Guidance and Your Higher Self

Do you believe that you have Divine guidance?  I've experienced "gut feelings" and intuition many times, but I've never trusted either one. 


I've mentioned this before, because this was the beginning of a "puzzle" that I was receiving in bits and pieces.

Back in 2019, I heard a channeled message from Archangel Metatron. At that time, he said that only a few of us were catching tiny glimpses of 5D. He said:

"We must commit to our connection with the Divine and most of us are not doing that." 

I didn't understand. How do you connect with the Divine? Is he talking about meditation, because I don't meditate. Maybe it's my attention deficit, but it doesn't work for me.

Another night, I was listening to a Kryon video. Looking back on it now, I know that I was guided to listen, but I wasn't aware of it at the time. The video was about a part of you called the innate intelligence.  Science knows about it, but they can't quite explain it. This innate intelligence knows everything without logic. It is connected to the quantum field. It is the all knowing of all things and your own Higher/Divine Self is the portal. 

Definition:  Existing naturally or by heredity rather than being learned through experience.

Then I was led to another Kryon video, where he explained a simple technique to get answers from your Higher/Divine Self in an instant. He said that everyone should be doing it. I have no doubt that I was led to that second video, because it changed my life.

Kryon said that your Higher Self is your very best friend.

More Guidance, More Puzzle Pieces

After I learned to ask my guidance, the first questions were about why I'm here and what my purpose is.  Isn't that what we all want to know?

It ends up that I agreed to teach, although our only real "purpose" is to just BE. This explains why Bashar says:

"Why would you assume that where you are now is not perfectly where you need to be?"

Then, around mid 2019, I got this very strong feeling to step back and leave this website alone. That made no sense at all. Why?

I was guided to a video about dark energies. I didn't really want to listen because that was a little bit scary, but that's another un-truth. God or Source is the ALL. Both negative and positive, dark and the light.

I soon understood why I was guided to listen. My favorite channeler was actually mentioned in that video as one who channels a dark energy or a lower vibrational being. I asked my guidance, "Does this mean that I should delete every word and every quote, that came from her? Unfortunately, the answer was yes.

Of course I had a few "choice words" to say about that. I was about to delete a lot of work, but I decided to do it. It wasn't that the information was "wrong", it was just incomplete. The ENERGY was wrong. This is the perfect example of how you should appreciate every experience, whether you like it or not. I also learned that dark energies or lower vibrational beings don't want humans to know everything.


Then I was guided to write a Kindle book called, You Really Do Have All of the Answers. Again, this was not my "human" idea. I can't really remember how my guidance led me to it, but again I did it.

This is not a voice. It's not a "being" that takes over your body and speaks through you. It's your own inner knowing. This is why they tell you to "go within".

This is just a simple little technique to get more clarity. There have been many studies done, proving it's accuracy. In fact, our chiropractor uses a form of it.

Then Everything Came Together

So after doing this for a while, I began to wake up with words in my head. One morning it was the word "merge". What did that mean?  I simply asked to be shown. Later on, I was guided to an explanation.

It was a video that explained full awakening. That's when the human self and the Higher/Divine Self MERGE and become aligned. This explained what Metatron meant in that quote. You must commit to connecting, merging, allowing guidance from the "Divine" part of you, which is your Higher Self.  Learn to pay attention and trust what you're being guided to do. 


To be honest, without this technique, I doubt that I would have the answers that I have and these are just a few of many examples. This explains why they tell us to let go of the control.

There have been many times when I've laughed out loud because my Higher Self just KNEW and it guided me to exactly what I needed. 

Is It Guidance or Your Imagination?

Again, it's not a voice. It's your inner knowing. It's gut feelings, thoughts, words in your head and sometimes songs that won't go away. Since learning this, if I don't understand I simply ask to be SHOWN. That's when a video might grab my attention and I'll ask if I should watch it.

This isn't weird or "woo-woo". In fact, I just thought of a great example, that shows how you and your Higher Self are ONE. 

I kept seeing or hearing about "A Course in Miracles", so I asked if I should do it. I got a yes. I think that I had done about 150 lessons, when I had this feeling to stop. Of course I was frustrated. I remember yelling, "I was supposed to do it and now you want me to stop?" The answer was yes. Again, it made no sense.

It ended up that my Higher Self KNEW that I was struggling. "A Course in Miracles" was just too religious sounding for me. My Higher Self KNEW that it was becoming a chore and I still had 215 lessons to go. That's when I was guided to the Paul Selig books as another option. The result is the same and I'm enjoying them much more.

A few other points that I'm being reminded of.

I said that you can get answers to any question. Don't ask what will happen in the future, including lottery numbers. The "future" can shift in a single NOW moment.

This technique will give you immediate answers, but it can sometimes take a while before it makes sense. Since it's not a voice, it may take time before you understand.

I promise that you are NOT separate.

Since I mentioned dark energies, let me clear up any fear. First of all, I didn't say evil. They just like to annoy you. Could this bring them in? They're around you anyway, especially when you're around 5G. If the answer feels negative, just ask if it's your Higher Self.

I completely believe that this is what Jesus meant when he said, "Ask and you shall receive". He was talking about answers not things.

Now, when I have a question, I just ask my guidance to show me. 


The most important page, that I've written is "Who You Really Are".

Even more recently "No More Self Help".