Linear Thinking

I recently heard someone talking about linear thinking. Combined with other statements that I've heard very recently, the "light bulb" finally went on and it all made sense. 

Think about these statements: "Everything that you have ever wanted has already been created". "Nothing is outside of you". "Raise your vibration". "Time doesn't exist". "You don't have to work hard or be smart". If you've studied this for any length of time you've heard all of these.

The main problem is that humans believe that we must go from Step 1 to Step 2 in order to get to Step 3.  That is old, 3D linear thinking. You can actually go from where you are right now to Step 5, in a single moment. This explains why they say that you don't have to work hard or have a college education to get what you want.

Now this may sound totally crazy to anyone who doesn't believe in aliens or spaceships, but stick with me here. This all made perfect sense when I heard Darryl Anka channel Bashar. Darryl actually saw Bashar's "spaceship" twice, prior to the first channel. I've never heard other channeled beings mention spaceships or space travel.

He said that they do not travel from their planet to Earth. They raise their vibration, picture the outcome and they're here. Isn't that what everyone has been trying to tell us? It doesn't take him years to get here. That's linear thinking. It all happens in a single, NOW moment. This is why these ships can make weird maneuvers and then disappear in an instant. They raise their vibration, picture the outcome and they're gone. If you've done this work for any length of time they tell us over and over that this is what we need to do.

Everything is a constant stream of NOW moments. It's all quantum physics. It's all vibrational and multidimensional, it's constantly flowing and changing.

Everything that you have created already exists in another moment, another space/time reality. You have to attract it to you. How many times have you heard someone tell you to look at your life and you will see what you have been thinking?

I just went out to the kitchen and the clock on the stove said: 11:11. Maybe that's telling me that I finally "got this".

Linear Thinking Is The Problem

For a while now, I've been getting these very clear messages to STOP. It's not a voice, but a nagging feeling. I muscle tested all sorts of things to see if my feelings were correct. Should I clean the house, work on my website, weed the flower beds and all I get is "No".

When I ask if I should take a nap, study A Course in Miracles or do something that I enjoy, I get "Yes". I decided to ask if this is where all lightworkers and way showers should be right now? "Yes". Do we all need to just relax and stop trying so hard? "Yes".

It's all making sense, so let me try to keep this short. I'll use this website as the example. My human self tells me that I have to keep working "hard" to build this site. I have to keep fixing it and changing it. I have to look for ways to draw traffic to it, with "keywords", possibly advertising or tying it in with Facebook. All of this is "human logic" or linear thinking. 

Now throw out all logic (fear) and linear thinking. It's really as simple as this. Somewhere in another space/time reality on another timeline. In another NOW moment. Somewhere in those gazillion infinite possibilities this website is already perfect. There are already 1000's of visitors every single day. 

When I can STOP trying so hard (which is what humans do) and leave it alone. When I can stop doubting myself, let go of the control, relax and simply love it the way that it is, I will get closer and closer to that outcome. I might get a sign or a gut feeling to take another step, but I have to allow the Universe to SHOW me. Maybe, just leaving it alone is enough.

With ascension the density or heaviness of the Earth will eventually lessen, but for now we have to be patient. Manifestation is not immediate, just yet. Most of us can be patient for a short time, but then we want to know when and especially HOW things are going to happen. We try to have faith, but then we begin to doubt and try to fix things again. Abraham-Hicks has said it hundreds of times, "Stop trying to FIX things". This is self-sabotage, yet we continue to do it, then blame everyone, including ourselves, as being the problem.

It is already created in a higher vibrational state. It DOES exist in another time/space reality. Humans can't believe that they don't have to physically work hard to get what they want. Humans believe that they have to go out and get everything. We need to get out of the linear thinking and get away from what's logical. Then we will attract it to us.

As I write this, I can almost hear another video that I watched a while back. It was someone channeling an Ascended Master. He said it over and over:


I also wrote a page about energies, masculine and feminine. These are another huge thing to understand. We have been taught to do, do, do, take control and do more. That's all masculine energy. Feminine energy is the creation, the love and passion, relaxing and allowing. There has to be balance in order for things to work. We have to stop trying so hard.

The bottom line is that you can do it step by step if you choose, but there's a much more simple way. If you pay attention it will come to you

I also have to mention this. I believe that anyone who is on this site is a lightworker, a way shower or a healer.  If so, we all have soul contracts or "blueprints". This means that manifesting certain things may not always be up to the "human" you.  I explain more on my manifesting page.

My page called Self Love may also help you. We MUST begin to love ourselves more.

Do you believe that you know what reality is?