Guidance and Your Higher Self

Do you believe that you have guidance?  I think that we've all experienced "gut feelings" and intuition before, but I was never one who trusted it, until much more recently. 


I've mentioned this before, because this was the beginning of a "puzzle" that I was receiving in bits and pieces.

Back in 2019, I heard a channeled message from Archangel Metatron. At that time, he said that only a few of us were catching tiny glimpses of 5D. His words were:

"We must commit to our connection with the Divine and most of us are not doing that." 

I didn't understand. How do you connect with the Divine? Is he talking about meditation? I'm sorry, but I just can't quiet my mind long enough to meditate.

Soon after that I was listening to a video about a part of us called the innate intelligence.  The definition is, "Existing naturally rather than being learned through experience." Science knows about it, but they can't quite explain it all. Your innate intelligence knows everything without using logic.

Then I heard a video of Kryon's, channeled by Lee Carroll, where he explained the innate intelligence completely. He explained a simple technique to get answers from your own Higher/Divine Self in an instant. He said that everyone should be doing it. 

Kryon said that your Higher Self is your very best friend.

Little did I know that these videos were not a coincidence. I was being shown and it has changed my life.

More Guidance, More Puzzle Pieces

Then....I was guided to yet another video, talking about how we can accidently open unwanted portals when we use certain modalities to get answers. Again, it explained why a number of things have happened.

We've all heard stories about Quiji boards. So, a number of years ago I decided to try a pendulum. It broke almost immediately. More recently, I had the urge to learn tarot. My Higher Self gave me a definite no. I finally realized that this is why I was guided to this technique. It's safe, easy and immediate. 

There is a reason for everything.


This is also why I was guided to write a Kindle book called, You Really Do Have All of the Answers. Again, this was not my own "human" idea. It was my guidance.

It's a very simple technique to get a definite yes or no answer. There have been many studies done and many books written, proving its accuracy. In fact, our chiropractor uses a form of it.

You can ask your body what it would like to eat or if some weird pain is just an ascension symptom. You can even ask if something is in your "soul contract" or what you came here to do.

Everything Came Together

After doing this for quite a while now, I trust it completely. Now I've begun to wake up with words in my head. One morning it was the word "merge". What did that mean?  I asked to be shown.

It was an explanation of full awakening. That's when the "human self" and the Higher/Divine Self MERGE and become aligned. This is what Metatron meant in that quote. "We must commit to our connection with the Divine."

Commit to trusting the "Divine" part of you or the innate intelligence within, which is your Higher Self. Learn to pay attention and trust what you're being guided to do. Let go of the control.

There have been many times when I've laughed out loud because my guidance or my Higher Self just KNEW. It led me to exactly what I needed. 

Is It Really Guidance?

Again, I don't hear a voice. If I have a gut feeling, I simply use the technique to ask if I'm correct.

I no longer waste money on books and courses that aren't that helpful. I know that I don't need self-help anymore. My Higher Self has all of the answers. Although the saying, "You know what you need to know, when you need to know it" still holds true.


A few other things that I'm feeling guided to mention.

Don't ask what will happen in the future. This includes lottery numbers and specific dates. Timelines can shift in a single NOW moment.

This technique will give you immediate answers, but it often takes a while before it makes any sense.

I promise that you and your Higher Self are NOT separate.

Since I mentioned dark energies, let me clear up any fear. First of all, I didn't say evil. They just like to annoy you. Could this bring them in? They're around you all the time, especially when you're around 5G. If the answer doesn't feel right, ask to make sure that it's your Higher Self. Then, just ask the question again. 

I completely believe that this is what Jesus meant when he said, "Ask and you shall receive". He was talking more about answers and information, not things.


The most important page, that I've written is "Who You Really Are".

Even more recently "No More Self Help".

Paul Selig's channeled books.