Energies - Masculine and Feminine

Balancing the masculine and feminine energies is so important. To be honest, I really didn't pay much attention to it myself, until recently.

The shift in the Earth's consciousness is taking place very quickly, although most don't notice it. That's what ascension is and this is why this is an important subject right now. Whether you like it or not, you are ascending. Whether you realize it or not, you've agreed to be here at this time to experience this.

In the 3rd dimension we were very out of balance. We have been taught that feminine energy isn't productive. Instead we were taught to do, do, do, take control. A hard days work is important. All of which is masculine energy.

Ascension and also manifesting will be much easier if you understand the different energies. This has nothing to do with whether you're a man or woman. This has to do with vibrations and frequencies. It's linear ways of thinking compared to creative thinking. Thinking from your head, compared to living from your heart.

Energies - Masculine and Feminine

The masculine energy is slow. Feminine is much faster. Masculine is linear or straight. It goes from point A to point B. Feminine swirls and curves, always changing, shifting and flowing. You need both and they should be balanced. One without the other is incomplete. This will be very important in your 5th dimensional state of well being.

The feminine is the one that creates the idea or the thought. It listens to music, dances and does the things that you enjoy. It paints and decorates. The feminine will take a break, relax, meditate and sleep. This is probably why this ascension is going to force you to sleep. The feminine also receives the information. It is actually the foundation of everything.

Masculine is doing. It sits behind a desk all day. It is more destructive. It takes the idea or the thought of the feminine and makes it happen. The masculine holds the belief that you must be doing all the time and you must get it all done. This is when you have to allow the feminine to step in and make the decision to relax for a while, in order to keep the balance.

If you have weak masculine energy you may say, "I don't know. Am I doing this right? What if I fail?" This is when the feminine must step in with self love, so that the masculine feels valued.

If you have a weak masculine and a weak feminine, together they can cause a complete lack of creation. Neither one will take charge. Too much feminine without the masculine is unfocused, scattered and ungrounded. Creation won't be easy and desires won't be fulfilled. In other words the feminine won't come up with concrete ideas, for the masculine to do the work. Both sides want the other side to take charge and neither of them will. There must be balance in order to have a unified process.

On the other hand if both are very strong, then it can be a pushing and shoving match. This type of person may be very stubborn and refuse to change.

Although it really has nothing to do with whether you are a male or female, the different energies do have similar aspects in many ways.  For example it would be the feminine who designs the garden, but the masculine would dig out the beds. The feminine stops worrying and the masculine continues to worry.


The Pleiadians suggest a definite back and forth of the two energies. The feminine has the creative idea, the masculine begins to do the work. The feminine suggests taking a break in order to receive and allow more information from the divine. When another idea comes in the masculine steps in again. Then the feminine suggests another break, which could be to just have some fun.

I'm also going to throw this out there, as something to think about. They say that everything is divinely orchestrated. Masculine and feminine energies must be balanced. How about the LGBTQ community? 


There are a number of very good articles at Mastering Alchemy.com.

We must also get away from linear thinking.