No More Self-Help

If you've been reading and listening to self-help material for years, then this page may be for you. 

I'm not saying that self help material isn't needed, especially in the beginning, but many of us are way past that. Many have already spent way too much money and time on it. If you want to fully awaken, then that's not what you need.

To make a long story short, my guidance was leading me somewhere again, that didn't make any logical sense. In the end, I was led to making a change on the Paul Selig page. That's when I re-read this quote from his guides.

"You may take a million classes, read a million more texts, but without alignment which is not done as the small self, you will be chasing your tail."

"However, until your alignment is present, you are still playing the game of self-help."

As I read it again, it hit me. This is where my guidance was leading me. It was like an entire puzzle came together. We don't need anymore self-help. We really ARE "chasing our tails".

Self-Help Is Old News

This is what many don't understand. Ascension is preparing or changing the body. The downloads coming in, are preparing the body to HOLD the higher vibrations and higher frequencies, but it's not going to awaken anyone. 

Everyone on the planet is receiving these downloads, but a huge part of the population are completely unaware that anything "different" is happening. They just believe that Earth is "going to hell in a hand-basket".

So awakening is totally different from ascension. Awakening is part of your soul's plan. It's the awareness of who you really are. It's the KNOWING that something Divine or extraordinary is happening.

So there are many who are awakening, but only about 3% are fully awakened.

This explains what Archangel Metatron said about a year ago.

"You must commit to your connection with the Divine and most of you are not doing that. Only a few are catching tiny glimpses of 5D"

At the time, it was just something else that I didn't understand, but now I do.  In other words, you can be the happiest, most loving person on the planet, but it doesn't mean that you're fully awakened or that you exist in a 5th dimensional state of being.

This also explains why I was guided to Paul Selig's books. They are completely channeled by his guides, coded to align or connect you with your Higher/Divine Self. 

Full Awakening

In order to fully awaken, you must learn to pay attention to your own guidance, which is your Higher/Divine Self. Full awakening is the merging of the "human self" and the Higher Self.  You're not going to merge until you TRUST it.

This is why Metatron said, "You must commit to your connection". 

Why Paul Selig's guides say: "The human self alone, will never fully awaken."

Saint-Germain said, "The human does not become realized." (Realized is full awakening.)

Kryon said: "There must be a marriage" between the human and the Higher Self.

The biggest lie that we have ever been told is that we are separate from our Higher Self. This is why you have intuition, gut feelings and that inner KNOWING. This is how you are constantly being SHOWN.

It's why you must know who you really are. Don't just believe it, KNOW it. Your soul agreed to your awakening, prior to birth. When you KNOW what you agreed to KNOW, it will all just come to you. 

The bottom line is that everyone is doing self-help work, shadow work, inner child work, trying to raise their vibration and none of it is really necessary. Even meditation is unnecessary, unless you enjoy it.

There should be no effort in this. We're making it way too hard. All effort does is hold the vibration of "something is wrong with me". Simply relax and pay attention to your own inner guidance. It will show you the way.

Over the past few years, my guidance has led me to delete about 10 pages of this site along with all of my old blog posts. Believe me, I made absolutely sure that I was "receiving the message" correctly before I did it. That's a lot of hard work. But I get it now. It was unnecessary. It was just more information that wasn't needed. The message is "Keep it simple".

Everyone is trying to make a living, being of service, which is fine. I am too. But now, when I ask my Higher Self if I should take this course, read this book, listen to this video, do this meditation....most of the time I get "No".