True or False

Is all of the information that you hear true or false? I've used a technique to ask my Higher Self. What is the real truth?

Now this upsets some people, but we are playing out a "story". We all came here, at this time, to be part of this "story". Many don't understand, but much of what is going on is necessary. It's necessary for humans to open their eyes to SEE what has been going on for thousands of years. Life is not supposed to be this way.

True or False

I guess that we might as well start at the beginning of this craziness. Most everyone knows this already, so I'll make it short.

The virus is real and yes it was manufactured. In many cases, getting it is a soul contract thing, so yes, it was planned. Those who get it are being "of service" to humanity, in order for the "story" to play out. Although, you can also get it from being in a low vibration of fear. The numbers are also extremely exaggerated in order to keep us in fear.         

Is it true or false that the vaccine is dangerous? This depends on your perspective. It will lessen the severity in most cases. However, it does have things in it that you really don't want in your body. All vaccines do. This is where you have to decide for yourself. You have to weigh the pros and cons and go with what you feel is right for you. Ask yourself if you're doing it out of fear?

Did those who crossed over from the virus choose that as an "exit point" in their soul contract? Yes.  I also asked if there are ever any mistakes in the Universe? No.

This one is so crazy I had to add it. After they banned Hydroxychloroquine and made fun of everyone who took Ivermectin, they're testing a new pill. Guess what the new pill is? It's Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin in disguise. I asked if this is true or false and I got truth.

Is Joe Biden the President of the United States? Yes, but in name only.  Is the man that we see, the "real" Joe Biden? No. Is it an actor playing the part of Joe Biden? Yes. Has the "real" Joe Biden left the Earth plane? Yes.

Most presidents are both the President of the United States and the Commander in Chief, in command of the country's military. Is Joe Biden the Commander in Chief? No.  Is Donald Trump still Commander in Chief? Yes. That means that any conflicts, as far as the military are part of the "story".  I asked if the whole Afghanistan thing was true or false and I get that it was all fake and just part of the story.

I asked if most of the "black hats" have been rounded up? I get a yes on that.

Are they being arrested? Yes, although there are some who have offered to help the "white hats" now. They are free, but being monitored. 

Are these true or false?

Former President Bill Clinton was arrested a long time ago. Last week, I saw a story about him dying. His food was poisoned while being imprisoned. 

California Governor Newsom has been arrested for a child porn dungeon in his basement. 

Queen Elizabeth has already died, but they're waiting for the right time to let the public know the truth. I get that she's a "marker". When they announce that she's gone, that's a green light for many things.

I get truth on all 3 of those.

Is it true or false that some of our favorite celebrities are involved in this very dark agenda? Yes, it's true, but I believe that some of it was unintentional. I believe that it was in contracts that weren't thoroughly read.

We're also going hear that many celebrities who supposedly "died" are still alive. Many who unknowingly got involved wanted a way out. They faked their deaths and went into hiding. I'm getting that Robin Williams and Prince are two.

Some faked their death to protect themselves, like Princess Diana and JFK Jr..

Now this is strange. I don't know why, but for some reason I asked about Kobe Bryant. I get that he's still alive, BUT after more questions, it was his wife that was involved. Bill Gates is another one whose wife was heavily involved, which explains the divorce. As for Bill, he's questionable. He's in custody, but they still need his expertise.

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial was fake, which is why we didn't see any of it. She was found guilty a long time ago. She is another one who they need around for information.

Is Global Warming true or false?  It's false, although we could definitely treat Earth with more respect. The "dark hats" have had very advanced technology and they've been manipulating much of the weather and volcanic activity.

Speaking of advanced technology. It's my understanding that the technology for the official Med Beds belongs to the Secret Space Program and they will not give it up. Anyone offering Med Beds or Med Bed trials could be using untested equipment at this time. 

Are the cargo ships that are just sitting, carrying mostly goods and supplies for the U.S.?  Some, but not all. Are they also carrying the gold and artifacts that have been confiscated from underground tunnels? Yes. I also get yes on drugs. Are there shortages of dock workers or truck drivers? No, on both. I get that it's all a distraction, a way to keep everyone in fear.

Why Is This Happening?

Many have a hard time believing that this is a "Divine Plan" or God's plan for us. I've said it many times. You are not being punished. You are being SHOWN. This is how the Universe works. You're actually seeing just a small portion of the control and manipulation that the "black hats" had planned for us. This has been going on for thousands of years.

Is it going to get worse? Yes, because some people need to be shaken, in order to wake up and SEE it. If it had been kept in the shadows, much of humanity would have totally ignored it.

I've heard it described as a "chess game". We must allow them to make a move and then the "good guys" make a counter move.

The "black hats" want us to fight. They want us to go into a "civil war". They want us to stay in fear and allow them to manipulate us. We are powerful beings. Know who you really are.