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As I continue to find helpful information and experience those "ah-ha moments" I will post them here.


Nov 28, 2020

Have You Been Re-Programmed?

For thousands of years we have been programmed. We have been programmed with certain beliefs through religion, school, society and so on. We have been told that we MUST do this and we SHOULD do that in order to "be a good human".

I've been led to this in bits and pieces, but I finally understand.

For months now, I've been guided to "keep it simple". In fact I mention it on a couple of pages and in the next post, but now I finally get it.

When you believe that you SHOULD meditate every day, say mantras every day, do affirmations or anything else "spiritual", then it's not spiritual. What you have done is allowed yourself to be re-programmed into a different mentality, which is really not spiritual at all. You have only gone from the old program, to a new one. Spirituality is about freedom.

The key word to all of this is SHOULD. There is nothing that you SHOULD do. There is nothing that you MUST do. This is why I've been led to so many videos about keeping it simple. If anyone teaches you that you SHOULD do something on a daily basis, then it's incorrect.

If meditation helps you to stay calm, then do it....when you want to. If a little mantra brings you back to this now moment, then do it, but there is nothing that you MUST do day after day in order to be spiritual.

BE you. BE human. That's what you came here to be. Humans are not perfect.

Maybe this explains waking up lately, to the song from Frozen. "Let it go, let it go, I'm one with the wind and sky".

Nov 21, 2020

Keep It Simple

Last week I was listening to a channeler on YouTube. Her guides suggested to her that she begin to fast. I was reading the comments that followed and almost everyone said that they were going to begin fasting too. I got a really bad feeling about that.

As always, I had a little discussion with my higher self and that bad feeling was correct.

Just because someone else is told to do something doesn't mean that everyone should do it. Each one of us is unique. We each came here on our own journey. She was told to do it because she is a channel, but not everyone came here to channel.

Then I was reminded of a few years ago, when I decided to go vegan, after listening to someone channel Jesus (Jeshua). Within about a week, I felt horrible. After about 2 weeks, I was actually sick. Just because Jesus suggests it, doesn't mean that everyone should stop eating meat. Some of us need it.

This is why we have guidance. ASK what's right for you.

Another one that many try to do, that can actually be very dangerous, is opening their 3rd eye. If it's meant to open, it will open.

Humans want to rush everything. Many of us think that we're doing something wrong. What we're actually doing is sending out the vibration that we aren't good enough and we need to be fixed in some way. We have to be mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically ready for certain things to happen.

Just this year, I've been guided to delete 6 or 7 pages from this site. Then delete all of my older blog posts. I was also guided to write the page "No More Self Help". The reason for all of this is that we're making everything too complicated. In fact, the most repetitive message that I've received this entire year has been "STOP IT".

Nov 12, 2020

A Lesson About Money

This was definitely strange.

We have a grocery store who gives points for spending certain dollar amounts and sometimes buying certain items. We had accumulated $12.40 in points that could be used towards groceries.

Even with everything that I've learned I can't let go of worrying about money. I'm much better than I used to be, but not completely free of it.

So today we needed a few essential items and money was getting very low. Did we actually have all of the money that we needed in that moment? Yes. Could I just thank the Universe for that and buy what I needed? No. I was in panic mode and I couldn't shake it.

We got to the cash register and the total came to $13.56. I had plenty of change to cover the rest. But the total wasn't changing. I asked how much we owed after the points were subtracted and the cashier said that we didn't have any points. I got out my phone and the app clearly said that we had $12.40. She insisted that the register was showing zero. She finally called the manager over and he fixed it, but WHY did that happen?

I've said it over and over. The Universe is always showing you. That was not an accident. It was actually trying to force me to spend the darn money and stop worrying. I asked my guidance later on and that's exactly what I was being shown. Trust, have faith. You ALWAYS have what you need if you can only stop worrying and doubting.

Oct 18, 2020

Huge Reality Check

I just realized this today. It's probably not something that most people would admit too, but it's really a big one.

This was many years ago. Our son was in his 20's and as many parents do, we were always helping him out. We kept him on our car insurance policy for many years and paid the expensive premium. We made many car payments for him and gave him money when he needed it.

At one point our credit cards were almost maxed out. Much of it was because of him. So right there...what were we doing? We were putting his needs above our own. How many of us do that for our kids?

Then I had my hours cut at work. I was only working 6 hours a week. Of course I thought "Oh poor me, I'm a victim". No...I was being SHOWN something. It took me all of these years to realize that.

We are each on our own journey and our son was old enough to have his own experiences. We needed to stop bailing him out.

Finally, we had to file for bankruptcy. We excluded the house and the cars, but included everything else. Again, we thought that we were the poor victims. Again, NO.

It took me all of this time, but that was the Universe giving us the freedom to start fresh. Humans believe that filing for bankruptcy is a "bad" thing, but it balanced everything out again.

I was sitting there this morning going OMG, remembering how it all played out.

Of course, not realizing all of this until now, about 2 years ago, we began to bail him out again. I wrote about that experience on the manifesting page if you care to read it. both cases, we didn't actually see any cash money. Many of us want to manifest dollar bills, cash and a big bank account, but we could actually be limiting things by being too specific. In both cases we got the freedom that we desired, without any of it being in cash money. This is a perfect example of being careful of your expectations and deciding how it has to look.

I'm not saying to never help your kids out, but go within first and foremost. How does it make you feel? Are you allowing them to have their own experiences? If it doesn't feel right then don't do it.

Oct 11, 2020

This Is How It Works

A few weeks ago, the outside unit of our air conditioner started making all kinds of strange noises. It wasn't totally unexpected, because it was getting old, but we really didn't have an extra $6000 lying around.

Long story short, we needed a whole new unit, inside and out. Just like everything else, they conveniently change them so that the one won't work without the other being replaced too.

Of course, I thought about panicking because that's what I always did. Then I stopped myself. It will all work out. Stay calm and don't worry about it. Instead, I turned it around and showed gratitude for this new unit and then I let it go.

Our son loves cars...and trucks. He has his own business now and he's finally doing well. He just bought an old Chevrolet Caprice, which I thought was stupid, but it's his thing, not mine. No judgement, right?

About 2 weeks after the air conditioner was replaced, he asked if he could "rent" half of our garage, to store this car. He said that he'd give us $100 a month. The monthly payment on the new air conditioner is $92.

Is he just trying to help us out? Who cares. He's finally giving us money and I'll take it.

Oct 10, 2020

Here We Go Again

Things are getting very weird for me again and I'm back to making daily changes. I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's all a huge puzzle. You have to be patient until all of the pieces fit. It's not always a fast process.

One thing that I've been guided to, over and over again, is that "the human" cannot wake itself up or become realized. The human can begin to awaken and become aware, but you will only awaken fully when it's time. Only when your soul's "agreement" for you, is complete. Only when you are physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally ready.

This is going to be a significant change for many, in their understanding of awakening. I think that many of us have certain misconceptions about it.

Another thing that I keep hearing is that this should be easy and effortless. Yet many are trying to rush it. They're seeking and searching for more information, more things to do, in order to get there more quickly.

One example that I've heard more than once is about meditation. Now I'm hearing that we should only do it if we really want to do it. Do it because it calms you. Don't do it because you feel that you MUST. You will not awaken any faster.

They're also saying that even after ascension is complete and you fully awaken, it's not all joy and bliss. You are still going to be YOU, the human. You can still get sick. You can still get cancer, pneumonia and the flu. There may still be pain. You will also get angry and frustrated, although you will deal with it much differently.

This morning as I woke up, I had this huge burst of energy come in. It suddenly made complete sense, but how do I write it? It's not exactly step-by-step, yet it is much simpler than we're making it.

The bottom line is that "It will come to you". You don't have to seek, search, work hard or change yourself. It will all come to you if you let go and allow your Higher Self to guide you.


There was one other thing that I was guided to do. Delete every single blog post, prior to this one. I asked numerous times, to make absolutely sure that I got the message right. WHY?

I still haven't figured out the reasoning behind it, but there is ALWAYS a reason.