You were not born with fear.  It's what you have learned. Society, religion and authority figures have used it as a means of control. Much of it came from your parents, but only because that's what they were taught. This is the main reason that you can't live the life of your dreams. It's an emotion that will keep you "inside of the box".  Not your own box, but their box. It's one of the emotions that takes your power away.

The words fear and lie are actually interchangeable.


I was listening to someone interview a channeler, a while back. The guy asked the higher dimensional being, "What is the one question that you would like to ask humans?" The question was:  

What are humans so afraid of ?

Our Biggest Fears

THE biggest fear of humanity is death, which doesn't actually exist. You have lived more lives than you can imagine. You are here to have an EXPERIENCE and that's all that it is. We each choose one or more "exit points", before birth. This explains a "near death experience". If it's not your time, you may be sent back. There are no mistakes. This is how divinely orchestrated the Universe actually is.


The next biggest fear is "God". Most people believe that they have to act a certain way or they will be "punished". If you're here to have an experience, then why would you ever be punished for anything? We gain wisdom from our mistakes. We all make mistakes. We are loved unconditionally.


Another HUGE one is our fears around money. I can't even begin to list them, because there are so many. Money is energy, just like everything else. Money is a means of exchange. Our fears about money will actually push it away. Many of us treat it like an enemy and we want to blame it for everything. The biggest lie that's ever been told about money is that it's "the root of all evil". It's just energy. Money can be used for just as much good as it can "evil".


Then there's the fear of being alone. You're never alone. There are so many beings looking out for you. The most important is your Higher Self.  It's not actually a being, but a higher part of you. Your Higher Self is your very best friend. It's constantly SHOWING you your next step, but you have to pay attention. If you aren't connecting with your Higher Self, then you may like my page about guidance.


Maybe you have a desire to recreate your life, but you fear trying.  Are you afraid that you'll be criticized or that you may fail?  You might also fear the opposite. What if you were a huge success?  It could completely change your life. Fear of change is another huge one.

When you try to be safe, you live your life being very, very careful, and you may wind up having no life at all.  ~Byron Katie ~

Why do you do the things that you do? Do you do it out of fear or do you do it out of love? We all have to remember that:

You don't get what you WANT. You don't get what you NEED. You get what you ARE.

This is one of the reasons that manifesting is so difficult. The Law of Attraction is an EXACT match to how you FEEL. If your feelings are coming from fear then that's what you will attract. One example is, I need to manifest a partner, because I'm afraid of being alone. Your focus is on being alone and that's what you will create more of. 

Ask yourself if it's really something to be afraid of or is it just a story that you've told yourself? Most of us are afraid of things that may never happen.

I heard something the other night that was interesting. Your subconscious mind actually feels bored when it's at peace. It likes fear, it likes the drama and it will continue to put those thoughts into your head.

Live from your heart and get out of your head. Most of us have been taught to think logically and most logic is based on fear.

This is an interesting video by Pamela Aarylan called the 411 On Ascension

Thank you for visiting my website.  I appreciate all of you.