Live From The Heart

The more that you read, the more often they say to "live from the heart, go within".  What does that actually mean?

The short answer is that humans think too much. We also believe that the answers are outside of us. YOU already have all of the answers. It's your own guidance


As long as your brain is functioning, you're going to have thoughts, but human thoughts are mostly logical. Logic is based mostly on fear and many of us were taught to fear everything.

No one ever taught us to live from the heart. Instead, we tend to make up stories in our minds, our heads, that are mostly fear based. One example might be, "I have to buy a new car before this one breaks down". Then we might begin to picture ourselves stranded on a long, lonely road, late at night, but that's not even real. It's just a story.

Unfortunately, it's also a story that you could possibly create if you continue to focus on it long enough.

"You don't get what you need. You don't get what you want. You get what you ARE."


Your subconscious mind or what many call the ego mind, is a thought processor. It's like a super computer and it's a record of your past. It was designed specifically for this human experience, to keep you safe. It wants to make you right and it doesn't like change. Now in some cases that can be a good thing, but more often it's just reminding you of old fearful beliefs and stories that no longer serve you.

When they say to "go within", it means to start FEELING rather than thinking. Notice how certain thoughts and certain situations make you FEEL. Pay attention to your intuition and your gut feelings. Does it cause you to question it? Does it feel like it could be a truth? Do you feel better? Or does it feel like a lie? Lies are based on fear and fear is a lie.

In fact, if something that I write doesn't FEEL right, then just ignore it. Everyone has their own truths. It's absolutely OK.

Bashar says, "You know what you need to know, when you need to know it."

Scientific Studies of the Heart

Do you realize that the heart is the first thing that is developed in the human body?  Your heart is 5000 times, magnetically stronger than the brain. Magnetically stronger means that it attracts. There is actually a large energy field that surrounds your heart, which makes it more powerful to live from the heart than to live from the mind. 

Everything is energy and all energy is connected. 

"There is compelling evidence to suggest the physical heart is coupled to a   field of information not bound by the classical limits of time and space."            ~ HeartMath Institute~

When you live from the heart and learn to observe how things make you FEEL, you don't have to think everything through, but that idea scares the hell out of humans. Humans aren't used to FEELING their truth. They go by what they've been told and they've been told to use logic. The Universe is not a logical place.

We are no longer in "survival mode" like we have been for thousands of years. We're way past that. Awakening is actually the merging of the human self with the Higher/Divine self. That's another statement that scares many humans. 

Merging doesn't mean that you won't be you. It means that you will learn to trust your guidance. Pay attention to that KNOWING part of you. Ask more questions and FEEL the answers. This is why it's time to KNOW who you really are.

In fact, that's another great example. If I say to you, "You are God in form", how does that make you feel? To be honest, the first time that I heard it, it made me feel very uncomfortable. Yet doesn't the Bible say that you were created in his image? It simply means that each and every one of us were created from God/Source energy.

Now go within. How does that make you feel?


Meditation is a good way to live from the heart, but only if you really want to do it. Never use it to "escape". Don't do it because you feel that you MUST. If you're like me and you don't like meditation, there's a simple breathing technique below.

A Simple Technique To Live From The Heart

Here's a simple technique that you could try.  Focus your attention on your heart and breath a little deeper than normal.  Breath in for 5 or 6 seconds and out for 5 or 6 seconds.  Hold a positive feeling as you do this.  It could be the first time you met someone or the day that your child or grandchild was born.  It could be a special moment that you shared with someone.  Make it something that you truly love and appreciate, as you do your breathing.  Do this a few times each day. If it helps to focus, place your finger in the center of your chest or put your hand over your heart.


 Paul Selig books are coded, to align you with your higher self.

A video by Teal Swan about living from the heart.