Judgement may be the most destructive thing that we can do and unfortunately we do it all the time. Most of the time we don't even realize that we're doing it.

Humans have been taught to label everything. We call things good, bad, right, wrong, easy and hard, which are ALL judgements. There are a couple of things that we should all try to keep in mind.

Everything just IS. 

Nothing is broken and nothing needs to be FIXED.  

Everything is in perfect Divine order.

It may not look that way, but everything is exactly the way that it's supposed to be.

Judgement of Others

The very first thing that each one of us needs to realize and KNOW is who you really are. We are all equal. We all chose to come here to have an EXPERIENCE and that's all that it is. 

Before your soul entered your human body, it chose certain things to experience, in order to gain wisdom. We have all done this many, many times before. So none of us have any idea what others have chosen as their experiences for this lifetime. Maybe they chose to grow up in a tough environment. Maybe they chose an abusive relationship. Some may say, "Why would anyone choose that?" Our souls want to experience EVERYTHING. So we may be judging others for things that we can't possibly understand. 

Think about this. If you have never been abused, then do you really know what it's like? There are some things that you can't possibly understand unless you experience them for yourself. Your soul already knows who you really are. There is no fear when creating these experiences, because you are an eternal being.  Fear is something that you have been taught. 

Life on Earth is like a "role playing game". First we had to forget who we really are. Then we had to have contrast or duality in order to have choices. Some play the "good guy", some play the "bad". If life was always perfect then there would be no choices to make. Contrast was created to give us choices.

Everyone is creating their own personal "story". There should be no judgement of others, because we don't know their whole story. We don't know what they were taught. We are all doing the best that we know how in any given situation. 

The whole is made up of the positive and the negative. You can't have one without the other.

Judgement Of Ourselves

Do you have a tendency to judge yourself?  It all comes from the beliefs that you have been taught.

Many have been told that they're not smart enough or they're going to be a failure if they don't do certain things. We have learned to compare ourselves to others. We're convinced that we must do certain things, in a certain way, in order to be a success. 

We are already Masters. All of us. We already have all of the answers, but no one ever told us that. None of this is about being a success or being smart, it's about awakening and realizing who you really are.

We all need to get into a very serious practice of self love. It's so important. This is all a process and you are exactly where you're supposed to be. You are being guided to exactly what you need to know. There are no mistakes.

Judgement Of Things

Your beliefs about things are also judgements. For example, if you believe that money is "bad" or "the root of all evil", then that is a judgement.  If you have come to that conclusion, then your subconscious mind or what many call the ego mind, will not allow you to see all of the possibilities that surround money. Simply put, it's trying to protect you from the "bad guy".

Do you judge your car, your house, your career as not being good enough or in some cases better than someone else's?  Either way, those are judgements.

We have to accept and appreciate things just as they are. Everything is energy. The Source Energy of all creation.

When you have a pre-conceived notion about anyone or anything, about the way that it should or shouldn't be, it's a judgement. This includes yourself.



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