I was reading a book yesterday and the chapter was titled "Sleep". I almost skipped over it because that's one area that I excel at.

The book explained how we do much of our spiritual work at night. How we leave our bodies to do much of the work. I actually heard that a long time ago and I did write a brief comment on the ascension page, but this was much more detailed.

Do you know that you can actually choose to work on specific things? Before you go to sleep each night, you can request what you would like to experience. For example, "I wish to be bathed in the energy of self love tonight" or "During sleep tonight I wish to let go of worry." You could also say, "I wish to move the energy of frustration while I sleep". You could do it for anger, doubt or anything that's bothering you.

Fair warning, I tried it last night and it seemed like for 2-3 hours I was only half asleep. I wouldn't advise doing any clearings when you have to get up early the next morning. My mind was racing and I was very aware that I was working on something. I'm not used to all of that "turmoil" while I sleep, so it was a rough night for me.

I don't remember too many specifics, but I do remember seeing words. It was almost like they were on a chalkboard. Then I remember saying, "Get rid of that. It no longer serves me". It was a bit strange for someone who normally sleeps very well.

When I woke up, it took me quite a while to calm my mind down. That was about 3 a.m..  

I finally asked for my mind to relax. This time, I asked for a deep, peaceful sleep and that worked also. I slept for about 5 more hours in a totally quiet sleep.

Keep reading, this gets very interesting.

Something Surprising About Sleep

While I was trying to get my mind calmed down, I used muscle testing to ask about my husband, who hasn't had a good night sleep in years. Now this is weird.

He is definitely not "awakened". I would say that he's aware, but I don't think that he believes it. Most of all he really doesn't care. I learned long ago, when to talk about certain things and when to keep my mouth shut. He just doesn't want to hear it. I often thought that his sleep problems might be related to the Vietnam War and PTSD, but I suddenly had an ah-ha moment. 

I asked if he could possibly be "working" in his sleep?  I got a "Yes". Could he possibly be doing ascension work?  I got a "Yes". That really surprised me, but it got even more interesting. "Wouldn't someone doing ascension work, have to be awakened?" "No". So we think that we have to be awakened in order to be part of ascension, but we don't. I guess everyone is doing the work, they just don't realize it.

Now I was fascinated. Here I am holding this major conversation with my higher self at about 4 a.m.. "Is he leaving his body, roaming around the Universe? Is this why he rarely gets a good nights sleep?" "Yes". He always was a workaholic, so that makes sense. What could he be doing? I can only get "yes" or "no" answers, so I had break it down. I finally asked, "Is he a grid worker?" "Yes". He has no clue what a "grid" is, so I guess he wouldn't be aware of what he's actually doing.

Now I have to convince him to ask for a good night's sleep each night. To ask to "take the night off" so to speak. He's going to think that I'm out of my freakin' mind, but I guess that's nothing new.

This craziness, this clarity of what's going on has been happening for weeks. You may be interested in posts on my What's New page. I recently received much more information on "Why We Don't Get What We Want".