No More Self-Help

If you've been reading and listening to self-help material for years, then this page may be for you. 

I'm not saying that it's not needed, especially in the beginning, but many of us are way past all of that. If you want to fully awaken, then that's not what you want anymore.

I was just making a change on my Paul Selig page, where I wrote a quote from his guides that said:

"You may take a million classes, read a million more texts, but without alignment which is not done as the small self, you will be chasing your tail."

"However, until your alignment is present, you are still playing the game of self-help."

As I read the quote again, it hit me. Many of us have been clearing blocks for years. We know that everything is energy. We know how the Law of Attraction works. We don't need anymore self-help, we need to fully awaken.

How You Are Being Guided

How this came about is not that important, but it shows how guidance works. For me it's been an ongoing string of ah-ha moments, which began when I learned a simple technique, to get answers from my own Higher self. You really do have all of the answers. I promise you that they are NOT outside of you. 

One day I had a strong feeling that I should delete a specific page from this site. So I asked. Is this what I'm supposed to do? Yes. It made no sense, but I've learned to trust. Somehow, some way it will always make sense later on.

For some reason I also asked if I needed to make any other changes. As soon as I asked, I knew that I shouldn't have. In the end, 6 or 7 pages were gone. At first, I didn't understand. I wanted to fight it, but I've come to the conclusion that my Higher self has totally taken over this website. My control is gone. I've learned to just go with the flow.

So then one thing led to another and I was back on the Paul Selig page, seeing that quote again and there was a reason for all of this.

Self-Help Is Old News

This is when it hit me. Anyone who has been studying this for any length of time, doesn't need anymore "self-help".

I've probably wasted thousands of dollars on that stuff. I've spent hour after hour listening to videos and reading books, but it's just more INFORMATION. Many of us already know this stuff. Not to mention that many of the old 3D teachings don't work anymore.

Now I understand why my guidance was telling me to delete those pages. They weren't necessary. They were just more information. This isn't supposed to be hard, so let's make it simple.

It Really Is Simple

The first thing that everyone needs to do, in order to fully awaken, is learn how to pay attention to your own guidance. Why? Because awakening is the merging of the "human self" and the Higher/Divine self. Your guidance IS your Higher self. You're not going to merge until you pay attention and TRUST it.

You are constantly being SHOWN. Use your intuition, your gut feelings, your KNOWING. Pay attention to ideas that just pop into your head. Pay attention to repetitions. ASK questions. I talk to my guidance all day long.

Next, KNOW who you really are. Don't just believe it, KNOW it. You and your Higher/Divine self are not separate. 

Begin to read Paul Selig's books. I'm not trying to make a commission on the books. They are an alignment, an attunement, the merging and the KNOWING.

That's it, 3 steps.


I often ask my guidance, where I am as far as 3D, 4D or 5D. For many years, my answer was always 3D. So I would read another self-help book. My answer was still 3D. I'd buy another $100 course and the answer was still 3D. I was getting nowhere.

After being guided to Paul's books, my answer is finally 5D.  Those books got me there.

But....this is what many don't understand. Ascension is preparing the body. These are the downloads coming in and you really have no control over it. Your body can only handle the energy that it's prepared to handle at this time. This is why many will say that they don't feel any different.

We also have to remember that we signed up for this Earth. It's going to be lifetimes before 7.8 billion humans become awakened or even aware, so we still have to deal with everyone and everything that's going on outside.

It's also your subconscious mind, which doesn't like change. It's programmed for 3D and it won't change overnight. This is why you have to stop listening to it and follow your guidance.


Of course if you're still saying, "My life sucks", "I don't deserve it" and you spend your life in fear, worry and doubt, then it's not going to work. You probably do need more self-help along with a serious practice of self love.