Are you having trouble manifesting your desires?

Do you realize that you're manifesting something in every moment? You have been, since the day that you were born. 

A while back, I heard a very detailed explanation of the Law of Attraction. I suddenly had a huge "ah-ha moment". After many years of studying this, I realized that it's not just your thoughts, emotions and beliefs, but also your agreements.

Many people don't believe in "soul contracts", karma or agreements. Yet I've heard it multiple times, in many detailed explanations. Our soul agreed to experience certain things in this lifetime. Our soul may have agreed to accomplish one thing before we could move on to the next. It even agreed to awaken. You were programmed to awaken. It's not an accident. There are no accidents. 


Here's an example of what I'm talking about from my own experience. Many years ago I decided that I wanted to be a healer. I took a Reiki course and became a Reiki Master. To make a long story short, nothing really worked out. Of course I blamed myself for numerous reasons and I was extremely disappointed.

Now fast forward to when I learned to ASK my own guidance. One day I was asking questions and one of them was, "Am I supposed to be a healer?" No. This explains why Reiki never worked out. It was the "human me" who made that decision. It was not part of my agreement. I could have chosen to do it anyway, because I do have free will, but it may have always been a challenge.

Your higher self KNOWS what you agreed to do. You and your higher self are not separate. It's constantly guiding you, if you pay attention. This is why you must be aligned. When you know all of this, manifesting becomes so much easier.

How many times have you heard, "Let go of the control"? We were never taught to just be happy, be patient and allow things to fall into place. We were never taught to really trust those "gut feelings" and our intuition. No one ever taught us that we had guidance.

I've also heard this numerous times lately. Your 3D mind cannot possibly imagine all of the infinite possibilities available to you. Everything that we see and know is history. It has already been created. We all need to stop expecting things to look a certain way and show up in a certain way or we will only re-create the same history over and over.

 "Why would you assume that where you are now is not perfectly where you need to be?"  ~Bashar ~ 

You're never doing anything wrong. What you're doing is being the logical "human". You're trying to manifest what the "human" believes that it needs and what the "human" expects it to look like.

You and your higher self must be a team, working together. The Universe doesn't make things go wrong to punish you. It's always trying to SHOW you something. 

An Example of Alignment

This was a huge ah-ha moment for me.

Our son decided to open his own business, which I thought was a great idea. The problem was that he quit his job first. He had a truck that he loved and now there was no money coming in. As parents often do, because we love him, we offered to make his truck payment of almost $600 a month, until he got the business going. I totally ignored the fact that something didn't FEEL right.

A few months later, that "good deed" was turning into chaos. Everything suddenly began to go "wrong". I don't think that I actually said it, but this is the point where we often say "What did I do to deserve this?" It just didn't make sense.

So, being a logical "human", I decided that it was up to me to FIX things and go back to work for a while. Yet, that idea felt really terrible.

Then I remembered that "Nothing ever needs to be FIXED. Nothing is broken". About that same time I also heard:

"I am not going to take responsibility for where other people are.... no matter who they are... no matter how related they think that they are to me." 

The "light bulb" went on. I was being SHOWN. I wasn't allowing him to have his own experience . I knew that it didn't FEEL right, but I ignored it.

I completely focused on paying attention and feeling better. About 3 weeks later, the Universe helped us out and something totally unexpected happened. Someone suddenly showed up and offered our son thousands more for his truck than he owed. It was an offer that even he couldn't refuse. 

All I had to do was realize my "wrong turn". The Universe took care of it, almost like magic. People don't just show up like that, offering thousands more for a truck. 

I could actually add more to this story, but it would take way too long. Within a matter of about 7 weeks a few other things happened. In the end we not only got out of paying for his truck, but I manifested another $600 each month. I definitely won't be going back to work.

Manifest By Feeling Better

If you notice, in the story above, I didn't manifest physical money. I manifested the freedom from the truck payment. This is why you should never EXPECT things to happen in a certain way. The Universe can work in mysterious ways.

You simply have to feel better.  Where do you feel from?  It's not your head. You have to live from the heart. I went against that in the story above. It didn't feel right from the very beginning, but I was afraid that our son would get upset. Then, when the fear set in, I thought that I had to FIX everything.

The only things in this world that are real is your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs and the fact that you exist. That's it.  Nothing else is real.


Get out of those "soul contracts" and agreements by KNOWING who you really are.

Do you do things because they're logical? Logic is fear.