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Is the Law of Attraction spiritual or religious?  It all depends on your interpretation. If you're religious then you probably believe in God or a God. If you're spiritual then you may prefer to use the terms Universe or Source Energy.  The truth is that it's quantum physics and it really doesn't matter. Your soul is consciousness, in a temporary human body.  This entire experience is your own perception. We all come from this same powerful energy field, which is neither spiritual nor religious. 

"As a man thinks, so is he." – Proverbs 23:7

To remember who you are, you need to forget what they told you to be.

Prior to learning about the Law of Attraction, I tried religion.  I tried to read the Bible a number of times, but I never got very far. Religion wasn't giving me the answers.  Actually quantum physics has made much more sense to me. Just recently, I realized that the Bible is filled with metaphors, that don't really mean what we think that they mean. Sadly, it has been very misinterpreted.

The Book That Changed My Life

Then I found "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch.  I'm very serious when I say that it absolutely changed my life.  Everything began to make sense.  Conversations with God isn't spiritual or religious. It just answers the questions. 

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The Complete Conversations with God

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If you know who Abraham-Hicks is, they say that "Conversations With God" is one of the most important books ever written.  The funny thing is that Abraham is a higher dimensional being, a light being, with a complete knowledge of "God". They know about this book, but they know very little about our Bible. 

Many people think that no one could have a conversation with "God".  Neale Donald Walsch didn't actually speak to "God", but asked questions and received the answers. If you read the reviews, both spiritual and religious people have said that it changed their lives. Of course, there are always some that will say it was written by the devil, but that's no surprise.  It depends on how open minded you are.

For me, the most comforting thing in the book was when Neale received the message from "God" that said, "You are living your life, the way you are living your life and I have no preference in the matter.  You are here to remember and re-create who you really are".  

Another thing is that there is no Hell.  It would serve no purpose.  We were given free will to choose any life that we wanted to experience, so why would we be punished for anything?  We are not here to be tested, judged and sentenced. We are here to gain wisdom.

Whether You're Spiritual or Religious We Need To Get This

Unfortunately, quantum physicist will never have a complete understanding of the Universe, because they have to have mathematical proof. That will never happen in this human reality, but they know that there is something unexplainable going on. Just the other day I heard Fred Alan Wolfe (Dr. Quantum) say that quantum entanglement is the great-great-granddaddy of all quantum weirdness. 

Whether they can prove it or not, there is no doubt that there is a very powerful, constantly expanding, energy source.  What most of us call "God" is ENERGY.  The energy of the entire Universe. It is the unmeasurable frequency of unconditional love.  Since it is energy, it cannot hear you.  It cannot punish you or judge you. It can only mirror the vibrations that you're sending out. That means that you are creating your own life, 100%.

How many people do you hear, saying a happy, joyful prayer, showing appreciation for their amazing life?  How many people wake up each morning thankful that they're alive and looking forward to any miracles that may happen?  This is why most don't feel that their prayers are being answered. Many are sending out vibrations of fear, lack and frustration rather than happiness, gratitude and appreciation.  Your life is being created from YOUR vibration.  Fear based emotions are the lowest vibration there is. 

Appreciating your life has nothing to do with whether you're spiritual or religious, it's all about being in a high vibration

More prayers are offered in the attitude of absence of what is wanted, in the yearning for a better life.  So most people are offering their prayers or their requests, to whomever they think has the power to grant them, from a vibration in opposition to the very thing that they're asking for.  ~Abraham-Hicks~  

Whether we live our lives as spiritual or religious, we have all forgotten our true connection with The Universe.  Although, that's the way it was planned.  We were supposed to forget, so that we could re-learn and re-create who we really are. If we tap into the joys of life and align ourselves with it, things can change dramatically. That's our purpose.  To remember.

The point is that you can be spiritual or religious or neither.  It's all energy and energy has no religion. It's your own interpretation that will make it spiritual or religious.  Showing more gratitude and trying to live with more love, acceptance and patience is what it's really about.

Deepak Chopra explains the difference between spiritual or religious like this:

"Religion is a belief in someone else's experience. Spirituality is having your own experience."

 I've been doing A Course In Miracles and Lesson 70 says "My salvation comes from me". What that means is, we are searching outside of ourselves for salvation. The answers are within. 

Why the aliens or higher dimensional beings, have an "investment in our flourishing". 

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