It's Just An Illusion

I've said it multiple times throughout this site, everything is an illusion. I still can't visibly see it myself, but I'm beginning to understand it more and more. I'm not a quantum physicist, but this is a simple explanation.

Everything Is Energy

Many say that they know this, but are we really comprehending it? This is not something that we can ignore any longer. We must begin to understand that what we see is NOTHING but an illusion.

If you could actually see energy, then everything would have movement within it. Even the walls of your house would have movement within them. 

EVERYTHING is energy. ALL creation comes from this same energy.  There is nothing that is not energy, including you. Actually, what you perceive as empty space isn't empty at all.  It's waves of energy, connecting every person and every object. Nothing is separate. Everything has an impact on everything else. Again...everything was created from the same energy. 

Quantum physicists say that the Universe is mostly empty.

The Illusion

For anyone new to this, up until very recently, Earth has been in a very dense, heavy, 3rd dimensional state, where energy moved very slowly. Where everything looked solid and real. The fact is that your subconscious mind has been creating images based on what you believe. You are seeing what you expect to see, but it's all an illusion

Back on December 21, 2012, the density or the heaviness of Earth began to lessen and energy began to move faster. Our bodies actually began to change, which is what we call ascension. This shift had to be done very gently or we wouldn't have been able to handle it. It would have been an energy overload, like being electrocuted. 

It's my understanding that we are now (April 2022), on a 5th dimensional timeline. So as this energy speeds up, the vibrations and frequencies are becoming much higher and faster. Very simply put, high vibrations and low vibrations cannot occupy the same space. The low has to go and this explains the craziness going on.

This movie, this illusion, is being played out to SHOW us what humanity has accepted for thousands of years, since ancient Egypt. We have been lied to, controlled and manipulated by some pretty "evil" people.

Deep within you know this. Your soul, CHOSE to be here for this experience. It's my understanding that it will take everything that you ever though you knew and flip it completely upside down. As your beliefs change, the illusion will change.

We're going to have to let go of the 3 major things that have been our "downfall", so to speak. Fear, separation and judgement. This is what these controllers want. They want to keep us in fear. They want us to separate and judge each other, but many are beginning to see through their lies and that scares the heck out of them.

The truth of EVERYTHING is actually within you. This is why you have intuition, gut feelings and a sense about things. This is why you have a "higher" part of you, guiding you along the way. We're going to have to stop thinking and start feeling what is true. Also be very careful who you listen to.  

The bottom line is that instead of being in fear, think of how blessed you are to be here for this. Ascension, while remaining in human bodies has never happened before. This is going to be the best (and longest) "movie" ever written and you're part of it.

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