Self Love

Self love is probably the most important thing to do when it comes to living a life filled with joy. It's unfortunate, but I think that most people have many negative beliefs about themselves. They set too many requirements and they beat themselves up over what they perceive as "mistakes".

Very recently the Pleiadians said:

Humans are "imperfectly perfect" and that's exactly the way that you're supposed to be.  That's why we love and honor you.

Since 2020 began I heard something else that surprised me. Most of us have heard that "it's better to give than to receive".  That's not necessarily true for all of us. Many of us came to learn to receive, because we already give too much.

Self love is a balanced love, with some set boundaries. You weren't put on this Earth to take care of everyone else. Everyone is on their own journey. Give yourself time to enjoy life, to relax and have some fun. There is no doubt that you should love and care for others, but not to the extent that you don't have time for yourself.

Self love means to appreciate YOU. Relax and BE human. KNOW who you really are. That's a tough job all by itself. People seem to actually be going deeper into the belief that they're doing something wrong. You have never done anything "wrong".


This was another surprise to me. I was reading a book called, Love and a Map to the Unaltered Soul by Tina Louise Spalding. It was the channeled words from her guides. They say that we are "looking for love in all the wrong places". The love of your life should actually be YOU.

This is an extremely shortened version, but the basic idea is that YOU, as a soul, made ALL of the decisions before you came into your human body. You specifically chose your parents because they would provide the life and the challenges that you wanted to experience. You knew exactly what you were getting into. You knew about the possible outcomes. It was YOUR choice to be born. You could have changed your mind and this explains miscarriage, still births and other possible ways of leaving. But you're here, you wanted the chance to experience this human life

Since birth, it's your beliefs about yourself that have created who you are. Most of those "beliefs" don't even belong to you. Most of them came from society, religion, parents and teachers. It's their beliefs. Ask yourself, "Is it really true or did someone else tell me that?" 

Lisa Nichols is a great example of this.  Have you ever listened to her speak?  One of her teachers told her to never, ever speak in public.  She is now one of the greatest speakers on the planet.  In fact, I usually end up in tears after hearing her, because she's such a great storyteller. What if she had listened to that teacher? Thank goodness she had enough self love and determination to prove that teacher wrong.

Appreciate and be grateful for who you are right now. Everything that has happened in your life has happened for a reason. Everything has made you who you are. Many things have probably made you stronger. Love yourself first and you will attract more love. It's your vibration that creates your reality. 

You are always in alignment with who and what you BELIEVE you are.

Self Love and Ascension

Simply put, with ascension you are gradually merging with your own consciousness. That part of you is PURE unconditional love. So then how can you possibly merge if you don't even like your human self? How can you reach that 5th or 6th dimensional state of consciousness, if you're beating yourself up all the time?  

Your body will function in the dimension that it vibrates at.

Self love must come first. This will lead you to the highest possible state of BEing or state of consciousness. It will eventually allow you to stay in that high vibration most of the time.  

Self love will also help with manifesting. Do you realize that when you don't like yourself, you're basically telling the Universe that you don't respect yourself enough to live a life that's abundant. You're vibration is saying that you don't deserve it.

You must also love yourself before you commit to any relationships. You should never expect love from someone else to "fill the void". Love yourself first and the relationship will flow. You won't be "desperate" for their love, when you're already filled with love.

You Are Important

Realize that YOU are important.  YOU are enough. No one is better than you.  No one deserves to be on this planet more than you.

Begin to get out of your head, because your subconscious mind LIES all day long. Live from the heart, because that's where your real truth is.

Self love can also have a very positive effect on your health. Do you know that heart disease comes from a closed heart?  I've read about many medical miracles that occurred when people just began a new program of self love. 

Source energy IS the frequency of unconditional love. You can never do anything wrong.  That's what unconditional means. Begin to love yourself and take care of yourself. Send out the vibration of " I AM WORTHY", because you are.

Only YOU are responsible for YOU.  


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