I don't want to disappoint anyone, but it's my understanding that enlightenment is a "soul contract" agreement. The "human you" cannot just decide that it wants to become enlightened. That doesn't mean that you won't ever become enlightened, but I believe that it's ultimately your soul's decision and divine timing.

It's just like ascension. You can't just decide that you want to be living/existing in the 5th dimension. Contrary to popular belief, it's my understanding that most of us are only catching tiny glimpses of the 5th dimension. The majority are still in a higher version of the 3rd. I explain this on my ascension page update, at the bottom of the page.

With ascension our light bodies are being activated, but there are different light bodies. The first is the crystalline light body, which is being activated in all of us now. For most it's about 80% - 90% complete. I also know that there is a diamond light body and a rainbow light body. I believe that enlightenment comes with the rainbow light body.

I'm sure that there are other enlightened humans out there, but there is only one that I'm aware of right now. I believe that Dr. Edwidge Bingue is enlightened. I believe that she is way beyond just ascending. She may be way beyond what most of us will ever experience. 

The one thing that makes her different is that she was told that she came into this lifetime with no lessons to learn and no karma. I believe that's extremely unusual. When you listen to her speak, Dr. Edwidge can rarely hold an entire conversation without gasping numerous times, because of all the energy that flows through her. At times, her entire room will fill with white light. You can see it on video at times. Occasionally, orbs will also float around her.

She said that as she lays in bed she pulses and vibrates. When her last light body came in, she felt like she was being electrocuted. There have been many times that she left her body and gone too far, dimensionally.  Someone has to be there to "reel" her back in, so to speak.  I've seen a picture where she actually has two separate bodies merging. Very weird. Although this is the perfect explanation of how Jesus walked on water.

When she wakes up in the morning she talks about the entire room pulsing. Everything, including the walls. It takes her a little while to bring things back to a state where she can function.

For me personally, I don't need to become enlightened. I came into this lifetime to be an imperfect human and that's what I choose to be.

Steps To Enlightenment

I believe that we know most of this already, so I'm going to give a quick list.

According to Dr. Edwidge, you have to tap out of the outside world and everything that you have ever believed is true.  You must KNOW that you are not really a physical being.  You must let go of every bit of your "story".  Simply stop telling it. Let go of the players in the story who "hurt you" in some way.  She said that it's all linear thinking and we are not living in a linear Universe.

We must stop believing that we need to be fixed. There is nothing wrong with any of us. 

Become mindful and get out of auto-pilot. You have to challenge yourself. You have to pay close attention to your thoughts.  Stop the negative thoughts. A negative thought will cancel a positive thought.

She said that it's all about ASKING.  If you still say please, please, please prayers, then that's not praying.  A prayer is setting a clear intention.

"I see myself divine. I see myself in alignment with my soul purpose. I allow the highest point of me, my higher sovereign self, to be the divine director of all of my experiences. To have freedom of action in all that I think say and do. I surrender. I see myself prosperous, I see myself joyful."

In order to become enlightened you must master different levels. Many will go through "the dark night of the soul."  You are releasing, in order to balance. The dark night of the soul is only one stage and it can last for years. The soul is taking control and the total merging begins.

You must master your physical body, this is where your body may ask you to cleanse, by becoming vegetarian, exercising, drinking only water. Your body will let you know what you must do.

Mastering your emotional body is the merging of the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies.

In order to master your mental body, you must cancel and clear old vows and agreements. Speak your truth and become authentic.

More chakras will be activated and added, especially around your head.  Your skull will have to adjust to all of this which may cause headaches. The Merkaba will activate.  Kundalini will activate.

You will then be an electrical current of energy.  92% light.  In service 24 hours a day.

Just as a side note, Dr. Edwidge says that global warming doesn't exist.  Chemtrails need to be ignored. You're only helping these things to manifest by focusing on them. Nothing is broken. Focus on the change that you wish to see.


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