A Personal Story

This is a personal story, showing how the Law of Attraction works.  This was many, many years ago and at the time, I called it coincidence, but now I know that it was a perfect set-up by the Universe.

We had tried and tried to get pregnant, but nothing was happening.  We had both been to doctors, spent tons of money and had pretty much decided that it wasn't meant to be.  We starting talking about adoption, but both of us were great procrastinators when it came to something like that.  We talked about it, but when it came down to actually taking that first step, we would put it off.  The holidays were coming up and we just kept procrastinating.

In January of 1989, something was telling me to do it...NOW.   We decided that we would at least go down and see what was involved.  Even though we didn't really have the money, we signed up for 6 weeks of parenting classes, with a number of other couples.

There was tons of paperwork, tons of questions. We were informed that it may be months, possibly a year or two, before we got the call.  It really depended on the situation.  Some people wanted ready made families and were willing to adopt siblings, some people wanted a single, older child.  I really had my heart set on a baby, but I was willing to take a toddler if necessary.  Since I really wanted a young child, we planned on waiting for a long time.

By the second class, they were asking us if we were willing to take a bi-racial baby.  We told them that we didn't care what race it was.  Black, Chinese, Japanese, we just wanted a healthy baby.  I was curious why they only asked us.  Maybe other couples had a problem with a child of a different race.  Maybe they all wanted older children.  I honestly had no idea.

By the next class, they were asking us if we would consider a cocaine baby.  Now I'll admit, that scared me a little, but we said that we would consider it.  Again, we were the only ones that they asked.  We finished the classes and waited.

Eight weeks later, the phone rang at 8 a.m..  It was the adoption agency.  They asked if we would consider a bi-racial, 4 month old, baby boy.  The problem was that he was a cocaine baby.  He had actually been born just a few weeks before our first trip to the adoption agency, which explains the questions during those first two classes.  I was so excited that I didn't know what to do first.  I told them that I would call my husband and get back to them.  I had no doubt that we would take him.  We did and he's been the joy of our life.  I'm so grateful that I followed my heart and my intuition.

Something told us to go down to that adoption agency when we did.  We could have easily ignored it and put it off for months or even years, but something gave us, especially me, a really hard push.  We didn't know it at the time, but he was our son, the minute we walked in that door. 

Even though I didn't have a clue about the Law of Attraction at the time, it was definitely the work of the Universe.  It was completely and totally set up to fall right into place.  The Universe knew what we wanted.  I always called it coincidence or destiny, but it was the Law of Attraction at work.

I mentioned that we didn't really have the money.  Luckily it was split into payments, so we made the first few with no problem.  Then while we were waiting, we played the lottery a couple of times for $2.  We won exactly what we needed to make the final payment.

Our baby, 30 years ago.

I'm sure that we all have a personal story like this, if we really think about it.   Things like this are definitely meant to be.  We just have to trust the Universe to bring it into our lives in the right place and the right time.

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