Paul Selig

I heard Paul Selig channel many years ago and although I thought that his guides were very informative and interesting, I never felt drawn to him. They say that you are led to what you need to know when the time is right, so I guess the time wasn't right.

Paul doesn't have many channeled videos. Most are interviews, but when you do hear him channel, it's very unique. He whispers the words that he hears, then he repeats them in a louder tone of voice. He also speaks very rapidly. There is no doubt that it takes a while to get used to it. He even admits that it's a bit strange and this may be another reason why I wasn't drawn to him immediately. 

Paul Selig's Books

Paul Selig channels a collective or group of guides who he refers to as simply "the guides". They are actually from the Melchizedek priesthood. 

All of a sudden a few months ago, my guidance led me back to Paul Selig. It was an interview that he did on YouTube. When I see a book or video that's in my face repeatedly, I know that it's time to ASK, if I'm supposed to pay attention.

Listening to that interview led me to asking about his books. As of this writing he has 7 books. (6 in the Mastery Trilogy, one in the newer Beyond the Known Trilogy. Another coming in August). I understand now, why I was led to them.

There are a couple of things that I find very interesting about Paul's books. First, they are each channeled in just a matter of weeks. He is told by the guides that the words should not be edited in any way. They are complete, just as they are given, which is pretty amazing.

Each book is an alignment or an attunement, raising your vibration to fully awaken. They align you to your higher self, true self or divine self, however you choose to say it.  This helps in the merging or the ascension process. These books are also coded, which changes your DNA structure. The guides say:

"You may take a million classes, read a million more texts, but without alignment which is not done as the small self, you will be chasing your tail."

"However, until your alignment is present, you are still playing the game of self-help."

Another interesting thing is that Paul is a very "normal" person, with many doubts. He doesn't really want to be a "teacher" or a "guru" in any way.  He doesn't want his name on anything that is not of the highest truth. Because of this he tends to interrupt the guides quite often, with questions about what certain things mean. I've never heard that happen before. He questions if certain things should even be said. I really think that this is why I trust him and the guides completely.

There are MANY channelers out there right now who are saying that you must KNOW who you really are. These books are a guide to your KNOWING. 

I often ask if certain things have raised my vibration and "existence". Both have been increasing rapidly. Many will say, "Yeah right, a book is going to attune you"? If we are energy and all energy is connected, then the guides ARE completely aware of you reading the book.

The Book of Mastery: The Mastery Trilogy: Book I (Paul Selig Series)

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