Who You Really Are

I've heard it repeatedly, since 2020 began. "You must learn who you really are in truth". This will be the "truth" that will change everything. 

I thought that I understood, but I was still uncomfortable writing the answer and I was never a religious person.

Aliens or higher dimensional beings say, "You are God, in form", period. This is what you must KNOW.  When you know it as truth, then you will be FREE.

Suddenly, like many other things lately, the "light bulb" went on. Lines from "Conversations With God" and "A Course in Miracles" are popping into my head and they all make sense. Let me see if I can explain it simply.

My Understanding of Who You Really Are

First of all, on my page about Jesus, he said through a channel, "God is a benevolent source. God is not a being. God is a frequency. The frequency of unconditional love." 

So if you still believe that there is a "being" looking down and judging you in any way, let it go. If you're searching for answers outside of yourself, you're giving your power away. Your own higher self has all of the answers.

Now let's go to the Big Bang Theory which is pretty accurate. Science now believes that it all began with a tiny ball of compressed matter, about the size of a pea. The heat of that energy was immeasurable. That was the SOURCE of all existence. As it expanded or exploded it created us. That's how WE, our souls, fractals, aspects were created. So the word SOURCE, refers to the original, energy of the Universe. The ONE energy that began all of creation. The ONE energy that created all of us.

Then WE, meaning all of the souls created from the Big Bang, became the creators. WE, meaning ALL who have a consciousness, have created everything from that Source energy. 

Jeshua (Jesus) also said:

We have always been told that "God" created the Universe. I finally realized that "God" is just a word. It's just a name that most humans have defined in their own way. It's just a label that humans have used for thousands of years.  Humans label everything. It's used because everyone can "relate" to it in some way, but the word "God" simply means creator. 

So then, You are "God". That's who you really are. You are a creator. All beings with a consciousness are creators. 

You can say it any way that you choose, but it's the KNOWING, who and what you really are that's important.

So then SOURCE created you and you are still part of that whole. You are not separate. You were created from the energy and frequency of unconditional love. That is who you really are.

Just as a side note, it's my understanding that anytime you hear someone channeling Source or see book titles, such as Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsch, it's not fake. It's often Archangel Metatron who seems the be "the voice" as part of the Elohim Council. If you want to talk "rank", which humans do, the Elohim Council are just "under" Source.

What Will Happen When I KNOW

Through a channel, a higher dimensional being said that when you really KNOW who you are as a TRUTH, then all lies will disappear. When you look in the mirror you will eventually recognize who you really are. You are perfect. You will see every human being, no matter what they've done as equal. They may be different, but they are still equal. You will KNOW that deep inside, everyone is the frequency of unconditional love. You can finally release all judgements, fear and worry. You will KNOW this as your TRUTH and as your expression, in everything that you do. 

This is when everything will begin to change. This will be your true FREEDOM, from all "soul contracts", karmic experiences, vows and agreements. They do exist and in many cases it affects manifesting, because there is an order to things within those agreements. Your own soul made these agreements, this is why you have to begin to live from the heart. That's your KNOWING, your TRUTH.

I just realized this. This is what they mean when they say "you are them and they are you". Jeshua (Jesus), St. Germain, Mother Mary, the angels are the same as you. We were all created at the same time, from the same SOURCE. We've just had different experiences that make us each unique.

Jesus had Earth experience in more than one lifetime. He was shown by Archangels how the Universe worked. He knew quantum physics.  He's no better than you, he just knew more. 

I've also heard numerous times that the Universe has a perfect order to it. Everything is in perfect order. It's a process. A step by step process.

Other things that I've learned from aliens