Guidance and Your Higher Self

Do you believe that you have Divine guidance?  I've experienced "gut feelings" and intuition many times, but I never really trusted either one. 

This page is going to be somewhat of a personal timeline. I'm going to show everyone how this works. Especially those who doubt it.


A number of years ago, I was listening to a Kryon video. Looking back on it now, I know that I was guided to listen, but I wasn't aware of it at the time. The video was about a part of you called the innate intelligence. The innate part of you is the DNA field. It is anywhere that DNA is, which is everywhere. Science knows about it, but they can't quite explain it. Your innate knows everything without logic. It is multidimensional. It is the all knowing of all things and your Higher/Divine Self is the portal. 

Kryon said that your Higher Self is your very best friend.

He was so right, but I wasn't aware of it....yet.

Then I was led to a second Kryon video, where he explained a very simple technique to get answers from your Higher/Divine Self in an instant. The funny thing was, I had already been doing it, for a totally different purpose. 


In 2019, I heard a channeled message from Archangel Metatron. He said that only a few of us are catching tiny little glimpses of 5D.

"We must commit to our connection with the Divine and most of us are not doing that." 

I didn't understand. How do you connect with the Divine? Is he talking about meditation; because I don't do well with meditation.

This was actually the beginning of "a puzzle", but I was still missing a few pieces.

More Guidance, More Puzzle Pieces

After I learned to ask and trust, I had a number of questions about my "path" or my "purpose"? Why am I here? It ends up that I am here to teach, so I'm on the right track with this website. This is why Bashar says:

"Why would you assume that where you are now is not perfectly where you need to be?"

Then around the middle of 2019, I got this very strong feeling to step back and leave this website alone. I asked my guidance and my feeling was correct. That made no sense at all. Why would I want to stop now? This feeling lasted months.

Did I listen? Of course not, I'm a stubborn human with free will. I didn't understand and I was fighting it. Although now I see that it was just my fear of giving up control.

Then one day, I noticed this one particular video on YouTube. It was sort of "in my face" every time I turned it on. It was a few years old and it was someone I had never heard of. It just wouldn't go away. Does this mean that I'm supposed to watch it? Yes. 

So this video was not uplifting. It was about dark energies and how they're coming through certain channelers. I didn't want to believe it. This was another time where I had a disagreement with my higher self. Yet every question that I asked told me that it was 100% truth.

Then I asked about my favorite channeler. This was someone that I trusted for many years. I really didn't want to believe it, but she was one of the channelers, who was channeling a dark energy, although she's totally unaware of it.

Did this mean that I should delete every word, every quote, that came from her? Yes. It took me over 10 hours to get it all done. It wasn't because the information was "wrong", it was the ENERGY that was "wrong".

NOW I finally understood why I was guided to leave this website alone. It made perfect sense. My Higher Self KNEW that things were going to change, if and when I watched that video. 

From that point on I completely trusted my Higher Self.  Now I ask about everything. It's saved me time and a ton of money, because now I KNOW what is for my highest good. It has never led me in the wrong direction.


Then I was guided to write a Kindle book called, You Really Do Have All of the Answers. This was not MY "human" idea. Most of us have always believed that our thoughts are our own, but many times they're not. My guidance was very persistent on this one, so I listened.

What more could you possibly want? Help in all decision making. Immediate answers from a part of YOU that KNOWS. It really is your best friend. All you have to do is ASK. Yet you always have free will.

Then It All Came Together

Many mornings, I'll wake up with words in my head. One morning it was the word "merge". What did that mean?  I asked to be shown. Later on, I was guided to an explanation.

Full awakening is when the human self and the Higher/Divine Self MERGE and become aligned. This is what Metatron meant. You must commit to connecting or merging with the "Divine" part of you. How do you commit?  Learn to pay attention and trust what you are being guided to do. 

You're not going anywhere. Your "service" is here, NOW, in this human body.

Soon after that I was led to Paul Selig. I've known who he was for many years. I knew about his books, although I had never read any of them. Of course I questioned, "Why?" These books are 100% channeled from his guides. They ALIGN you, to fully "merge" with your Higher Self. They teach you who you really are. Coincidence? I've learned that there are no coincidences.

Are these books for everyone or just me? My guidance says everyone.


If you take nothing else from this page, notice that none of this happened overnight. It really IS like a puzzle. This is why they say that you are always being led to what you need to know. Let go of the control, have a little patience and pay attention. This is also why they say that the answers are not outside of you. YOU have all of the answers that you need.

Is It Guidance or Your Imagination?

Your guidance doesn't have a voice, so pay close attention to things that are repetitive. Things that are in your face over and over again. It's not coincidence. It's your guidance trying to SHOW you. Notice thoughts that don't "fit in", especially when you wake up. Notice when you wonder, "Why am I thinking this?"

There are times when it's frustrating, because you don't understand. I've been known to use a little profanity, because I just don't get it. Then there are times when you will get one answer and a few weeks later you'll get another. That's because you have options and free will. Maybe you didn't notice or choose one option. Now your being guided to another.

I also said that you can get answers to any question. Don't ask what will happen in the future, which includes lottery numbers. No one can really predict the future, because it can shift in a single moment.

I completely believe that this is what Jesus meant when he said. "ASK and you shall receive". He was talking about asking your guidance and receiving the answers.

I have no doubt about my purpose or my path anymore. When I have a question, I ask. I don't worry about anything, because I have total faith in my guidance.


One of the most important pages, that I was guided to write is "Who You Really Are".

More recently "No More Self Help".