Who You Really Are

I heard it almost daily throughout 2020. "You must learn who you really are in truth." This will be the "truth" that will change everything.

I knew the importance of it, but I was uncomfortable writing the words that I kept hearing. Most channeled, higher dimensional beings were saying, "You are God, in form" and this is what you must KNOW. By now, I've heard it 100 times.

Then I heard something that made me feel much better about it. Let me see if I can explain it.

You Have Inherited History

EVERYTHING that you have ever seen in this 3rd dimensional reality, was created in history. It was named and then defined in history. It was given a purpose and you were told how to feel about it. You have inherited this collective "story".

You believe that things should look a certain way. You even believe that YOU should BE and act a certain way. You have AGREED to it and CLAIMED it as truth. It's those expectations that are limiting you. It's causing you to re-create what you already believe.

The very first lesson in A Course in Miracles is:

"Nothing means anything."

What "God" Is

Let's go from there to a quote that I heard a long time ago. It was from Jesus (Yeshua) through a trusted channeler. He said that God is a benevolent source energy. God is not a being. God is a frequency. The frequency of unconditional love."

From there, let's go to the Big Bang Theory which is fairly accurate. This original SOURCE energy, holding the frequency of unconditional love, expanded or exploded. This created our souls. The little sparks, fractals or "offspring" that we actually are. The word SOURCE, which many call God, refers to that ONE energy that began EVERYTHING. 

Then WE, meaning all of those souls created "in his image", became the creators. WE, with a Source energy consciousness, not only came from ONE Source, but we have created everything from the energy of that ONE Source. Nothing and no one is separate.

Yeshua (Jesus) also said:

The REAL you, is SOURCE energy consciousness, which has taken a human form. It holds the frequency of unconditional love or "God".

That is who you really are.

Your consciousness can be called your Higher Self, Christed Self, Divine Self or All- Knowing Self. Different names, all meaning the same thing. "Christed" refers to the state of being, it's not a religious term. This consciousness is your KNOWING and your wisdom, still connected to the entire quantum field.

There is nothing outside of you.  It's all within.

This is why Jesus said that "The Kingdom of Heaven is within." No one will "save you" but you.

Your "human self" is who your soul chose to be, for this lifetime. So technically you are not the wife, the husband, the son, the daughter. That's just the "role" that your soul chose to "play" for this experience.

Full awakening is the merging or connection with this all-knowing part of you. You will never fully awaken until you KNOW who you really are. 

When You KNOW Who You Really Are

When you KNOW who you really are, then all lies disappear. There are many lies, but separation and fear are the biggest. Nothing is separate and there is nothing to fear. Paul Selig's guides say:

We have been taught to believe that Heaven is up there and we are in the mud.  If SOURCE is all things then SOURCE is the mud too.

So, let's just use that quote. If you hate the mud and you call it dirty, smelly and disgusting, then you have just put it in "darkness". You have labeled it as "bad". Everything that exists was created from the same SOURCE energy.

When you KNOW who you really are, you will look in the mirror and realize that you are perfect. You will see every human, no matter what they've done as equal. Some may be different, they may be misguided, you may not agree with their choices or actions and that's fine. We all chose to have different experiences and play different "roles" in order to gain wisdom. It's the labels and judgements that get us into trouble. Everything just IS. There is no thing and no one that is actually separate.

 This is what Wayne Dyer meant, many years ago. 

"Change the way you look at things and the things that you look at will change.  

You are ALWAYS in vibrational alignment with the beliefs and judgements that you have about yourself and who you believe that you should be and how you believe that things should look.

When you understand this, it will begin the merging or connection of the "human self" and the higher "Divine self", which does not see separation.

It's also my understanding that "soul contracts", karmic experiences, vows and agreements do exist. Your soul made these agreements before you came into this human body.  This could be why we haven't manifested certain things. Certain things must happen first before something else can happen. This is what your soul agreed to. There is a perfect divine order.

When you truly KNOW who you are, then those agreements will gradually end and this will be your true FREEDOM. Things will begin to be re-created in the "higher version" or higher frequency.


So, this isn't really about positive thinking. For many, that's denying how they really feel. Go ahead and feel your feelings. Emotions are part of being human. Maybe it's part of the "role" that you came to play. See if you can work through them and release them. Realize who you really are.

Now, this Bashar quote makes total sense:

There may be a part of the Law of Attraction, that you don't realize.