Solar Flash

Lately, I've noticed many YouTube videos talking about a solar flash "event". It seems to be a very popular subject lately. Since I'm very careful who I listen to, I've only watched a couple of them, but they seem to agree that it's nothing to fear at all. If and when it does occur, most will then remember who they are and what they came to do. That actually sounds exciting to me.

A few weeks ago, I also listened to someone who has actually done research on the sun. He said that the sun is not exactly what we believe it to be. Yes, it can send out solar plumes, which are gases, but a solar flash is impossible. OK, now I'm confused.

Is It A Solar Flash or Something Else?

A few years ago, I started listening to Blossom Goodchild who mainly channels the Federation of Light, but occasionally an old Indian named White Cloud.  She's from Australia and she's so funny with her very "Aussie" terms. My guidance gives her a definite "Yes". She's such a sweet lady.

Do you remember the Monoliths that were showing up last year, all over the world? She asked the Federation about them. They told her that they were fake, although there are real ones, that are placed in highly protected places. She asked their purpose. They told her that when enough people have awakened they will be turned on. They will activate 6 giant crystals within the Earth.

Yesterday, I was listening to Blossom's most recent channeling. They had been talking about codes and she wasn't understanding them. They said that everything has a code. That's what makes it what it is. They didn't say it, but I do know that our DNA is also coded.

That conversation led to the giant crystals again. She said that she's picturing huge beams of light going from one crystal to the next, activating all of the crystals around the world. They said, "Yes, you've got it".

All of a sudden, the "light bulb" went on for me. Wouldn't all of those beams cause a huge FLASH of light?  It's just a feeling but maybe it's not going to be a solar flash, at all, but a flash that "turns on" these crystals. 

The Federation said that this will also activate and upgrade all of the codes in EVERYTHING. So then, the outcome that everyone is predicting would be correct. You will remember who you really are and why you're here.

Everything Makes Sense

All of a sudden, everything makes sense.

It explains why I was guided to the Paul Selig books. They've prepared me for anything that may happen. They taught me to let go of how things have to be. To let go of the expectations. If this happens, then everything is going to be different. Being so attached to certain things could be a bit shocking for many. Paul's guides never talked specifically about a solar flash, but they often talk about things being re-created in a "higher version". 

I also realized that all of this "truther" stuff is a waste of time. None of it matters. It's all a "story". Some of it is a last-ditch effort from the "bad guys" to put us into more fear. Some of that is being allowed in order to wake more people up. That's what we're waiting for. A certain amount of people to awaken, so that this can happen.

If everything changes, then it doesn't matter if Trump comes back. It doesn't matter if we have a new financial system. We may not even need money. Everyone is panicking to buy silver and crypto, but when I asked my guidance, I get a "No". 

It also explains why my guidance is telling me not to do many things. I don't ask permission for everything, but sometimes I'll ask certain questions just for the fun of it. I'm being led away from anything that's not necessary. 

I just had another thought. There are many people who make predictions from dreams and visions. If they saw a huge flash, then isn't it possible for them to assume that it came from the sun or possibly a huge explosion? I believe that this is where all of this "disaster" talk is coming from.

It's all making sense. Unfortunately, we're back to when and that's always the question. I've heard that the timeline we're on now is pretty set. If that's true, it could be before the end of 2022, but we know how time works. It will all depend on how quickly people awaken.

I heard something else very interesting today. "No one will ever receive ALL information". It's supposed to be that way, so that we continue to question and communicate. So that we all continue to learn. Most of all, so that we trust our own personal guidance, which is our Higher Self, more than any "guru" or teacher.

If you would like to listen to Blossom channel the Federation of Light, her website is