Mind Blowing

This may be the most mind blowing idea that has ever popped into my head. It all began after my son said something to me, that was exactly the same as my husband said. It was exactly the same words and the same tone of voice. I woke up this morning with this crazy idea. I admit that it's insane, but my guidance gives me truth on all of it. Could my son and my husband be the same soul? Yes.

The first thing to remember is that everything is energy. If you don't know that, than you may want to read the basics of quantum physics.

How many times have you heard the word "fractals" when it relates to the soul? Our souls are fractals of Source energy. But your own soul can also be a fractal. I actually did ASK a long time ago, if there were other fractals of my soul. I got that there are 7 fractals of my soul, including myself. 

I was just reminded of the name Adonai, that I wrote about on my aliens page. There is one fractal of "me" that is part of the Adonai collective. Another fractal is Pleiadian. This is why we are multi-dimensional. This is why our souls are so experienced, wise and knowledgeable.

This is also part of KNOWING and understanding who you really are.

It Gets More Mind Blowing

Getting back to my son and my husband. The thought that they were the same soul was totally crazy. Could this be possible? My son is adopted and he's bi-racial. My husband is white with an American Indian heritage. Yet the more that I think about it, they are very much alike, in many ways. Both have a very nonchalant attitude towards life and both are very stubborn.

Now this is another mind blowing part. Something made me ask if my sister and I had the same soul and I got a yes. Now she and I are very different and we were never very close. We do resemble each other in looks, but she "wears her heart on her sleeve", almost to a fault. Especially during this whole Coronavirus thing. I'm trying to explain balance to her, so that she stops worrying about everyone else. She needs a little more self love or she's going to drive herself crazy.

On the other hand, I'd say that I have always been a nice person, a caring person, but much more balanced than she is. I used to worry a lot, but my worry was closer to home. It was more about family, not the entire planet.

Now this is even more mind blowing. Our mother, is also the same soul. No wonder I look in the mirror and see her. In fact, I did talk to my sister a few weeks ago and she asked if I see our mom when I look in the mirror.

Now our mother was very different. She was loving and caring, but she could also be judgmental. Not to anyone's face, but there were many, many people that she was not fond of. Don't get me wrong, I loved my mother, but she could hold a grudge. She was also very resentful that my father passed away and left her alone for 20 years.

So there may be personality traits that are similar or maybe a physical resemblance to another fractal of your soul, but this doesn't mean that ALL of your relatives are fractals of the same soul. For example, my husband has 4 fractals, but he and our son are the only "human" fractals. 

You may wonder how I know all of this. I've learned how to ASK my own guidance and get the answers.  Now I know what Jesus meant when he said, "Ask and you shall receive". He wasn't talking about stuff or even forgiveness. He was talking about information. So much mind blowing information.

We can all do this, because we all have innate intelligence, which is our higher self.

You Really Do Have All of the Answers