Money is just energy, just like everything else. It has no value at all, except for the value that you give it.  A $1 bill is no more valuable than a $1000 bill? Both contain the exact same subatomic particles. They're exactly the same energy, except in your own mind. It's the label that you put on them. Unfortunately, that label or attachment to it, has the power to bring you happiness, sadness, frustration and sometimes anger.

We add resistance by labeling things. Labels are judgements. By saying that something is more valuable, more important or better than, we have labeled it. When we desperately need something, we add even more resistance. This applies to everything in our lives.

It's unfortunate, but we seem to have this money or abundance concept somewhat confused. Go back to the very beginning. Everything is energy and energy flows. There is no-thing that is not energy. What goes out must be returned with a like (exact) vibration and frequency.  It's a constant flow and this is why we have to completely understand the Law of Attraction.

This is also where you really have to FEEL into it. After years and years of working on myself I realized that I could not say "I love money" without a tiny little twinge of uneasiness. When I really payed close attention, I could honestly FEEL it.  I guess that somewhere there is still that belief that "wanting too much money is greedy". 

Another thing that many don't think about, is that as we spend money which is just energy, it's returned to us immediately. It may not be in the form of dollar bills, but it is returned. We are much more abundant than we believe. For example, when you pay a utility bill, it's returned to you immediately as the electric current that runs through your house or the clean water that comes out of your faucets. When you go to the grocery store it is returned to you again. It's food, nutrients, something to curb those hunger pains. Instead of showing gratitude for the exchange, many can only see it as money disappearing. 

It's really not even about the money at all. It's about the feeling that it brings, the vibration and the frequency. Feel the joy, the relief, the freedom and the gratitude of having it. 


Your subconscious mind was designed to protect you. When you're in fear, doubt and desperation, your subconscious mind will do everything that it can to save you from the "enemy". Your mind will begin to push the enemy away, by filtering out the possibilities that will allow it to come into your existence. It's unfortunate, but many of us treat money as an enemy because of what we were taught. We were never taught to love money. In fact just the other day someone said, "Money is the root of all evil". Deep inside I really wanted to scream, "Don't you realize that's total crap?", but I didn't. Unfortunately this is what we were taught. We were also taught to fear that it will run out, that it's hard to get, that there's never enough and to complain about paying our bills. When you complain about anything you're making yourself a victim.


Do you realize that saving is technically hoarding? What are you actually saying when you cringe at price tags and refuse to pay the high price? Think about that. It's all based on fear. The fear of running out. 

I'm not telling you to take all of your savings out of the bank. But WHY are you afraid to spend it? That's the question that you should ask. Everything that you do should be out of love. Save it because you love it. It allows you to do and buy what brings you joy.

Beliefs About Money

There are so many people who are self-sabotaging themselves with their beliefs about money. They believe that they need to protect it. They blame their problems on it. They believe that a job is their only source of income and they need to work really hard to get it. They believe that it will buy their happiness. People are just plain scared and it's really a shame. It's victim mentality.

I'm not an authority on the Bible and I admit it. Where did people get the idea that struggling is more deserving? Where did so many people learn that a mediocre life is OK and we should just accept it? That doesn't even make sense. In fact, I was listening to someone channel the other night. This Ascended Master said that if you're going to settle for just a mediocre life, then you might as well not even be here. 

Many people believe that money isn't spiritual, but let me ask you this. Why should someone go to work every day to a job that isn't fulfilling? When someone earns money doing something that they don't love, is that empowering? Some dislike their jobs so much that they send nothing but negative vibrations out into the collective consciousness all day long. Yet they believe that they should get paid for that.  Misery does not attract anything but more misery.

"Abundance was your God given right, the moment that spirit gave you identity".  ~ St. Germain ~ 

Spiritual people on the other hand are trying to raise the consciousness of the planet with their teaching and with they're knowledge, which doesn't come easily. They love their life and they love their "job". They send love and joy out into the collective consciousness all day long. People who are spiritual usually give and share. Yet, many believe that spiritual people shouldn't get paid. 

In A Course In Miracles, Jesus says that "everything is backwards and upside down."  I completely understand that statement, especially around money. 

We have to understand that abundance of any kind is just energy that flows with little effort. It flows out and makes room for more (of the same vibration) to flow back in. It's really that simple, yet we make everything so hard.

Abundance is energy and you are surrounded by energy in every moment. What type of energy are you allowing?

Recently the subject of old vows and agreements kept coming up for me. I used muscle testing to check and sure enough, I took a vow of poverty in a previous life and it was still in my subconscious mind. That could explain a lot.

Ascension, the reason that we need to understand all of this.