Energies Are Affecting Ascension

Contrary to popular belief, we are not doing all that well with ascension and we are running out of time. Ascension is real. This has been the plan for us for a very long time, but these dark energies are pushing us back.

We all have to begin to ASK for divine assistance. The divine will not interfere unless we ASK. We can't do it without their help. We are powerful, but not powerful enough in these 3D human bodies. These dark energies know that.

I'm not a big prayer person but we must begin to ask in somewhat of a daily prayer. This isn't about please, please, please, begging or pleading for assistance. Those are low energy, desperate words that have never worked. Simply ASK for assistance. 

Here's a 30 second prayer, that I found. It doesn't have to be a long process. We complicate things way too much.

 I ask the Divine, with gratitude, to partner with me each and every day to keep me safe, to guide, heal, support, and protect against all who oppose bringing forward the truth.


I actually heard this a few months ago, through a channel and I did question it. Archangel Metatron said that only a few of us are beginning to catch small glimpses of 5D.  Most are not there.  We need to commit to our connection with the Divine and "there are very few humans doing that". Now it makes sense. This is why I am being led to KNOWING who you really are.

I just had a few other thoughts. 

What about those who say that they are "grid workers" and "gatekeepers". They seem so excited about our progress. I used muscle testing to ask if I should listen to one of my favorites. I got "No". Are her messages coming from the Anunnaki? Yes.

How about these prayer and meditation groups? Do they always create a sacred space?  Muscle testing says, "No".  A few days later, I heard someone say that we should beware of joining "tribes".

Now this is new (March 2020). I'm being led away from most of these shows where they interview someone and then take callers. I've asked, if it's the "host" and for one it was, but it most cases it's the callers.

I've said it many times, it's like putting a puzzle together. At times you'll be saying, "What does that mean? What are they talking about?" "That makes no sense". Then suddenly the pieces fit.

Everything is in perfect order.

More and more I'm beginning to believe how real this is. What can it hurt to say a short little daily prayer asking for assistance? I'm sure that we could all use some assistance in many ways.

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 The Words That We Use are so important.

Check into muscle testing. An explanation and picture are on my Energy Healing page.