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As I continue to find helpful information and experience those "ah-ha moments" I will post them here.


Feb 16, 2021

Awakening and Ascension

This is coming up over and over again and I'm going to try to clear things up.

Awakening and ascension are two totally different things.

Awakening or realization is the awareness and the KNOWING of who you really are. KNOWING that this human, in this body, is not the REAL you. You KNOW that you're here having an experience.

Not everyone chose to awaken or at least not yet and that's absolutely fine. People are awakening in waves.

Ascension is preparing your BODY to hold more energy, to hold the higher vibrations and frequencies of 5D. EVERYONE'S body is being prepared. It's coming from the sun, with light codes and frequencies. NO ONE will be left out. Your Higher Self is in control and there is nothing that you can do.

So you can raise your consciousness, your awareness and your KNOWING to a 5D state or even higher, but your body will only hold the energy, vibrations and frequencies that it is capable of holding right now. It's all a gradual process.

I've heard reality described as a game, a simulation, a movie and a hologram. Remember that we are each playing a "role". So just because you don't like someone or you don't agree with them, doesn't mean that they won't ascend. I actually heard of someone who was terrified that a family member wouldn't ascend, because they voted for the "other guy".

Everyone chose their own path, their "role", their own personality, who they wanted to be. Some have not awakened, but their bodies will still be prepared for ascension and those 5D energies. It's the KNOWING that will make the difference, yet you can't force anyone to awaken. You are interfering with their journey.

Feb 14, 2021

Yes We Are One...But

We have all heard that we are ONE and this is still a truth. We all came from the same Source. We are all here having an experience. We are ONE as far as releasing our judgements of others and knowing that everyone is doing the best that they know how in any given moment.


As a human, you are still an individual. This world has become a crazy place, with much division. It's my understanding that this is only the beginning. YOU as an individual must stay strong in order to navigate your own journey. You don't need to get involved in everything that goes on outside of you. You really don't need to take care of anyone else but you, unless of course it's a child. You're not here to save the world. Just by staying strong, you ARE assisting others. You ARE assisting the entire planet.

This is where self love comes in, because you are going to FEEL some of it no matter who you are. We are also going through some major downloads right now. Do whatever it takes to stay calm and centered. If you have a little mantra that calms you...say it. If you start to feel stressed...breathe.

Even those who I considered to be the most loving individuals that I knew are losing it. I'm finding myself getting judgmental of the judgement. I want to just scream "STOP IT". Everyone just "STOP IT", but of course I don't.

Find a way to stay calm. Whatever it takes.

Feb 04, 2021

Was I Guided?

Last night my phone wouldn't charge. We only have one phone and my husband has doctor's appointments coming up. Am I going to have enough charge left to verify their text messages, letting them know that we'll be there? I began to worry.

I decided to go to the cell phone store and see what my options were. All that they could do was advise me to call Apple, telling me that I may have to send my phone in for repair.

What if I call Apple and I have to stay on hold, using up the rest of the charge? What if I do have to send my phone to them? I have to verify those appointments.

All of a sudden I got the idea to check Apple online. Was that my own thought or was I guided to it? I saw a section of things to try first if your phone won't charge. One was to turn the phone off and then back on again. Then check to see if there are any updates. I did both and I did have an update.

I plugged it back in and it charged. Talk about gratitude. I asked my guidance who's idea that was to go online and it took credit for it.

We are always being guided if we just calm down and pay attention. One of these days I'm going to learn that. I KNOW it intellectually, I write about it all the time, but I don't always practice what I preach.

Jan 26, 2021

What Does This Mean?

I have my own answer to this, but I'll let you decide what it means.

I don't usually ask my guidance a bunch of trivial questions or ask what I should do every moment of the day, but a few months ago I began to notice a pattern in answers. I deliberately asked more questions, just to see if my theory was correct.

If it's absolutely necessary, like paying bills, doing laundry, doing dishes or fixing a shower knob that just fell off, I'm supposed to do it.

Yet, if I ask whether or not I should clean the house, paint the front door or get rid of some clutter the answer is no.

If I get upset or frustrated with anything, the song "Let It Go" from Frozen immediately pops into my head. I'm 68 years old, not a big Disney fan.

One day I got more serious with my questions. Should I quit smoking, lose weight, try to eat healthier and take vitamins? Should I call an electrician to fix a couple of outlets that aren't working? Should I get new glasses? The answer was no on every one.

There have been many more that made no sense at all. All of a sudden, if it's not absolutely necessary then I'm being told not to do it. Of course, I can if I choose to, but it's getting very strange.

For a while I thought that it had something to do with money. Just for fun I asked if we should go to a very expensive steak house for dinner and the answer was a yes. It has nothing to do with money.

What does it all mean? It's very weird.

Jan 08, 2021

This Gave Me Chills

I was just listening to a channeled audio book by Lee Carroll. It's a beautiful story called "The Journey Home".

All I can say is OMG. This just explained the entire year of 2020 for me and this website.

After learning a simple technique to communicate with my Higher Self, I've put 100% trust in it. I don't always understand what I'm being guided to do, but I've learned not to argue. Believe me, I used to argue.

After being guided to delete pages, shorten pages and write new pages I completely get it. The last part of this book said EVERYTHING that I have been guided to write.

Here's a shortened version:

When Michael was asked, by the Golden Angel if he wanted to see the face of God, he suddenly saw his own. The explanation was that if you love God, then you must also love yourself.

Your Higher Self is the part of God that resides in you. Unfortunately, there is something in each human that fights to keep them from believing that they could possibly be anything other than human.

Nothing will stop you faster, on your journey to full awakening than believing that you don't deserve it.

We are all angels of the highest order. We are the ones who can make a difference for all of humanity. It's the intent to be here. Just your presence is honorable and correct. You are a piece of God walking the planet for a higher purpose. You are highly loved and honored. You planned to come here. You stood in line.

KNOW that you are a sacred entity of heaven itself. Partner with your Higher Self. KNOW who you really are.

Jan 07, 2021


This post is for those who are feeling fear or feeling very uneasy right now.

In order for fear to be released it has to be SEEN or observed. If it's pushed away, pushed deep inside or into the shadows it will never disappear.

This is what's going on right now. All of the fear, the lies and injustice are being brought to the surface to be SEEN, so that they can be released. This is the Divine plan. Fear and love cannot occupy the same space.

Look at the media right now. They are actually trying to report the worst, in order to get your attention. To keep their ratings up. Every day they report the deaths from the virus. Do they ever remind you of how many people have survived the virus?

Fear keeps us small. Fear keeps us hiding. You always have the choice to choose fear or love.

I'm not saying to go out and protest. I'm not saying to take off the mask or ignore the guidelines.

I wear a mask, but it's not out of fear or worry. It's out of respect for those who are in fear. I will not allow anyone to put me in fear.

Remember that you CHOSE to be here to witness all of this.

Another thing that I've decided to mention. There are many theories out there about what will happen next...then nothing happens. I was beginning to get caught up in all of it myself, but I've decided that no one can predict anything. There are a million timelines, a million possibilities and things can change in an instant. The Universe is perfectly synchronized and everything is in perfect order. We have to just let go.

Dec 19, 2020


As of today, there have been 91 monoliths found all over the world. Is 2020 going to get any weirder?

According to a trusted channeler, one that I was guided to listen to, some are fakes and some were deliberately placed. The deliberate ones are placed on gridlines, monitoring frequencies and actually balancing the energy around those areas. They will continue to arrive in stages, until the time comes for their activation.

These guides don't seem too concerned about the fakes or the ones that have been removed. They said that it takes the emphasis off of the ones that are real. The "real" ones cannot be tampered with.

There is no on/off switch. They will activate at a certain time, taking "their lead from the stars".

They also said that with respect, we don't need to KNOW anything more. It's part of this grand Divine plan. They said to "let go" of the need to know the how's, the why's and the when's. Just TRUST the process. I seem to hear that a lot lately.

Nov 12, 2020

A Lesson About Money

This was definitely strange.

We have a grocery store who gives points for spending certain dollar amounts and sometimes buying certain items. We had accumulated $12.40 in points that could be used towards groceries.

Even with everything that I've learned I can't let go of worrying about money. I'm much better than I used to be, but not completely free of it.

So today we needed a few essential items and money was getting very low. Did we actually have all of the money that we needed in that moment? Yes. Could I just thank the Universe for that and buy what I needed? No. I was in panic mode and I couldn't shake it.

We got to the cash register and the total came to $13.56. I had plenty of change to cover the rest. But the total wasn't changing. I asked how much we owed after the points were subtracted and the cashier said that we didn't have any points. I got out my phone and the app clearly said that we had $12.40. She insisted that the register was showing zero. She finally called the manager over and he fixed it, but WHY did that happen?

I've said it over and over. The Universe is always showing you. That was not an accident. It was actually trying to force me to spend the darn money and stop worrying. I asked my guidance later on and that's exactly what I was being shown. Trust, have faith. You ALWAYS have what you need if you can only stop worrying and doubting.

Oct 18, 2020

Huge Reality Check

I just realized this today. It's probably not something that most people would admit too, but it's really a big one.

This was many years ago. Our son was in his 20's and as many parents do, we were always helping him out. We kept him on our car insurance policy for many years and paid the expensive premium. We made many car payments for him and gave him money when he needed it.

At one point our credit cards were almost maxed out and I was beginning to panic.

Then it went from bad to worse and my hours were cut at work. I was only working 6 hours a week. Of course I thought "Oh poor me, I'm a victim". No...I was being SHOWN. It took me all of these years to realize that.

We are each on our own journey and our son was old enough to have his own experiences. We needed to stop bailing him out and allow him to figure it out on his own.

Finally, we had to file for bankruptcy. We excluded the house and the cars, but included everything else. Again, we thought that we were the poor victims. Again, NO.

It took me all of this time, but that was the Universe giving us an opportunity and the freedom to start fresh. Humans believe that filing for bankruptcy is "bad" or "wrong", but it balanced everything out again.

I was sitting here this morning going OMG, remembering how it all played out. It really was just too darn easy. Like it was planned to happen.

Of course, not realizing all of this until now, about 2 years ago, we began to bail our son out again. I wrote about that experience on the manifesting page. both cases, we didn't actually see any cash money. Many of us want to manifest dollar bills, cash and a big bank account, but we could actually be limiting things by being too specific. In both cases we got the freedom that we desired, without any of it being in cash money. This is a perfect example of being careful of your expectations and deciding how it has to look.

I'm not saying to file for bankruptcy or to stop helping your kids, but go within first and foremost. Does helping someone out feel good or uncomfortable? Are you allowing others to have their own experiences? If it doesn't feel right for you then don't do it.

Oct 11, 2020

This Is How It Works

A few weeks ago, the outside unit of our air conditioner started making all kinds of strange noises. It wasn't totally unexpected, because it was getting old, but we really didn't have an extra $6000 lying around.

Long story short, we needed a whole new unit, inside and out. Just like everything else, they conveniently change them so that the one won't work without the other being replaced too.

Of course, I thought about panicking because that's what I always did. Then I stopped myself. It will all work out. Stay calm and don't worry about it. Instead, I turned it around and showed gratitude for this new unit and then I let it go.

Our son loves cars...and trucks. He has his own business now and he's finally doing well. He just bought an old Chevrolet Caprice, which I thought was stupid, but it's his thing, not mine. No judgement, right?

About 2 weeks after the air conditioner was replaced, he asked if he could "rent" half of our garage, to store this car. He said that he'd give us $100 a month. The monthly payment on the new air conditioner is $92.

Is he just trying to help us out? Who cares. He's finally giving us money and I'll take it.

Oct 10, 2020

Here We Go Again

Things are getting very weird for me again and I'm back to making daily changes. I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's all a huge puzzle. You have to be patient until all of the pieces fit and it's not always a fast process.

This is one thing that I've been guided to, over and over again. The human can begin to awaken and become aware, but you will only awaken fully when it's time. Only when your soul's "agreement" for you, is complete. Only when you are physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally ready. Only when you and your Higher Self become ONE.

Another thing that I keep hearing is that this should be easy and effortless. Yet many are trying to rush it. They're seeking and searching for more information, more things to do, in order to get there more quickly. You cannot do it more quickly.

They're also saying that even after ascension is complete and you fully awaken, it's not all joy and bliss. You are still going to be YOU, the human. You can still get sick. There may still be pain. You will also get angry and frustrated, although you will deal with it much differently.

The bottom line is that "It will come to you". You don't have to seek, search, work hard or change yourself. It will all come to you if you let go and allow your Higher Self to guide you.


There was one other thing that I was guided to do. Delete every single blog post from the last 5 years. I asked my guidance numerous times, to make absolutely sure that I got the message right. WHY?

I still haven't figured out the reasoning behind it, but there is ALWAYS a reason.