No More Self-Help

If you've been reading and listening to self-help material for years, then this page may be for you. 

I'm not saying that it's never needed. I think that we all needed some of it, especially in the beginning, but many of us are way past that. Many have already spent way too much money and time on that stuff. If you want to fully awaken, then that's not what you need.

To make a long story short, this page came about when my guidance was leading me somewhere that didn't make logical sense at the time. Finally, one thing led to another and I was making a small change on the Paul Selig page. That's when I re-read this quote from his guides.

"You may take a million classes, read a million more texts, but without alignment which is not done as the small self, you will be chasing your tail."

"However, until your alignment is present, you are still playing the game of self-help."

As I read it again, it hit me. This is where my guidance was leading me. It was like another puzzle came together. Most of us don't need anymore self-help. 

Self-Help Is Old News

This is what many don't understand. Ascension is preparing and changing the body. These downloads coming in, are preparing it to HOLD the higher vibrations and frequencies or it would be an energy overload for our system. It's not going to awaken anyone.

Awakening is totally different. Awakening is part of your soul's plan. It's much more than just noticing that something crazy is going on. It's the knowing of who you really are. It's the KNOWING that this is actually part of a much bigger "Divine Plan".

There are also many who are awakening, but only about 3% are fully awakened.

This explains what Archangel Metatron said through a channeler over a year ago.

"You must commit to your connection with the Divine and most of you are not doing that. "

At the time, that statement was just another thing that I questioned, but now I get it. 

This also explains why I was guided to Paul Selig's books. They are unedited transcripts from his guides. Only punctuation was added, because the words are coded to align or connect with your Higher/Divine Self. 

Full Awakening

Your higher self is pure unconditional love. It holds no fear, no doubt and no worry. It doesn't judge or separate. It only KNOWS.

All emotions come from "the human" part of you. What no one tells you is that the "human" part of you does not manifest.  It mostly pushes things away with these old limiting beliefs and emotions.

For me, the most valuable thing that Paul's guides teach is that fear is a LIE. This applies to anything. Many teachers will tell you that you MUST do certain things in order to awaken. If you BELIEVE that you must or you have to, for any reason, then it's based on fear (or doubt). Anything based on fear is a LIE. 

So, you can do self-help until you're blue in the face, but if it's based on any fear or doubt at all, then it's a LIE. Do what feels right for you, not what someone else tells you that you must do.

Full awakening is the merging of the "human self" and the Higher Self.  It doesn't mean that you're going to change. Simply ALLOW your Higher Self to guide you to what you personally need. Relax and let go of everything that no longer serves you.

This is why Metatron said, "You must commit to your connection". 

Why Paul Selig's guides say: "The human self alone, will never fully awaken."

Kryon said: "There must be a marriage" between the human and the Higher Self.

It's why knowing who you really are is so important. Don't just believe it, KNOW it. Your soul agreed to your awakening, prior to birth. When you KNOW what you agreed to KNOW, it will just come to you. Your Higher Self will manifest it.

The bottom line is that everyone is doing all of this self-help work and most of it is unnecessary. If you enjoy it then that's fine, but it's mostly bull.

We make it way too hard, because we've been taught that everything takes effort. Effort is only sending out the message, "something is wrong with me". Simply let go and pay attention to your own guidance. It will show you the way, although it may not always make sense at the time.

Over the past few years, my guidance has led me to delete about 10 pages of this site along with all of my old blog posts. Believe me, I made absolutely sure that I was "receiving the message" correctly before I hit delete. That's a lot of work. But now I get it. It was just more information that was unnecessary. 

Everyone is trying to make a living, being of service, which is fine. I am too. But now, when I ask my Higher Self if I should take a course, buy this book, listen to this video, do this meditation, I usually get a no. Because it's not necessary. The only thing that I've been guided to read in the past year was the last Paul Selig book.