The Truth About Death

I completely understand the emotions that surround death. I've been there. After my father passed I felt terrible guilt, wondering if he really knew how much I loved him. I had been there earlier, but I wasn't there when he actually passed and I felt terrible. I completely believed in "death" for most of my life. 

Yet....I always felt that I was missing something and I began to look for the truth about how the Universe works. I've listened to psychics, brain experts, quantum physicists, spiritual leaders and channelers. Every one of them has proven to me that death does not exist.

Higher dimensional beings don't even call it "death". They call it an "exit point" to a new beginning. They say that EVERYONE chooses "exit points", before coming into this physical body. Most choose more than one. This virus was a chosen "exit point" for many, so there are no accidents. It was a way to "be of service". To wake many of us up, to what's going on in the world.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't miss your loved ones. I still miss my dad and now my mom very much. Mourning is a process that humans need to go through.  It's an emotional release and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

However, if you continue to dwell on someone's death, it's only hurting you and you could actually make yourself sick.

In many cases it's often more than grief.  Humans often seem to attach guilt to it as if it's their fault. Do you know what the emotions of grief and guilt can do to you? Everything is about vibration and those are very low vibrations.

The Truth About Death

The first fact is that everything is energy, including you. Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only take different forms. It's the density of the Earth which makes everything appear solid, but nothing is solid. You are an eternal being.

We have been taught that when the human body dies, that's it. But your human body is only a vessel being used by your soul, here on this planet. Your body is NOT the real you. Your consciousness is the real you.  

"Death" simply takes your consciousness to a higher dimension, a higher state of vibration and frequency. Human emotions such as fear, worry, anger and doubt disappear.

Contrary to popular belief, dimensions are not up, as we perceive "Heaven" to be. They are all happening simultaneously. Your loved ones are still right here and they can see you. So you have to ask yourself if you really want them to see you miserable over their passing?  

Non-physical consciousness is here with you all the time.

Don't worry, they don't watch you every moment of everyday. I hate to disappoint you, but they really have better things to do now. They do love you, because love is now their total existence. They still care about the major events in your life, like a new child, grandchild, change in career or a new house. They know what's going on, but you can rest easy that they don't care if you're sitting on the toilet or weeding your garden.

It's my understanding, that if everyone would just stop being so afraid of death, it would be seamless. There would be no gap between the last breath of the human body and the return to your light body, which is your natural state.  If you don't have fear, you will just leave your human body and go about your business, as if nothing even happened. 

Just like your experiences now, it's your beliefs that will create the "death" experience. You will see what you believe.

My Own Observations

When my mom got sick, I promised her that she could stay in her home. She had cancer and at 93, she wasn't going to get better. I really don't think that she wanted to stay. My dad died 20 years earlier and she was tired of being alone. 

One night, during that time, I fell asleep on the couch. At around 3 a.m. a voice said. "Hi! Barb". It was like someone was standing right next to me, yet my husband was sound asleep in the bedroom. About a week later, it happened again. I know that it was my dad, because he's the only man who has ever called me Barb, instead of Barbara. I believe that he was just letting me know that he was waiting for her. 

The whole situation with my mom, was quite different than with my dad. This sounds cruel, but some of it was pretty funny. About a week before she passed, she kept telling me about a little boy playing with her oxygen and how she yelled at him a number of times to leave it alone. According to the psychic, James Van Praagh, that little boy was a "joy guide" sent to keep her company. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom very much, but only she would get pissed off at a "joy guide". 

She would also be moaning and groaning in obvious pain, then suddenly she would open her eyes, smile and say hello to someone. Most of the time, it was her 4 brothers and sisters, until she got to Dave. By this time, my sister was there and she asked me who Dave was. I didn't know. We don't have any relatives named Dave. Of course that led to possibilities of the mailman, the UPS guy, and all kinds of crazy stuff. 

The point is that I absolutely KNOW that death does not exist. If you still have doubts, please look into it further. I promise you that it's not the end. 


They call Robert Lanza, one of the most respected scientists in the world. He wrote a book called Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe. They say that it will shatter the  ideas of life—time and space, and even death.