Paul Selig

Paul Selig is a channeler, but he doesn't consider himself a spiritual teacher at all. He refers to himself as a "radio".  He channels a collective or a group of higher dimensional beings who he refers to as simply "The Guides". 

I've known who Paul Selig was for a long time, but I never felt drawn to him. His way of channeling is very different. In his live channelings, he whispers the words that he hears, then he repeats everything again in a louder tone of voice. It's a bit difficult to get used to. I still have a hard time listening to him channel live. He even admits that it's very strange and this may be why I wasn't drawn to him. Then again, it probably wasn't the right time.

"When you know what you need to know, that's when you need to know it." ~Bashar~ 

Paul Selig's Books

It was probably the beginning of 2020, when I felt guided to do "A Course In Miracles". It was OK for a while, but it was way too "religious" sounding for me. It was more of a daily chore, rather than being enjoyable. It's my understanding that "the voice" referred to in ACIM was Yeshua (Jesus), so that would make sense.

Suddenly I had this feeling to stop. Why?  I've come this far, why stop now? Probably because I still had about 215 more days to go.

My guidance KNEW.  It KNEW that I wasn't enjoying it. This is when I was led back to Paul Selig doing an interview on YouTube. This led me to asking about the books.

I'll say it over and over again, there are no coincidences. I was being "led by the hand" to what I needed. In this case a much more enjoyable way of reaching the same result. 


If you read the first page of this site, then you know that it was your soul who made certain agreements for you. To put it very simply, there are certain things that you must KNOW, before you will fully awaken. The human does not make that decision.

Paul's books are a guide to the KNOWING of who you really are, but they are not just information. They are coded, to align and attune you to your own consciousness, your Higher Self.  This is why his guides say:

"You may take a million classes, read a million more texts, but without alignment which is not done as the small (human) self, you will be chasing your tail."

"However, until your alignment is present, you are still playing the game of self-help.


Over the years, I've listened to hundreds of videos and I've read well over 100 books. I've wasted tons of money on what ended up to be just more information.  The guides are right, it was just more self-help and I was just "chasing my tail". Right now, my guidance is suggesting nothing else but these books. No courses, no YouTube videos, just these books.

Do I always listen? Of course not. Yet, almost daily, I'm being SHOWN that other teachers and channelers are not really for my "highest good". Others mean well, but Paul Selig's guides are real.

The Book of Mastery: The Mastery Trilogy: Book I (Paul Selig Series)

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Since these books are an alignment and an attunement for your consciousness, Paul is told not to edit them, except for punctuation. They are complete as dictated and they make total sense. All you really have to do is read. As your body ascends, your consciousness will be aligned to the new frequencies.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't read the first 3 books, which are "I Am The Word", "The Book of Love and Creation" and "The Book of Knowing and Worth". I began with the second series and it didn't really make a difference. Although, I found out today that his first 3 books are on Forbes list of "life changing" books.