Judgement may be the most destructive thing that we can do and unfortunately we do it all the time. Most of the time we don't even realize it.

Humans have been taught to label everything. We call things good, bad, right, wrong, easy and hard, which are ALL judgements. There are a few things that we should always try to keep in mind.

Everything just IS. 

Nothing is broken and nothing needs to be FIXED.  

ALL things were created from ONE Source energy.

An Overall Explanation of Judgement

Last year, my guidance led me to the series of books, channeled by Paul Selig. I have been consistently sticking to this material for many months now and according to the teachings of his guides, judgement is HUGE. 

Because of the information that we have all gathered throughout our lifetimes, we are always aligned with our expectations of how things should be or how things should look. This is what we have been taught.

Many of us believe that judgement is when we condemn something, but it applies to almost any adjective that we use to describe something. Most of us understand that calling someone a bitch is a judgement, but we don't realize that saying something is expensive, beautiful or valuable is also a judgement. Nothing can be raised to a higher vibration or created new if this is how you expect it to be.

The guides say that God, vibration, tone and sound are all the same thing. They don't use the term Law of Attraction, but they say that every tone, sound, vibration and frequency is an agreement by you. This is what you are saying it is and this is what you attract.

So a chair is not ugly, broken, new or old, it's just a chair. The woman is not a bitch, she's just a woman. One of the statements that they have said repeatedly is, "Anything that you damn, damns you back". 

 "Outcome is not predicated by what you do."

"What is lifted to the Divine can be re-known and re-interpreted, but it cannot be done if you have decided what everything means".

In other words, you will never attract a "miracle" unless you remove the expectation of how it has to look or what it has to be 

Judgement of Others

The very first thing that each one of us needs to realize and KNOW is who you really are. We are all equal. We all chose to come here to have an EXPERIENCE and that's all that it is. 

Before your soul entered your human body, it chose certain things to experience, in order to gain wisdom. None of us have any idea what someone else has chosen. Maybe they chose to grow up in a tough environment. Maybe they chose an abusive relationship. Some may say, "Why would anyone choose that?" Our souls want to experience EVERYTHING. So we may be judging others for things that we can't possibly understand. 

Think about this. If you have never been abused, then do you really know what it's like? There are things that you can't possibly understand unless you experience them for yourself. Their should be no judgement of anyone else. 

Everyone is creating their own personal "story" and we don't know their choices. We don't know what they were taught. I know that it's hard and I'm far from perfect in this, but I'm learning.

The whole is made up of the positive and the negative. You can't have one without the other.

Judgement Of Ourselves

Do you have a tendency to judge yourself?  It all comes from the beliefs that you were taught.

Many have been told that they're not smart enough or they're going to be a failure if they don't do certain things. We have learned to compare ourselves to others. We're convinced that we must do certain things, in a certain way, in order to be a success. 

We are already Masters. All of us. We already have all of the answers, but no one ever told us that. None of this is about being a success or being smart, it's about awakening to who you really are.

Judgement Of Things

I touched on this in the first part. Your beliefs about things are also judgements or agreements. The judgmental thoughts and words that we use to describe things hold a sound, tone, vibration and frequency.  We're saying, "this is the way that it is". We attract what we say that it is.

What adjectives do you use to describe your car, your house or your job? Learn to accept things just as they are without any judgement. A car is just a car, a house is just a house and your job just is.

When you have a pre-conceived notion about anyone or anything, about the way that it should or shouldn't be, it's a judgement. This includes yourself.



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