Judgement may be the most destructive thing that we can do and we do it constantly. Do you realize that just by simply saying that something is hard or easy it's a judgement? 

Everything just IS. 

There may be times when we believe that we have a right to judge. I heard a story, a while back, where a young man, picked up a four year old child and choke slammed him to the floor.  The floor was carpeted concrete and the child had to be airlifted to the hospital. Why did the guy do it?  Because he was annoyed. 

I have a 4 year old granddaughter and that story broke my heart. I got extremely upset and I couldn't let it go.  That's when I went to channels to calm me down.

Judgement of Others

We don't always know what environment some people came from.  We don't always know what they were taught or how they were treated themselves. We're judging others for things that we can't possibly understand. 

Even though we are ascending there is still going to be contrast on this planet. It was created in order for us to make choices. As souls this is how we learn. If we didn't know hot then we wouldn't know cold.  If we didn't know happy, then we wouldn't know sad. Contrary to what we've been taught, contrast was not created to punish us. It's not a bad thing.

The whole is made up of the positive and the negative. You can't have one without the other.

It takes a negative ion and a positive ion to turn a light on.

Everyone is creating their own personal reality. There should be no judgement of others, because we don't know the whole story. We are all doing the best that we know how in any given situation. 

I also realized something else. When we judge we're often focusing on something that we don't like.  If what we focus on expands, then aren't we creating more of the same?

Judgement Of Ourselves

Do you have a tendency to judge yourself?  It all comes from the beliefs that you have been taught.  Look at the media. They are constantly trying to convince us that we need to FIX things that are broken. Fix your body, fix your money situation, fix your security and safety. This is how they make money, playing on your fear.

Many have been told that they're not smart enough or they're going to be a failure if they don't do certain things. We have learned to compare ourselves to others. We are convinced that we must do, do, do to keep up with everyone else.

Nothing needs to be FIXED.  Nothing.

We often say, "I should have done this differently" or "I could have handled that better". Those are judgements about yourself. You're sending out the vibration that you did something wrong. The sad part is that most of the time we don't even realize that we're doing it.

We all need to get into a very serious practice of self love. It's so important.

Ascension seems to be making things even worse. We seem to be comparing our progress to others. Do you realize that no one is doing anything to you? Just like everything else, it's all within. It will happen when you're physically, mentally and emotionally ready. Do you also realize that when you're judging the 3rd dimension, saying that you can't wait until you ascend, then you're getting impatient. You want to ESCAPE. You're obviously not happy with your current reality, but you cannot move forward if you hold any resentment towards how your life is right now.  

Judgement Of Things

Your beliefs about things are judgements. For example, if you believe that money is wrong or bad in any way, that is a judgement or a label.  If you have come to that conclusion, then your subconscious mind will not allow you to see the opportunity that will make you rich.  Your subconscious was designed to protect you and it doesn't want you to be "wrong".

If you feel that you don't deserve something or it's impossible, then you will not see all of the options available.  Your subconscious mind is a filter and it will not allow you to see what you don't believe is possible.

We have to learn to accept things as they are. Everything just IS

Any time you have a pre-conceived notion about anyone or anything, about the way that it should be or shouldn't be, it's a judgement. 


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