Clearing Vows and Agreements From Past Lives

Do you believe that it's possible to be holding vows and agreements from a past life? Do you even believe that you have had past lives? Do you also realize that you made agreements before coming into this life?

According to a few channelers that I listen to, most of us have lived thousands and thousands of lives. Who knows who you have been and what you have done in those lives.

I know that this is one of those topics that may sound totally crazy to some, but it's worth considering. As I've said many times, take what feels true for you and leave the rest. All I can say is that this subject has come up over and over again and they say that you are always led to what you need to know.

In those conversations, they were talking about many of us being nuns, priests, shamans and monks, in previous lives. If that's true, then you most likely took many vows. Many of us took vows of poverty. You could have possibly taken a vow of silence, which means that you may now have a hard time speaking your truth. While checking into this further, someone else mentioned that if you were a Knight's Templar, you vowed to give all of your wealth to the Templar organization. Imagine the vows that you might have possibly taken in your numerous lifetimes? 

I quickly used muscle testing (kinesiology) for myself and sure enough I had a number of vows. One was a vow of poverty. Another was a vow of obedience. That could explain why I'm so terrified of breaking rules, yet very resentful of people telling me what to do.

If you don't know what muscle testing is, I have information about it on my energy healing page or you can Google it. It's been proven to be very accurate. In fact, I was listening to Lee Carroll channel Kryon a few weeks ago. According to Kryon, muscle testing is totally accurate, because there is a part of you called the "innate intelligence", that has all of the answers. It's part of the higher self and still connected to the divine or the quantum field.

How Do You Clear Vows and Agreements?

If there are areas in your life that just don't seem to improve, no matter what you do, there could be vows and agreements in place. You could also have more than one vow or agreement in each area.

You could always choose to pay big bucks for a past life regression or find someone who can see blocks in your energy field, but muscle testing is a much easier way to find them. But then, how do you clear them?

After finding all kinds of long, complicated meditations, prayers to the Archangels and $150 remedies to get rid of them, I came across this:

You can change the word poverty to silence, obedience or any word that you choose. You could probably put in the word ALL vows and agreements to get rid of them all at once. I said it for poverty and muscle tested again. I asked if I still had any vows, promises or agreements related to money or poverty and I got a "no". 

Remember that all of this is stored in the subconscious mind, so we have no idea.

Current Life Vows and Agreements

Think about the vows and agreements that may have been made through religion. "I will always help the less fortunate" or "I will always obey authority". How about marriage vows?  "Love, honor and obey" and "Till death do us part".

Do you also realize that you have a "soul contract"? Part of your soul contract may have been to experience certain challenges for the purpose of gaining wisdom. You also chose and agreed to be here for ascension, to be of service. You agreed to awaken and move beyond what you have believed to be truth, to realize who you really are. This stuff isn't by chance. So for anyone who doesn't believe that they're doing a "good job", you're exactly where you're supposed to be.

For anyone who is afraid to charge for their services. Somewhere along the line you may have vowed to serve without being compensated. Now, in this lifetime it causes you to feel uncomfortable asking for money or uncomfortable about raising your rates.

And we wonder why life is so challenging. If we hold on to all of this stuff from lifetime to lifetime, it's no wonder we have the problems that we have. Not to mention that aliens or higher dimensional beings say that Earth is the "Planet of Emotions". We have more emotions than any other species in the Universe.