Who You Really Are

I've heard it almost daily, since 2020 began. "You must learn who you really are in truth." This will be the "truth" that will change everything.

I knew the importance, but I was still very uncomfortable writing the words that most of the higher dimensional beings are saying. Their words are "You are God, in form". This is what you must KNOW.

Then I heard something that made me feel more comfortable with it. Let me see if I can explain it.

My Understanding of Who You Really Are

I'm going to take this one step at a time.

EVERYTHING that we have ever seen was created in history. It was named and defined in history. It was given it's purpose in history. Our beliefs about our limitations come from history. It's what we have been told that we can or can't create. If you keep agreeing to it and believing that this is how it must be, then you are just re-creating history over and over again. This is why they say that NOW is all that matters. It's the only place that you can create something NEW. 


Let's go from there to a quote that I heard a long time ago. It was from Jesus (Jeshua) through a channeler. He said that "God is a benevolent source. God is not a being. God is a frequency. The frequency of unconditional love."

So the definition of God has been defined in many ways throughout history, but God is the FREQUENCY of unconditional love. That's it. That's what God is.

Now let's go to the Big Bang Theory which is actually pretty accurate. Science now believes that it all began with a ball of compressed matter. The heat of that energy was immeasurable. That was the SOURCE, the energy of all existence. As it expanded or exploded it created us. That's how WE, our souls or fractals, were created. The word SOURCE, refers to the ONE energy that began all of creation. 

Then WE, meaning all of those souls created from the Big Bang, became the creators. WE, meaning ALL who have a consciousness, have created everything from the energy of that ONE Source. 

Jeshua (Jesus) also said:

So then your consciousness, the REAL YOU, is SOURCE energy. It's still connected to the quantum field, which is unconditional love or "God". 

As we ascend we are gradually merging with that consciousness. It can be called your Higher self, Christed self, Divine self or All Knowing self. Again, that is who you really are and who you have always been. Different words, all meaning the same thing. This is why you are not your body. It's just a vessel that you're using temporarily.

This explains why we are being told to let go of the control and let go of the way things should look. We are only re-creating history. History is all that we know. We have no idea what "miracles" lie beyond our knowing.

The world that we see can actually be re-created in totally new ways, if we would only realize who we really are.

"God" or love, is present in all things.

What Will Happen When I KNOW

When you KNOW the TRUTH of who you really are, then all lies will begin to disappear. They talk about many lies, but separation and fear are the biggest . No one is separate and there is nothing to fear.

It's time for us to align to a higher state of being and our divine frequency of love.

Knowledge and KNOWING are two different things. 

They say that when you KNOW who you really are, you will look in the mirror and realize that you are perfect, just the way that you are. You will see every human, no matter what they've done as equal. Someone may be different, they may be misguided, you may not agree with them or their actions and that's fine. We are all having different experiences. You don't have to DO anything, except see them and know them, as who they really are. With your acceptance of this TRUTH, seeing them in this new way, it will shift the energy for all.

Think about the shifts that we could make each and every day.

This explains why you don't have to FIX anything. See it just as "IT IS", without judgement of any kind. Even judging something as "good" is still a judgement, so this is not about positive thinking. KNOW that this new way of SEEING will eventually raise the frequency of everything that you come in contact with. Your entire life will be re-created in a new way. 

This is why Wayne Dyer said: "Change the way you look at things and the things that you look at will change. 

Now this is important. They're saying, that you are ALWAYS in vibrational alignment with the beliefs that you have about yourself and who you believe that you should be and how you believe that things should look.

When you understand that this is who you really are, it will begin the merging of the "human self" and the "divine self". This is ascension. This is why the time is NOW.

One explanation, said that "soul contracts", karmic experiences, vows and agreements do exist. Your soul made these agreements before you came into this body. One of those agreements was to awaken to the truth of who you really are. They say that in many cases this is why you can't manifest certain things. Certain things must happen first before something else can happen. This is what your soul agreed to.

When you KNOW who you really are, ALL agreements will gradually end and this will be your true FREEDOM. Things will then begin to be re-created in the "higher version" or higher frequency.


I also realized that this is what they mean when the Ascended Masters say "you are them and they are you". We were all created at the same time, from the same SOURCE. It's different experiences that make us each unique. So even Jesus was not "better" than you, he just knew more. 

Just as a side note, it's my understanding that anytime you hear someone channeling Source or you see a title, such as Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsch, it's not fake. It's usually Archangel Metatron who seems the be "the voice" of Source.

Now, this quote from Bashar makes perfect sense:

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