What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing.  It is the life force energy that energizes all living things. It belongs to everyone and can be drawn upon by anyone. It is easy to learn and it can be used on yourself, others, plants and animals. Remember that everything is energy.  Your thoughts, emotions, you....everything.....every aspect of your life.

A Brief History

There are actually two versions of the history of Reiki. An eastern version and a western version. There are many differences in the story, but most do agree that in the mid 1800's, Dr. Mikao Usui was the dean or teacher in a small University in Kyoto, Japan. It was most likely Buddist, but many say that it was Christian. When asked by the students, how Jesus did what he did, Dr. Usui told them that he definitely believed, but he didn't actually know how Jesus did it. This sent him on his journey.

After many years of travel, study and meditating with monks. The monks made him realize that his enlightenment would be given to him if he meditated and fasted for 21 days. He went to Mt. Kurama, which was considered a very holy mountain in Japan.  He climbed the mountain and gathered 21 stones to keep track of the days.  He threw away one stone at the dawn of each new day.  After 20 days of fasting, meditating, chanting and praying, nothing had happened.   On the morning of the 21st day, just before sunrise, he saw a bright light.   At first, he was afraid, but then he realized that this may actually be the reason that he had come here.  Dr. Usui calmed himself and focused on the light as it came towards him.  As the light got closer and closer he realized that the light was a consciousness that wanted to communicate with him.  It hit him right in the center of the forehead (the third eye) and knocked him unconscious. In this state he saw colored bubbles filled with symbols. He studied them and became attuned to their energy.  When he came back to consciousness he realized that he had the answers that he had been searching for all these years.

His first healing was a little girl with a severe toothache.  He asked her permission and then cupped her face in his hands.  Minutes later, the pain and swelling had disappeared and the toothache was gone.  He returned to the monastery and the Abbott was suffering from an acute case of arthritis.  Again, he layed his hands on the Abbott's body and the pain began to disappear.

Dr. Usui spent the next 7 years, in the poor part of Kyoto, doing his healings.  He healed many of the beggars, so that they could return to work and stop living on the streets.  After a while, he discovered that many of the beggars that he had healed, were back.  He asked why.  He found that they were thrilled with his healing, at first.  They had found jobs in the city and they were prosperous for a while.  Unfortunately, many of them also found that living on the streets was easier.  Dr. Usui realized that what the monks had told him, may be true.  It may be more important to heal the spirit, than to heal the body.

He went back into meditation and realized that he had healed the beggars bodies, but he hadn't taught them gratitude.  He had not taught them the value of what he had done for them.  This is where the idea of charging for services came in.


Many people will tell you that you must go through at least 3 separate levels, of very expensive training to become a Master.   It can also takes many months, or years, depending on the training. They will tell you that the attunement can only be passed down from another Master.

First of all, who attuned Dr. Usui?   He was on a mountain, by himself. 

Just like everything else, the power is within you.  You attune yourself to the power of the Universe.

An Inexpensive Course

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