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Energy healing is a simple way of removing negative emotions that can cause minor ailments, pain and disease.  There are many types of energy healing, but for me The Emotion Code is the best. There are many modalities that don't identify the problem. If the specific problem isn't identified it may just be a temporary fix.

We also expect things to be hard and they don't have to be. For some reason, we think that easy doesn't work.  In fact, I called a healing center a while back, asking how much they charged for another form of energy healing. The woman told me that she quit doing that. Now she uses The Emotion Code.

All I can say is that I have released a number of painful problems and negative energies in a matter of minutes. Some of the negative energies were actually inherited or ancestral.


The Emotion Code is an energy healing system, discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson, for removing trapped emotions.  Dr. Nelson says that events from the past can still be causing emotions to be trapped in the body.  You may be carrying negative emotions that you have been carrying with you your entire life.  You can also have a "heart wall" which can be a number of emotions, surrounding the heart and "protecting" it.  Unfortunately, they could also be preventing you from truly living from your heart.

This is the easiest energy healing technique I know of. Kids are doing it. Dr. Nelson has a simple chart with 60 emotions that can be narrowed down by column and then by row. You use muscle testing to ask.  For example, "Is this emotion in column A?"  "Is it in an even numbered row?" After finding the emotion, it's released with an everyday magnet. When Dr. Nelson does it, he uses a fancy roller with magnets, but any magnet will work.  

You may also be wondering how you muscle test yourself.  Dr. Nelson explains many ways, but my favorite is using interlocking fingers shown in the picture below.  It's sort of like the old magic trick with the two metal rings.  As long as you don't force it, it's very easy to do and very accurate.  

If you can easily pull your fingers apart, it's a "no" answer.  If it's difficult to pull your fingers apart then it's a "yes".  Try it.  Say "My name is (your name)".  It should be difficult to pull your fingers apart which is a "yes".  Then try, "My name is (someone else's name)".  It should be easy to pull them apart, which is "no".  Now if you say "I AM (your name) you will get a "no" because that's not who you really are. 

This is how accurate muscle testing actually is. I have a page about Jesus, but he now  prefers to go by Jeshua. I asked if Jesus was the one who made a recent statement. I was pretty sure, but not positive that this is where I got the information. I got a "no". What??? I thought about it for a while and then the "light bulb" went on. I asked again. Did Jeshua make that statement? I got a "yes". That is true. He didn't say those words as Jesus, he said them as Jeshua.

Another time, I put muscle testing to a real test. I had a bottle of vitamins, with absolutely no idea of the expiration date. Just for fun, I put the bottle in front of me. I asked if they had expired. I got a "no". Will they expire in 1 month, 2 months, 3 months?  I got a "no" each time. When I got up to 10 months, I got a "yes". I looked at the date and it was 10 months and 1 week. I completely trust it.

It might take a little practice, but your muscles strengthen to positive results and weaken to negative.  I use muscle testing for absolutely everything

These must be "yes" or "no" questions.


Here's a couple of additional notes on muscle testing. Whether you're clearing a trapped emotion or just asking a question, I always ask if this is coming from my own innate intelligence or higher self. Sometimes you will get a "no". Just ask again. 

Asking the same question over and over, because you doubt the answer, is not a good vibration. 

Muscle testing is not a good way to find something that's missing. Try this instead. Say "I KNOW where it is" and most of the time, within a minute or two you will remember.

Although I love muscle testing and I feel that it's very accurate, never use it to replace a doctor. Also, it cannot predict the future any more than you can.

Energy Healing With the Emotion Code

If you're carrying around a bunch of trapped negative emotions, then aren't you sending out a low vibration?  It would be extremely difficult to raise your vibration if you had anger trapped in your body. Remember that it may not even be yours. I really believe that The Emotion Code is something that everyone should do.  I've read a number of books on energy healing and this is the definitely the easiest that I've found. Why make it so difficult?

The Emotion Code

by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Note - So that you don't get confused, Dr. Nelson has also developed The Body Code. That is a much more expanded program for your computer. 

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Stories About Trapped Energies

Here's a story that I heard recently, showing how we can have trapped emotions in our body that we aren't even aware of.  I was listening to an interview with a woman named Suzanna Kennedy. She was born extremely intuitive. Her spirit guides were around her all the time.  One day she was in the yard playing, but she was out of her mother's sight.  Her mother couldn't see her and became frantic, looking for her.  When she finally found Suzanna, she started to shake her, saying, "You scared me to death, don't ever do that again". Then she gave her a big hug.  

Soon after that, Suzanna realized that she had lost her abilities. She was no longer able to talk to her guides. It wasn't until years later, Suzanna went for an energy healing session. They found out that she was holding the emotions of being abused, but Suzanna knew that she was never abused. Long story short, it was her mother that had been abused. That day, when her mother was frantic and imagining the worst, she hugged Suzanna and transferred her fears of abuse to her. It was her mother's panicked state, her energy, that caused it. Those trapped emotions were around Suzanne's heart which kept her from receiving her intuitive messages.  As soon as the emotions were released, she got her abilities back. 


I was listening to a video that Wayne Dyer recorded for PBS. He told a story about his son listening to rap music. Wayne asked his son if he really thought that the music was supporting his desires.  Wayne said, "Let's try something".  He told his son to pick up a banana and put it next to his heart.  Since there were two people, he used a two person technique.  His son's heart liked the banana and gave him a definite "yes" or positive answer. Then he told his son to pick up the CD and put that next to his heart.  When Wayne tested him, his muscles weakened which was a definite "no".


This is an experience that I had. One day I started getting heart palpitations. It was a bit scary and it wouldn't stop. I got out the Emotion Code chart and did the muscle testing, which led me to the emotion of anxiety.  Yet, there was no reason for me to have anxiety.  I asked if it was inherited. Yes. From my mother. Yes. When it's inherited, it's treated slightly different, but in the end I used my magnet and released the emotion. Within about 30 seconds, the heart palpitations started to lessen.  Within about 3 minutes they stopped completely.  I'm not exaggerating.  It works on many things.

Energy healing and The Emotion Code are totally safe, but again, never use it to replace a doctor.  If there is something that needs a doctor's opinion, then by all means go.

EFT or tapping is another form of energy healing that has worked for me. I don't use it very often, because it just takes too long. I recently learned to take the easiest path on everything.

         Here's a YouTube video of Dr. Nelson demonstrating two person muscle testing.

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