Are you having trouble manifesting your desires?

Do you realize that you're manifesting something in every moment of your life? You have been, since the day that you were born. 

Do you also realize that if you're on this site with an interest in this type of information, then you're most likely a lightworker, a teacher, a way shower or a healer. You made a "soul contract", before you were born to be of service for this ascension.

I was listening to a video a while back and I heard a very detailed explanation of the Law of Attraction. I suddenly had a huge "ah-ha moment". After many, many years of studying this, I realized that your "soul contract" is the key.

Let me give you an example from my personal list of "mistakes". A long time ago I decided that I wanted to be a healer. I took a Reiki course and became a Reiki Master. To make a long story short, nothing worked out for me. Of course I blamed myself for numerous reasons, all of which were totally ridiculous.

Suddenly, I became this "information addict". I began reading more and more. I listened to video after video trying to figure all of this out. 

Now fast forward to when I learned muscle testing. One day I was going down a list of questions and I asked, "Am I supposed to be a healer?" No. This explains why Reiki never worked out. It was the "human me" who made that decision. After more questioning I realized that I was supposed to be a teacher, which then explains the need for all of the information. It all makes sense.

Abraham-Hicks has said this from day one, but we don't seem to pay attention. Your soul knows what you came here to do. It's the REAL you. You are not separate. It knows what that "soul contract" is.  It's the divine part of you, constantly guiding you. This is why you must be aligned. When you know this, manifesting becomes so much easier.

Unfortunately, I've heard that only about 10% of us are aligned. We believe that we are alone in all of this, but you are NEVER alone. 

How many times have you heard, "Let go of the control"? You, as a soul, had total free will to choose any life, any experience that you desired. The "human you", also has free will, BUT when you take control, it may be a struggle. If you pay attention to your guidance, everything falls into place. 

You're never doing anything wrong. What you're doing is being "human". You're trying to manifest what the "human you" wants. You and your soul must be a team, working together. The Universe doesn't make things go wrong to punish you. It's always trying to SHOW you.

What Alignment Did For Me

Our son decided to open his own business, which I thought was a great idea. The problem was that he quit his job first. He had a truck that he loved and now there was no money coming in. As parents often do, we offered to make his truck payment of almost $600 a month, until he got the business going. Unfortunately, I neglected to pay attention to how I really FELT about it.

Now months later, that "good deed" was kicking my husband and I in the butt. Being a logical "human", I decided that I had to FIX things by going back to work for a little while, although I hated that idea. That's when I decided to focus on alignment instead.

One day, out of 1000's of Abraham-Hicks videos, I felt a need to listen to one in particular. Abraham was throwing out what they called "power statements". One of them was, "I am not going to take responsibility for where other people are.... no matter who they are... no matter how related they think that they are to me." 

I realized that we should have never helped our son. By helping him we were not allowing him to have his own experience. I knew it didn't FEEL right, but I ignored it.

I completely focused on alignment. About 3 weeks later, the Universe helped all of us out and something totally unexpected happened. Someone suddenly showed up and offered our son thousands more for his truck than he owed. It was an offer that he couldn't refuse. 

The "human" part of me thought that in order to remedy the situation I had to FIX it. Abraham-Hicks has also talked about that over and over, but I forgot. "If you can find a way of feeling better before anything is fixed, Law of Attraction will fix those things."

All I had to do was realize my "wrong turn" and align. The Universe took care of it, almost like magic. People don't just show up out of nowhere, offering you thousands more for a truck. 

I could actually add more to this story, but it would take way too long. Within a matter of about 7 weeks a few other things happened. In the end I manifested a total of $1200 a month. I definitely won't be going back to work.


Manifest By Feeling Better

How many times have you heard that you have to feel better, feel better?  Where do you feel from?  It's not your head. You have to live from the heart. I almost went against that in the story above. I was logically thinking that going back to work was the answer and that was based on fear.

A long time ago, someone made a comment to Abraham-Hicks and said, "But Abraham, we have to face "reality". Abraham said that's the problem. "If you keep facing what you perceive and believe is reality, you will keep getting the same reality". Notice that Abraham said perceive.  That's because you are seeing everything that you have been logically taught to believe and expect.

What we perceive as reality isn't even real. It's all an illusion.

The only things in this world that are real is your thoughts, your emotions, your perception and the fact that you exist. That's it.  Nothing else is real.


Linear thinking also has a lot to do with our manifesting abilities.

Do you do things because they're logical? Logic is fear.

A personal story, that I never realized was the Law of Attraction.

Are your masculine and feminine energies balanced?

I've been adding tons of Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks quotes to my Pinterest pages.