Separation - Our Biggest Downfall

Did you know that our biggest downfall as humans has been separation? We have been taught to separate ourselves from everything. When you know who you really are then that will begin to disappear.

In this case separation does not mean "staying away from". Sometimes it's wise to stay away from certain things, like a huge grizzly bear or a dark alley, but that's using discernment. Our biggest downfall has been to believe that we are separate from other humans and objects which are all Source/God. 

Everything is Source

There is nothing on this planet that is not Source/God energy, because EVERYTHING is energy. Even what we perceive as empty space is waves and particles of energy. The chair in your living room, your house, your car and the person that you don't really like were all created from that ONE energy. The energy of ALL creation. 

Most things also have a consciousness. Anything living, such as people, plants, trees, animals, the Earth and water have a consciousness. This also means that anything made from these things has a consciousness. Even your wooden table, made from a tree, has a consciousness. 

I like what Paul Selig's guides say:

You have been taught to believe that Heaven is up there and you are in the mud.  If SOURCE is all things then SOURCE is the mud too.

You can call this energy God, Source, All That Is, Creator or just plain energy. It doesn't matter, it doesn't care, it's just energy.

How We Separate Things

We label everything. This table is ugly, this flower is beautiful, that woman is mean, he's really nice. All labels are judgements. All labels are limiting. They separate us from the ONE energy that created EVERYTHING. If you choose to call this energy "God", then every time you label something, you are separating yourself from "God". It's OK, this is what we've been taught.

I apologize for this, but it brings up a picture of people going to church to "join with God". They talk about "evil" and things being "wrong". Then the congregation steps out the door and starts judging everything. All of it is separating from God. God is ALL things.

This explains why they say that there is no good, no bad, no right or wrong. Those are judgements that are separating us. What may be "good" for you, may not be "good" for someone else. There are definitely different vibrations and frequencies, some high, some low, but they are variations of the same Source energy.

Even in our current situation, we often say that the virus is "bad", war is "horrible". It was still created from that ONE Source energy. It's just duality or polarity which has to exist within this Earth experience, in order for us to discern or decide what we prefer. It's part of the human "challenge".

This is extremely difficult for humans to do and understand. It's more about REALIZING that everything JUST IS. Doing our best to know that it's all ONE energy, just different vibrations and frequencies.


God just IS.

It also doesn't mean that you have to love everyone or even agree with everyone, just KNOW that everything and everyone was created from the same Source energy. 


Knowing that there is something very different going on in the world is AWARENESS. Knowing who you really are is AWAKENING. Knowing that everything is Source energy, is REALIZATION. This begins the merging of "the human" and the Higher Self, which is the FULL AWAKENING. This doesn't change who you are, it only changes your understanding.

I'm going to add this Bashar quote again.