It's not the words of a prayer that are important. It's the vibration that determines the results. It's the Law of Attraction at work.

There may be a lot of people that won't like this page at all, but allow me to explain. Prayers and how we say them show how ingrained we are with what we have been taught. Many things that we say in prayers are purely out of habit.

It's unfortunate, but millions of people were taught that God is a being. Many picture God as this grand being that resides in Heaven, but God is not a being of any kind. God is the Source ENERGY that created everything that exists. It's the energy that created every tiny ant, every blade of grass, every plant, animal and being in the Universe. Even the space that you perceive as empty, is the energy of God or Source. By the way, people aren't denying God when they use the word Source, they just feel more comfortable with it.

I heard something the other day that I thought was beautiful:

The unconditional love of God is the center of every atom.

Personally, I've questioned God my entire life. When my prayers weren't answered I often doubted that there was a God. Now I KNOW. There is absolutely no question in my mind that God exists, but not as a BEING.

Why Aren't Prayers Answered

Every "prayer" that you say is answered. The problem is the vibration of that prayer. All energy has a vibration and it will be matched with perfection.

Let's say that you begin a prayer with the word "please". Many of us do that and it's mostly out of habit. But what vibration is the word "please" sending out?  It's needy, it's usually followed by something that you're lacking, something that you don't have. Lack is a very low vibration. The Law of Attraction says that your vibration is mirrored. You then receive an exact match to your vibration, no mistakes. So what do you get in return when you say "please"? More lack.

Now what would you get if you began a prayer with, "Thank you God"?  You are thankful for what you already have. Your vibration is gratitude and appreciation rather than lack. In return, you would get more to be thankful for.

Just saying "Thank you" without being in the form of a prayer is enough. Just yesterday alone, I remember saying "Thank you" for a really close parking place, for the groceries that I bought, for the money to pay a bill and for the bill itself. That bill was for a service, that I was receiving in return. 

Here's something that I didn't realize for a very long time. If you say prayers, praying for protection for yourself or someone else, it's the vibration of worry and concern. Your vibration is saying, "Something could go wrong and they need protection". When you worry about someone or something it can actually cause more chaos. It may cause something to happen that may not have happened if you hadn't been sending out the vibration of fear.

I've learned that everything is always in perfect order, there are no mistakes. I no longer worry about anyone or anything and my life is much calmer. 

Most people are searching for help and seeking answers outside of themselves. That's not where they are. Everything is within you. What you attract is within you. The answers are within you. Read the page titled Who You Really Are. There is nothing outside of you. It's all an illusion that you are creating.

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