Do you believe that everything you observe around you is "reality"?  Do you believe that this is how it has to be?  Did you know that the eyes only see what the mind is prepared to comprehend?  

Very simply put, your mind and body were designed for this human experience. Combined with your senses of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell, you are seeing what the entire collective consciousness has already created. Each one of us has taken the energies of the Universe and created what we each believe is possible.  It's the density of the Earth that makes everything appear real and solid, but an atom is actually 99.99999% empty space. It's all an illusion.

There is really nothing out there but energy. Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr, among others, proved that everything is energy and vibration in the early 1930's.

The only things in this world that are real is your thoughts, your emotions, your perception and the fact that you exist. NOTHING else is real because it's all just an illusion .

The Truth About Reality

It's extremely rare to find a Bashar video that is longer than 10 or 12 minutes, but I just found his FULL explanation of reality, so this part of the page is totally new. These are the key points that he made.

EVERYTHING exists here and now. There is only one moment in creation. What you call different moments are actually the same moment from different points of view. This is why you have to live in the NOW, because NOW is the only moment that actually exists. 

As humans, we have created an experience that we call linear space/time, but that doesn't mean that things actually happen in sequence.

He used TV channels as an analogy. When you change the channel from a program on Channel 2 to a different program on Channel 4, it doesn't mean that channel 2 no longer exists.  It still exists at the same time and it's still available if you decide to go back. Both programs are being broadcast simultaneously, but you only perceive (see) one of them at a time. Each channel has a unique frequency and the channel is the reality of that frequency.

The same idea can apply to films. Even though you perceive the story going from moment, to moment, to moment, it's really just an illusion, created when it's run through a projector.  If you would roll out the film strip, you could view dozens of frames independently of the other, yet each frame exists simultaneously. In a way this is how physical reality works. You are the projector.

So then what is time? Time is just an illusion. It's a space/time experience and it's the product of your consciousness shifting from one parallel reality to another, to another, to another. This occurs billions of time per second. This creates the illusion of space, of movement and time. 

Your consciousness holds the highest possible frequency, unique to you, in any given moment.

All parallel realities exist at once. They are actually frozen, timeless snapshots.  This  means that past, present and future all exist simultaneously. You are literally becoming a new person, a new consciousness in every single moment, so you are NOT your past. In each now moment you literally have a new past, a new future and a new history. 

So then what our consciousness does, on a moment to moment basis, is dial in the frequency that is very similar to the one before and the one before that, based on what we expect. This is why we need to be more consciously aware of the frequency so that we can dial into a new parallel reality and get out of autopilot.

This explains why YOU are the only one who can change your reality. You must see yourself and perceive yourself differently.

"You must be in the highest excitement, as much as possible, to the best of your ability, with no expectations of the outcome."

When Bashar says "highest excitement" he doesn't mean jumping for joy. He means your best choice, your best feeling experience, in the moment.

You can't possibly imagine EVERYTHING that exists in all parallel realities. When you expect something to be a certain way, you have just eliminated all of those realities that don't match your expectations. You don't know ALL possibilities. You only KNOW what you have seen, heard about or experienced.

Even More Mind-Blowing

I heard another video, days later, from someone totally different. They basically said the same thing, with more emphasis on what we perceive as movement.

They said that you aren't moving at all. You are energy and there is nothing but energy surrounding you. The images created in your own mind are what causes the sensation of movement. You're not actually going anywhere. In other words, as you believe or perceive yourself "walking" across a rug, it's just the images of the rug that are changing, causing the illusion. When you get on an airplane, you're not going anywhere. You're "traveling" through images or timelines in your own mind.

So technically you're "time traveling" in every moment. Technically you can't go back to a past moment either, because you're now a different person, holding a different frequency than you were when that moment occurred. 

You are ALWAYS in vibrational alignment, holding the frequency, of the beliefs that you have about yourself, who you believe that you should be and how you believe that things should look.

Don't feel bad if you still have questions about reality. I still come up with many myself.  It takes time to wrap your head around it. BUT it does explain why there's nothing to fear.  

One of my questions was about COVID-19. Is it real or not? The answer that I get from my guidance is yes and no. If your body and your 5 senses were designed to perceive these images as real, then it's real. It was planned as part of the "collective storyline" to witness or experience it, as reality. If it was part of your agreement to get it, then you may get it and it would be very REAL. BUT, unless you chose it as an "exit point", you would survive. So then NOTHING is actually "real", except to the human experience.

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