Jesus - Jeshua ben Joseph

This information is from comparisons that I've done on people who claim to channel Jesus. Originally, it was for my own curiosity.  I had some doubts and I wanted to prove to myself whether or not these channels were legitimate.

There are many who won't believe a single word of this.  Many don't believe in channels. If either one of these are true for you then simply don't read this page.

I re-read a couple of books that are the channeled words of Jesus, written by different authors.  I've also listened to videos by different people who claim to be channeling him. Most of the information is very consistent.  I now believe that he has chosen to come through, to teach us the truth. 

Let's put it this way. If you were going to "fake" channeling someone, would you choose Jesus?  I surely wouldn't.

What Jesus Wants Us To Know

He says that he came as a revolutionary to transform the minds of those beings in that time and place. He came to offer salvation. Not the salvation that the church talks about, but a salvation of freedom, creativity and a liberation of the mind.  His purpose was to teach us not to fear God.  Society and religion are the ones who have taught us to fear God. 

"I am not the Jesus of the church.  I am not the Jesus of the Bible.  I have lived as a man of flesh and blood.  I was not a divine being." 

He is coming through now to undo the beliefs of society and the beliefs in our minds.  He says that we are finally ready to hear the truth because many of his words were changed to fit the church and keep us in fear.

He's actually annoyed enough that he now prefers to BE Jeshua, sometimes spelled Yeshua. He uses the name Jesus in teachings, because that's what we're familiar with, but he no longer chooses to BE the "Jesus" that we perceive from 2000 years ago.  

He had an ordinary birth.  It was not an immaculate conception. Before his birth, his mother was given knowledge through a dream, by an Archangel. She was told that he was going to be born a special person.  She was asked to teach him the Jewish scriptures and allow his independent nature to flourish, which he said was not easy for her.  

He had 4 brothers and sisters and they fought and argued, just like any normal siblings.  His early years were ordinary, although he did become somewhat rebellious as a teenager. He knew that he was going to break rules. 

The teachings he shared here on this planet came through him from channeled information. He was a channel himself.  He had access to all spiritual knowledge through highly evolved beings. He was shown actual reality and learned how the Universe works. 

It is true that he took a long journey to the East, to the places that we now call India and Tibet, although those were not the places that required his teachings.  He went there to experience other cultures and religions. He loved that culture and he wanted to stay, but he already had a relationship with Mary Magdalene and promised her that he would return.

He married Mary Magdalene when he was around 27 and they had children.  He said that much of his private life was not documented.  Especially in the later years, when it was kept secret for his families safety.

His enlightenment took place when he was 30.  His enlightenment was from his studies and it was not an act of God.  He said that enlightenment comes from "scientific study and understanding vibration".  This is what he came to teach then and this is what we need to know now.

God is a benevolent source.  God is not a being.  God is a frequency.  The frequency of unconditional love. We are all equal, because we all came from that one, original frequency.  

He has said over and over that this world that we see is not a world created for you, it is being created by you. Your mind and the minds of the collective are manifesting this.  This time and place is coming from within all of you.  This world is being created moment by moment from the collective thoughts of everyone.  The ideas that you hold in your mind are creating your reality. 

"Take back your power and let go of the old ideas of Jesus and God, which were created by your society." 

"The world is your mind reflected back to you."  ~Jesus~

He especially wants to clear up the crucifixion and resurrection.  He said, " There was no sacrifice."  "Your culture, has misinterpreted this act and believed that I sacrificed my life for other beings.  That is not what I did.  I did not die.  I sacrificed my body, but my body was nothing".   He was trying to show that we are not our body.  He had so much control of his vibration that he was able to leave his body and that's what he did on the cross.  There was very little pain. He then manufactured a new body to prove that it's the spirit that is the "animating force of the body".  Death does not exist. Your spirit is eternal.  He is asking us to take this "holy act of his sacrifice" that the Bible teaches and put it to rest. Let it go.

After his resurrection, he moved Mary and their children, to the South of France for protection. He came and went from physical to non-physical for quite a while, until he was called to the higher realms permanently. Mary lived until she was 74. 


It's the limited fearful parts of ourselves that brought us here, at this time. We reincarnated to experience and learn that there is nothing to fear and that we are limitless. That is our purpose for being here.

He explains that "God" cannot hear our words because "God" is the frequency of love, but he, Jeshua can hear every word that we speak and every thought that we have. He is always here with us and he understands because he was human.  Talk to him.  

A Few Things That Surprised Me

I decided to add the following because they were all a bit surprising to me.  Jeshua said that rather than give our kids freedom to run, play and use their imagination, we force them to read, learn mathematics and learn their ABC's way too early.  Imagination is so important.

(Just as a note, even more recently I heard a higher dimensional being say that humans are the only ones who measure intelligence. It's wisdom that counts, not IQ.)

Jeshua thinks our baptism ceremonies are beautiful, but they are totally unnecessary, because we are born as divine beings. We don't need to be baptized.

Christmas is not his birthday. He said, "Christmas has nothing to do with me"It's a consumer holiday and that's all it is. Take the money and spend it on yourself. Give love instead of expensive gifts. He said that "both Christmas and Easter are ancient rituals that no longer apply".  Let them go!

This is something else that I learned recently. 2000 years ago, Jesus tried to show us how to clear all of our old karma and contracts from past lives. He did this by giving us the Lord’s Prayer. When we say the prayer, we are forgiving and literally asking that all resentment towards others be cleared at one time, but only after we have forgiven ourselves. We can only give to others that which we are able to receive for ourselves. 

What Jesus Is Asking Us To Do

One of the people that Jesus has chosen to come through is Tina Louise Spalding who is a trance channel.  Through her, Jesus/Jeshua is suggesting that everyone purchase and study A Course In Miracles. 

I was also reading a book about the Akashic Records and the author said that "A Course In Miracles is the key and Akashic Enlightenment is the door" to divine guidance and healing.

A Course in Miracles : Combined Volume

This book was the words of Jesus, channeled over 40 years ago. The intention of ACIM is to take you from a fear based reality into total peace and joy.  

For those who don't know about A Course In Miracles, I wrote a page explaining how the course came about, what the book is trying to teach, along with some of the terms used.  

Jesus has also channeled his Autobiography through Tina Louise Spalding.

Jesus: My Autobiography

I read it and I learned quite a few very eye-opening truths.

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