The Words That We Use

Our words and especially the belief behind those words, create our vibration. Do you have any idea how often you say things that are sabotaging you? I know that I didn't. We do it all the time and we aren't even aware of it. We really need to stop and pay attention to what we're saying.

This became crystal clear when I was listening to a radio show. The teacher, was getting a little bit frustrated with her callers and I don't know how many times she said:

"Are you listening to what you're saying?"

It made me realize how often we sabotage ourselves.

Some Examples of Our Words

Think about how many spiritual teachers there are who suggest "I AM" statements". When you begin a statement with "I AM" it's a claim. You are claiming whatever it is that follows. Whether you say it as "I'm" or "I AM" really makes no difference. 

In Conversations With God - Book 1, God said,

"I AM is the strongest creative statement in the Universe. Whatever you think, whatever you say after the words "I AM", sets into motion those experiences, calls them forth, brings them to you."

So then you have to ask yourself, how often you say things like, "I AM in so much pain". When you do, you have just claimed more of the pain. 

I believe that most of us phrase things this way without even realizing it. I know that it's awkward, but we should try to replace "I AM" with the words "THE" or "THIS", such as  "This arm hurts" or "This is painful". Then we are only stating that it is.

We may say "I AM beginning to feel better", thinking that it's more positive, but look again. In this case you have claimed feeling better, but you're only beginning to.

Try your best to direct the energy to what it is that you want to create.

I AM health and wellness.

I AM getting younger every day.


Do you ever say something like, "I always get the flu every winter"? "I always get allergies in the spring"? If you believe and say that you always do, then there's a good chance that you always will. Basically "flu season" is bullsh--!  Society has just talked themselves into it.


The mind tells the body what to do.

What statements do you make about your body? Do you say "I'm too fat"? "I'm gaining weight"? If so, then you have claimed it. If you've made these statements numerous times then you are programming your mind with that belief. 

Learn to reprogram your mind by changing your words. Say, "I AM at the perfect weight" or "I AM healthy, whole and complete."


Look at the words we use when we're diagnosed with a disease. We say "I have cancer".  A better way to say it might be, "The diagnosis is cancer".

Then it seems like everyone wants to battle it, fight it and beat it. Aren't those fear based words?

This is why it's very possible to cure yourself. It all depends on what you claim and what you believe.

If you believe that you still need to be healed, then you do.

Do You Tend To Exaggerate?

Do you ever exaggerate your feelings? Don't feel bad, we've all done it. For example, we often say that something is a "disaster". Have you ever said, "I'm living in a nightmare", "I'm in excruciating pain" or "I AM totally exhausted"?  How about "I'm dying"?  You just claimed it.

At times you have to stop and ask yourself if it's really that serious. I know that these are just words, but this is the signal and the vibration that you're sending out. 

Your words are shaping your reality.

It's not that the Law of Attraction isn't working, it's what we say and think that's sabotaging it. I've mentioned a few times that the Law of Attraction is precise. It does not second guess you. We should just be grateful that it doesn't work immediately. I'd bet that all of us have said, "I'm dying" more than a few times in our lives.

How about words like; trying, hoping, wanting and wishing. You're actually saying that you don't have it yet and your waiting for it.  If the Law of Attraction is precise then what are you going to get?  More trying to get what you want, more hoping for it, more wanting, more wishing and waiting. We really need to pay attention and be aware of what we say.  If YOU are creating YOU, then what are you creating?


I wrote a post on my What's New page that also relates to this.  It's called "This Was So Good" and it really was.  If you want to change and direct your energy, then you must do it consciously or you will allow your subconscious to create for you.

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