Skin Crystals

There seems to be many people panicked over skin crystals. For anyone who is worried, you can stop. It's going to eventually happen to everyone. It's actually a wonderful thing.

In case your totally new to what's happening on the planet, you may want to read about ascension. The planet is changing, shifting, rebuilding, which explains all of the devastating natural disasters and the chaos going on. There is actually scientific proof of this if you search the internet. Look up the Schumann Resonance for example and you will see that very high frequencies are coming in and they're changing everything. Not only is the planet changing, but your body is changing. It has to, in order to keep up with this shift. It's been going on for a very long time, although the full effects started 12-12-12. Remember how "the world was going to end"? It actually did, but it was the world as we have known it.

I guess that you could call the skin crystals a byproduct of ascension. Your crystalline light body is being activated or maybe I should say re-activated.  It has been dormant for about 25,000 years. Your crystalline light body is within you, not outside of you. The skin crystals are just showing up on the surface. I've personally been looking for them, but I don't see any yet. One of the symptoms of the crystals coming to the surface is itching. I do have the itching, especially across my shoulders and it's driving me crazy, but no noticeable crystals yet. 

There's a video on YouTube, of Lisa Transcendence Brown showing her skin. She's quite advanced in all of this and her website has great information if you can understand it. She does speak English, but at times it sounds like a totally different language. I've been doing this for a long time and I often listen to her videos a couple of times in order to get it.

Skin Crystals Are Nothing To Worry About

Some people are accusing others of doing drugs, crystal meth in particular. I'm not a doctor so I can't say whether or not crystal meth can do that to your skin, but in general, these skin crystals are part of the ascension process and they have nothing to do with drugs. I've heard others say that they are the salt in your skin coming to the surface. That's not true either. It would be my guess that doctors have no idea either and they will only try to write prescriptions.

Just remember that all of these symptoms are coming from your crystalline light body being activated inside of you.  It's always been there, but the high frequencies are now activating it.

What science has referred to as your 10 "junk strands" of DNA, are also being activated. When this process is over, which will take years, you will have 12 strands of working DNA again. Simply put, about 25,000 years ago they were "unplugged". As of February 2019, I heard someone say that most of us have at least 4 or 5 strands activated at this point.

Our bodies are perfectly capable of handling all of this, although you may not feel that way at times. There are other "symptoms" that you may want to read about on my ascension page.

Do you realize that everything is energy, including your body? You might want to read my page called the Basics of Quantum Physics.

If you were led here because of skin crystals, you might like to start from the beginning and read my Home Page.

You can call all of this spiritual, but it's also scientific and quantum.